Aug 3, 2010

The Heavenly Sword of Isa and the Blade of Hades

The Heavenly Sword of Isa and the Blade of Hades

In the Beginning
The Lords of olden seek out this land where from it will grow a myriad of milk and honey and call out to the people from all over to come to work on this fertile ground in the creation of the perfect land that all of mankind lives and work together as brothers and sisters in harmony of prosperity and peace and that this land shall be the example for all to see and to learn from and that the people are free and laws are few as this land will bring forth the love and goodness and in the hope that it shall spread and its influence covers the four corners of the earth.

Meanwhile the Lords protected this land from the evils of the dark forces that seek to destroy this land from becoming and many great battles were fought all throughout but each time the Lords manage to fend off the dark lords and but once in the great battle with the Emperor of the Dark Lord “Banzai” the Lords of Olden were defeated and the casualty were in great numbers. The Lords of Olden was badly wounded than had to retreat to seek shelter and heal their many wounded warriors. In the retreat the people were left defenseless and the Dark Lords rule the land, misery and hardship was upon the people until the Lords of Olden seek out the assistance from the Lords of the West and in alliance defeated the Dark Lords who had with them the Swastika Lords of Evil and in many great battles as recorded.

The Lords return to protect this land and continue with their quest to create this land of peace and harmony, but the short rule of the dark lords had planted the seeds of evil unto this land where it stay hidden slowly seeping out its influence and created distrust and suspicions on to the people and from there grew out of evil, the “Commos” a disgruntled group of rebels that seek to challenged and to repel the Lords so that they might rule over the land with their masters Lords of the North. The Commos hid out during daylight and strike out from the forests in the shadows of the night creating much fear so that the people had to barricade their towns and villages and took turns to patrol and guard the safety of their settlement.

The Making of the Heavenly Sword of Isa
The Lords of Olden had to train and raise an army from the people so that they could defend and fight off the rebels. Mines were opened so that metal could be extracted from the ground for weapons and armors and smiths were trained in the arts of weaponries. And the Lords of Olden gathered and crafted the mighty Heavenly Sword out of the willing spirits and souls of fallen warriors of the many past battles against the evil Lords, The remains of the fallen were excavated and blended with the metal of the land and the spirits and souls called upon by the Lords in a magical ceremony of the craft that took 7 days over all 7 weeks that saw the birth of the Heavenly Sword of Isa.

From thereon the people defended and fought off the rebels with the Lords and after a long campaign lasting over a decade the rebels with troops sent in by the Northern Lords were defeated and once again peace and tranquility was upon this land.

The people were happy and lived as brothers and sisters helping out each other whenever necessary and as the Lords of Olden than had to return to their homeland and a council of the people were called and from them leaders were elected, the council was formed from willing people of true heart and the will to sacrifice for love of people of the land. They vowed to protect this land from evil and to carry on the quest of a perfect land where harmony of freedom and unity of the spirits will be the order of the day.

Vow of the Sword
The Heavenly Sword of Isa was than handed down to the leaders as elected by its people and the Lords than left with a warning that the Heavenly Sword should be kept and once the people is strong and able enough this sacred sword must be destroyed and the spirits and souls of the fallen warriors released back into the realm of the true spirits.

As if this is not adhered to or that this sword of Isa is misused, it is misused when used onto its own people than there is a grave and severe danger as than the Heavenly Sword would transform into evil and the wielder of this sword would become evil and this evil will grow and ultimately destroy the people and land. And with this warning the elected leaders vowed to guard and treasure and to return the spirits and souls of the Heavenly sword of Isa as promised and with this assurance from the elected leaders the Lords left the land.

And as time passed the people was harmonious and there grow peace and prosperity and the land was carefully cultivated thus producing more than enough prosperity to last for generations to come. The people was free to mingle and travel through the land as if they were in their own homes, everywhere you go doors are open and people slept through the night with their homes opened and unlocked.

Remnants of Evil
However the remnants of evil remained buried from the time of the short rule of the evil Lords, the evil was buried deep in the spirits of a child who grew during the time of the evil rule of the Lord of Banzai. This child grew up to become a leader under pretense of being a champion of the people and was exposed early on by the first group of leaders and was than expelled and banish from the capital and he took refuge in his village of the north. But this child soon returned and found his way through playing to the weak hearts of later leaders who had carelessly opened its door to the pretender.

