Jan 27, 2010

Roar of the Tiger

As the fierce tiger of 2010 approaches, its "Roar" is deafening as the world markets retreats in  fear and nervousness.

Asian stocks declined for an eighth day, the longest losing streak since May 2005 as the MSCI Asia Pacific Index slid, taking its six-day retreat to 7.8 percent in the longest slump in a year. The Shanghai Composite Index sank as banks dropped on lending curbs and investors speculated policy makers may soon raise rates with a drop of more than 5% in the past 7 days and closing below the psychological 3000 levels.

Copper for delivery in three months fell 1.5 percent to $7,270 a metric ton today on the London Metal Exchange, leading a retreat in metals. China accounts for more than a quarter of global copper demand.

“People came into this year with too optimistic a view and now they are being punished for that,” said Charles Morris, who runs HSBC Investment Management’s Absolute Return Fund in London with about $2.5 billion in assets. “It’s perfectly healthy to have this correction.”

And just look at Malaysia.. still busy playing their dirty politics.

Jan 26, 2010

The Opportunity is to be Presented

Remember the King Fisher who said to wait for the opportunity to be presented, well while waiting you will have to be prepared as well and here are some "frivolous" information that can act as a guide and maybe of use to some of you.

Don't under estimate these frivolity, as in being prepared and in strategic approach all details and probability are to be covered and the ability to seized the chance when it appears must be in the pocket.

Don't forget that the defense mechanism is in the waiting and to recoup and regroup at the crux of time.

These info are part of a strategic financial combative plan and are rudimentary to the approach, see what you can make of it. :-)

Jan 16, 2010

The Righteous Man

Reading RPK’s latest article in Malaysia Today of the title “Musa Hassan’s failing fishing expedition” reminds me of a story in history during the period of the Warring States, the period of chaos and upheaval leading to the founding of the Qin Dynasty of Shih Huang Ti (The First Emperor).

The state of Wei was ruled by Marquis Wen (Lord Wen) who was a wise and virtuous ruler of the state and had decided to attack the neighboring state of Zhongshan who was ruled by an immoral and corrupt tyrant.

RPK Seen in Singapore

(As Seen in Singapore)
RPK's Book "The Silent Roar" is seen in bookshops all throughout Singapore and Hong Kong and displayed prominently right in the front display of the main entrance amongst other popular titles as in the photos above of a bookshop in the heart of the commercial district in Singapore.

I was also informed by friends that his book is also very popular in Australia's bookshops and of course you can get it from E-Bay.

The Silent Roar which is not sold and probably been ban in  Malaysia is a "hot book" as from my enquiries of the shop assistants in Singapore and Hong Kong.

The Silent Roar which describe the transformation of the Malaysian political landscape leading to the General Election of 8 March 2008 and thereafter with the rising of the "Rakyat" that rejected long entrenched norm of corruption and injustice from the tyranny of the ruling power.

It's a Must Read for all Malaysians.

Get your copy HERE if you don't have it yet.

Jan 11, 2010

Top Girl in Singapore from Malaysia

(Top Girl - Lai Kai Rou)

This is a fine example of Brain drain from Malaysia where our best find homes in the better countries and better environment.

St. Nicholas Girls' School (SNGS) of Singapore has produced "Top Girl" two years in a row and this year produced 14 of the 42 best scorers.

This year Top Girl who scored 10 A1s in the Cambridge General Certificate of Education (O Levels) Examination is 16 year old student Lai Kai Rou from Selangor, Malaysia. She is on a bond-free scholarship from SNGS and stays at the Hwa Chong Insitution (HCI) hostel. She has a younger brother, a secondary two student in HCI, who is also also on scholarship.

The Top Girl for last year Haw Sue Hern is also from Malaysia with 10 A1s.

The Cambridge GCE Examination is an internationally recognised certificate and permits direct entry to the world’s best universities and are the standard examination in Singapore for Sec 4 students normally at the age of 16.

Malaysia used to have the same examination but was replaced in the mid seventies by locally designed examination by the Malaysian Examination Council of SPM and STPM.

Well Done Kai Rou! You make us Malaysians Proud and we are happy for you!

 Read Kai Rou's story HERE

Jan 3, 2010

Year of the Tiger - What Portends in 2010

Year of the Tiger – What Portends in 2010

The beginning of the New Year of 2010 and the beginning of a new decade and as we ponder on happenings of the past we will naturally wander into and about the future.

For ages since the beginning of civilization people’s thoughts are into the eternal space of time flowing from the future to the past as in “coming and going” in an encyclical nature. (He he, yes , the past comes from the future in meta-psychics and returns to the past...)

The study of cycles is today universal as with the study of astronomy or physics which is the concept of frequency and frequencies as in occurrence and oscillation (oscillate; as from a psychics, binary or mathematical perspective). Any discipline of study will never be complete without the study of its cycle or the forces of it.

Jan 1, 2010

New Year Wish of a Patriot

Happy New Year my fellow Malaysians and to all my readers from all over the world.

We have to endure yet another year under the evil  and deceptive rule of corrupt politicians and hopefully this may be the last and than  we can have a truly Happy New Year in 2011.

My wish for the New Year would be that in this New Year of 2010 we find our New Nation a Nation that is a real Democracy a new nation that respect and honour the rights of its people, where there is true Justice, Freedom and a Clean and Efficient government that is sincerely out to serve its people.

May we be rid of the decepticons of politicians that is out to deceive the people and country, that they are there through their devious and cunning mind and are actually thieves and robbers out to serve their own greed for power and money.

May these evil politicians die a thousand deaths in hell for oppressing, cheating and robbing the people and the nation and thus causing much sufferings to the general populace.

May the truth be found and may those who have sacrificed for this nation of ours, who have given their precious life so that others can be alerted and realize the truth and that the real spirits of the patriots be awaken and rise up with bravery and courage to stand their ground against the evil tyrants.

May these evil doers who manipulate and controls the stolen power of the judiciary and all other institution of the people and have created and used their evil and unjust laws against the good people be discovered and defeated.

May the people find their courage and rise up against the evil that is upon their land for the witnesses of evil doing that than stands down out of fear, is guilty of a sin greater than the evil doers and would than be susceptible to the evil and becomes a part, as Evil Feeds on Fear.
Stand your ground and starve the evil of their power.

"Socrates spoke of courage as a knowledge of what is truly to be feared and  that is to be viewed as an integral part of Virtue, which is to have the wisdom to know the good from the evil. 
If moral evil is the only real evil than the evils that fortune and men inflict upon us, such as poverty, sickness, sufferings and even death, are not to be feared if they are faced with true spirit as they cannot make us morally worse creatures.  

The evil actions of other men cannot harm us morally and there is only one thing that Socrates truly fears and that is the fear of doing injustice to his fellow man."

-The Patriot-