This child named Maha of the Indy clans who had now grown is skilled in the way of the dark forces and could conjure spectacle of illusionary vision of greatness, misleading the people and generating a false atmosphere of euphoric possibilities. He came to be and inherited the leadership of the council from the reluctant leader of true heart, the leader Husson was a good and gentle leader who himself inherited the leadership through the passing of Zak who is of ill health, in fact it was Zak the leader who is supposed to dismantle the Heavenly Sword of Isa and return the good spirits and souls of the fallen warriors but had neglected this important task due to his own misdeed resulted in the failings of his own good health and passed on the deed to Husson who again overlook this important pledge to the Lords of Olden due to his gentleness and persuasion from Maha that he will be true and good to the people and undertake to released the good spirits in an appropriate ceremony.

Rise of the Evil Master
Husson fell prey to the evil master of great deception and pass on the leadership to Maha who took on the post of leader of the council. But Maha will not be pleased being subjected to the council and had a secret ambition of greed to become the Supreme Leader subject to no one except the people and as he could deceive the people with his dark forces of deception and illusion.

Maha created a false perception of prosperity and harmony when he was actually dividing the people and creating disharmony with the aim of gaining absolute power and had planted his allies of the weak and greedy from his Horde of the Dark in to the council of leaders. The council is now in disarray and there were much shuffling and manipulation pushing out the true people and able leaders making way for the members of the Horde who sing praises and idolizes Maha making him the Lord of the Dark Horde.

Prince of Li
There were much discontent in the land as the wise had seen through the ways of Maha and there arose a member of the council who is a prince of the north eastern region, the Prince of Li, Prince Li together with the true members of the council rose up and formed the Alliance of the True Spirit to challenge Maha and his Horde of the Dark. There was a great battle lasting 8 and 7 days where Maha was almost defeated, but Maha had the great Heavenly Sword of ISA which has now transformed and the transformation was brought about through the careless use of the Sword by past leader Zak.

Leader Zak was ill advised and carelessly used the Heavenly Sword of ISA when his leadership was challenged resulting in much suffering and hardship on the people that saw the first sign of division brought on due to maneuvers by early members of the Horde and that was when Maha’s deceptive force was first subtlety used when he was a young leader in the council which saw him being expelled from the council.

The Blade of Hades
The use of the heavenly sword of Isa was against the rule and warning as laid down by the Lords of Olden that it should not be used against its own people and once that rule is broken, it will disturb the balance in the force which will brings about an opportunity for evil to grow and that it did as the sacred sword radiates a strong energy force and the transformation of that force causes the evil energy to overcome the good spirits of the Sword of Isa bringing forth a transformation.

The sacred sword of goodness is now tainted and the spirits angered that brought on the rise of the dark forces… the Heavenly Sword of Isa is now transformed and has become the Blade of Hades of Isa. With its radiating energy now turned negative generating greater evil bringing about an aura of dark energy which will feed the evil heart of greed and power. Even the good could not withstand its influence and its energy permeates the soul and heart of the weak.

Battle of 8 and 7
The Alliance of True Spirit was almost wiped out in the battle with the Horde of the Dark where Maha rose victorious and the remnants of alliance surrendered and was put under detention of the dark energy where many of the alliance crumbled to give in and joined the dark Horde. Prince Li escaped and found solace back in the region of Li and nursed his wounded spirit.

Terror ruled the land, the many brave warriors of truth and the righteous was incarcerated while the dark Hordes pillages and loots the land. The people were greatly divided and under the influence of the evil whilst artificial wealth was being created generating an illusion of a veil of superficial paradigm.

More Weapons of Evil
Maha upon becoming Supreme Leader even paid tribute to the Dark Emperor of the Lord of Banzai and visited the land of the Lord of Banzai as a tribute to the Dark Lords but Maha return disappointed as the Dark Lords of Banzai is no more in being as they too were defeated by goodness and truth, however not satisfied with finding the changes in the land of the Dark Lords, Maha went on to create other weapons of evil by paying tribute to the dark spirits of the dark forces he went on to create the Lance of Sedition and the Spear of the Cube of Power (P3). These are weapons of lesser power as compared to the Blade of Hades of Isa but nevertheless their potency could still be crippling and fatal.

The Blades of Hades radiates an even stronger negative energy now, even the good people who is not of good mental strength could not withstand this negative energy which permeates body, mind and soul and as with past leader Zak who succumbs to ill health from the radiating negative energy pass on resulting in the rise of the Dark Horde and the rise of the Supreme Leader Maha. The influence of the Blade of Hades can only get stronger and stronger creating much evil on the land and its guardian and all around it will fall prey to its negative radiating energy where the last drop of goodness and truth will be suck dry from the soul.

Terror Reigns
From hereon there will be deaths and darkness as the good people live in terror and fear, murderers and thievery will flourish, the people are robbed and the women being raped and murdered and many a times by the very people who are supposed to protect them. Such evil is unheard of and as the Blade of Hades of ISA remain in under custodial of the leaders of the Black Nights.

The Blades of Hades of ISA will feed on energy of fear and greed and as the people fear and leader’s greed the strength of its energy grows ever much stronger spreading all over the land taking control of weak souls and hearts of greed.

Maha with his supreme power where members of his dark horde has resided in every corner of all controlling body had even the comfort and pleasure of resigning yet being able to keep control over all the land.

Maha appointed “Blah” a weak leader to helm the council whilst he recuperate and rest his tired souls from the many battles he had fought and won with the help of the Blades of Hades of ISA. Maha thought that Blah could do no harm or damage as he knew Blah is of weak spirit and somewhat a dim wit but Maha had overlook that Blah had a bright son in law, a warrior from the region of “Bau” which is somewhat of a wasteland with a bit of a stench.

Blah and Jabba
And there ensued a small battle where Blah and the son in law was quickly defeated and in place Maha made Jabba from the region of “Hang” the next leader and yet again Maha overlook that Jabba had a sorceress wife who is master of the art of puppetry that could cast a spell on weak and lustful minds and take over control of their thoughts and actions.

The sorceress had ambition and wanted to be Empress over the land and people. Another fight is in the offering and all too soon the Empress will prove no match for the all powerful Maha and wonder where she would end up in.

But Maha is at a lost as to who to pick as leader and had all the while bear suspicion on Jabba’s deputy the “Din” whom Maha viewed as too much of a greedy fumbling block however bearing no other choice he might soon be made to helm the leadership of the council if only he is not defeated by than as there is this Prophecy that Jabba is the end of the line and there lies the indecision for Maha.

Meanwhile Jabba is weak in the Horde of the Dark as his position has never been secured unlike Blah who had went through the sanctity of being elected as true leader of the council and yet could still be removed by the forces controlled by Maha.

Jabba will thus wield the Blade of Hades and will protect the evil Blade from being destroyed and had put up his sidekick cousin the “Sham” as guardian and sword bearer of the Blade of Hades of Isa. But unknowing to Jabba and the council of the corrupt that the Blade is fast losing its luster and is running low on energy and that Maha could easily summoned the Blade by just a simple gesture and it will fall to his grasp.

Maha the Supreme Leader of the dark horde controls the group of the Black Night brought all the weak leaders under its flagship and its members controlling every ruling department in the land with the exception of the group of true faith like the Party of Assured Serenity and the group of rebel warriors of the Rocket whose rising are to defeat and cleanse the land of evil.

Rise in the League of the People
The Party of Assured Serenity lead by the wise “Guru of Tok” rule the land of Li wherein resides the Prince of Li and they gave the serenity of the circle of true faith which is a force of protection to the Prince of Li keeping his strength and spirit intact deflecting the negative energy from the Blade of Hades.

 Whereas the group of warriors from the Rocket are spread all over the land in a sprinkle of heroic warriors like the infamous “Lion Shout” whose battle cry alone is reputed to throw the enemies off their horses and the old warrior named “Progressive Luck” who had himself took on the Black Nights and survived many blows of the Blade of Hades of ISA (and deemed very lucky) and his son called the “Gather of Heroes” together with the five cubs of the “Lion Shout” with his eldest Jag with the strength of the jaguar, his second Go Bind representing reunification of the spirits, his third Ram encompassing courage of the charge, his forth a daughter “Sanguine” is to bring back cheers to the people of the land and his youngest “Man” trained in the science of the calculate which is a form strategic studies of the Lords of Olden.

And in the midst arose the fallen warrior who had initially penetrated the Horde of the Dark and of the Black Night, Awah, the fallen, who survived the many years of torture when eventually exposed and discovered by Maha keeping him in prison and tortured till almost the last drop of his life, he survived through all with sheer grit and determination and brought with him his daughter Nuru “the light” of the burning fire, she is a warrior of the highest order trained in the force of the element of the burning fire that brings forth the light of truth.  She is of the characteristic of the “Yang Fire” burning forth all evil that dares to face her. The fallen warrior “AWah” formed the Justice League with the help of independent Warriors and Heroes that arose out of the talent from the people and his followers who were expelled or left from the Horde of the Dark.

Revealing the White Tiger
Amongst the independent warriors and heroes of the land there rise another Prince, the Prince of the central plains which sits the capital of the Black Nights, this prince born in the year and the time of the “White Tiger” carries the spirit of the Brave of the White Tiger wherein lies the Prophecy that would bring on the destruction of the Black Nights. The White Tiger has a loose group of multi talented forces to call on from the alliance of the avengers where many have been a victim of the cruelty casted by the Maha’s Horde of Dark forces or they themselves survivors of the Blades of Hades.

The White Tiger had with him the “Sword of the Rite” pass on by his great ancestors survived the battle with Jabba and the Sorceress where the Blades of Hades was unsheathed unto him, saved only in the nick of time by his own wit and bravery and through the intervention of the avengers but the White Tiger had to leave the land in order to avoid the evil devastating power of the Blades of Hades he took refuge in the land of the “Olden” where the evil energy could not permeates. The White Tiger, Prince of the Central Plains also called “Pet” by his friends of warriors are not associated to any group or party and they are a loose grouping of free spirits of heroes and warriors who wish to see the return to the ways of old where there is freedom, harmony and justice to the land.

There is a Prophecy by the Ancient Oracle that saw the destruction of the Blades of Hades and the evil empire of the Horde of the Dark and the Black Nights when the White Tiger returns to the land at the right time when the people are united with true spirit and determination and that is when the people in unity will stand up devoid of fear thereby starving the Blade of Hades of all its energy and in there lies the final battle in the destruction of the evil empire.

The Oracle has spoken and the time is near yet all seems unprepared, preparation is half the battle won although the Oracle has seen but nothing is for certain and only the free will of the people can make it a certainty. All must do their part so say the ancient oracle.


Unknown said...

I love this piece....great piece and thanks for such wonderful jibs all the way. I pray and hope the prophecy will in time come true for all kind and loving ppl of the land. God abundant blessing to all.

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I can only say.... BRILIANT!

tupingera said...

Damn...almost surreal...I see images from my life-time...from the days after the fall the Banzai Lords and before the Lords of the Olden left till the present. I pray it'll be in my lifetime that the Prophecy by the Ancient Oracle will come true.

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Very good. Make this into a film and surely this will be an award winning show.


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Good story. It's kinda confusing though, cos you use 'DotA' terms & names... ;)

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This is some good shit and beautifully done.

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the oracle has spoken and this piece of narration will eventually became the official history of the land when the good triumph over the evils.

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May the truth be told and the true course come to pass. Well done.

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Happy to note that you are acutely aware of the mythical context in which our political dramas are acted out. Good work, Hawkeye!

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Great reading Hawkeye. Didn't catch on until I came to the "Banzai" bit. Then had to start over again. And WOW! Love this kind of allegory writing. In fact I've just launched a blog of my own in somewhat similar style, though my leaning is not much towards politics.Do check it out at, Feel free to link to it. if it is relevant. Keep it going, Hawkeye!

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Hawkeye this is really good work and I could see the great wisdom through some of your writings when you are in the mood.
Do continue and share more of your great wisdom.

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