Nov 3, 2013

Crime has reached an unprecedented level in Malaysia.

Crime has reached an unprecedented level in Malaysia.
The types of crime being reported ranges from murders, killings, rapes, molest, robberies and street crimes like snatch thieves, mugging, pick pockets, shop-lifting and etc.

These crimes are our diet of daily news, they are reported on a daily basis and have become so common that we take the news for granted. It is so common today to hear and see of crime that we have taken it as a normal everyday event.

Not only are these crimes committed just an attempt to get at your wallet or money be it a few ringgit or whatever you might have on your body that has a monetary value but the crimes reported are horrendous and frightening as these criminals has no qualms at stabbing or killing just to get at your smart phone or handbag.

We are seeing a rise in violent and extremely brutal crime where the victims risk death or violent injuries to be scared for the rest of their life. The victims and families of the victims will have to go through high trauma with extended period of pain and anguish.

We are at the same time witnessing a period where we are seeing crime committed by people in authority by the very people who are to provide security and safeties are instead part of the totality of the problem. We see leaders and people in uniform committing crimes with many reported over this present period.

Corruption is also a crime committed by people in authority and they seem to be able to get away scot free. Corruption is also rising in tandem with violent crimes and funny how history has shown that these two are always in harmony, that is where you find a high level of corruption you will see a high rate of crime and violent crime in that particular country.

As many as there are crimes that are reported there are many much more lesser crimes that goes unreported, most victims loathe having to go to the police station to make a police report as the hassle one has to go through is another form of frustration as a crime victim, one have to spend many annoying and frustrating hours in the police station just waiting and having the statements written or recorded and with such mentality lesser crimes are not being unreported and not reflected in the statistics.

Crime statistics are again kept classified and not easily available to the community, they (statistics) are announced to the public only after being filtered and classified in a complex process that distort the actual facts.

At the local level of the neighbourhood groups, communities and residents associations are deprived of basic information of crime records in the local area, local community groups are not able to obtain local statistics from the local police stations, which should be made freely available so that the residents can make preparations to secure their own community.

No one chooses a life of crime if they have a choice.
We should ask very fundamental questions as to why is there such a high increase in crime being committed by first of all local Malaysians?

Fundamental and established theories are that crime are committed generally in desperation in the attempt for basic living necessities or a desperate need for want of a slightly normal lifestyle like being able to extend a basic smart phone to your growing teenage child or a computer which in this present age has become a necessity rather than just a want and so are the need of many other items which is today a necessity.

The definition for livelihood is not only measured in terms of necessity but in social acceptance, the need to be socially accepted with a life of dignity.

Crime is today a social economic problem, as the failure of policies and a breakdown of social structures with many years of degrading education systems that have been unable to generate a skill sufficient youth population.

Not every youth is a university graduate, for every graduate we will have many more non graduates who reaches the age of employment every year. We have more than 550,000 youths who completes high school every year and we generate about 180,000 graduates from public universities, this number will show you that we have more than 300,000 youths who are non-graduate.

The statistics show that we have about 100,000 high school drop-outs every year that did not get through the basic SPM examinations.

Where are these youths who could not get through SPM or the youths who are non- graduates, are they able to find employment? There are reports that show that 70% of our local graduates from public universities are unemployed or could not find employment.

We are a country with great disparity in wealth distribution as reflected in the GINI index which is a measure of statistical dispersion intended to represent the income distribution of a nation's residents. Malaysia is amongst one of the worst performing nation in Asia with the most unequal wealth distribution between the rich and the poor. We are worse off than Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand and Philippines.

Our analysis shows that Malaysia has 40% of it’s household of about 5 person per household earning less than RM 3,000.00 per month and in our classification these are the poor. We have poverty to 40% of household in this country. Isn’t this amazing? Forget about high income nation when the gap is widening ever so quickly, the rich are getting richer and the poor getting poorer by the day.

And next we have crimes committed by foreigners in the country, we are seeing a huge number of crimes by these foreign nationals today. We have reports of crimes by whole host of foreign nationals from even South Americans like Argentinian, Columbian, Mexican and the like as reported. How did these foreigners get in to this country of ours and why is this a country of choice for their criminal pursuit?

Violent and Brutal Crimes
We are seeing rampant violent and brutal crimes even for petty street crimes, these perpetrators will not hesitate to stab you with a knife or shoot you with a gun.

The criminals behaviour are a reflection of the behaviour of our police force, long have there been a call to set up the IPCMC (Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission) as recommended by the Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI) in the year 2006.

The IPCMC will see a total revamp in the conduct and processes of the Police force in Malaysia which will hopefully result in a much more civil approach with due process and integration of the law accorded to every single human being.

Any suspected criminals must be accorded due process of the law and the abuse of the force in exercising brutality to many as reflected in the many unexplained death in custody must stop.

Criminals reflect the brutality of the authorities as in the contemplation of the suspect that it will be sure death or a torture more painful than death if they are to be caught or arrested and such reflection will cause the criminals to be much more brutal to avoid arrest at all cost.

And as such we see petty street crimes getting so much more violent in just trying to steal a few bucks, they will kill to avoid being caught as the mere thought of being in police custody will drive them crazy. For the criminals, the thought of being in police custody means certain torture and death.

"The more brutal the police, the more brutal the crime."

We feel that we might be just too late, maybe there is still a chance if enough Malaysians wake up to this fact.

Our solution to this problem is the Social Inclusion Agenda (SIA) of which we have spent endless hours in its design and mechanics and is today already in draft as in the Social Inclusion Act which we have invited all political parties to participate.

We will soon be going around again presenting the SIA and we hope to receive your support and hopefully see that it could be implemented in the near future.

This might just be the solution that can Save Malaysia.

Read More Here: Social Inclusion Act

Oct 17, 2013

Running Out Of Money To Fund a Corrupt Economy

Financial analyst Jesse Colombo, credited by the London Times for predicting the global financial crisis, noted that Malaysia's high government and household debt will lead to a financial crisis.

>Malaysia now has the second highest public debt-to-GDP ratio among 13 emerging Asian countries according to a Bloomberg study. Malaysia’s high public debt burden led to a sovereign credit rating outlook downgrade by Fitch in July.

>Malaysian corporate leverage, which includes corporate bonds and bank loans, is also rising at an alarming rate, reaching 95.8 percent of GDP in 2013 from 79.9 percent in 2007.

>Datuk Paul Selva Raj, CEO of the Federation of Malaysian Consumers Associations (FOMCA), said 47 percent of young Malaysians are currently in “serious debt” (debt payments amount to 30 percent or more of their gross income), something that could catch up with them very quickly.
“Car purchases and credit card debts are among the main reasons for bankruptcy in Malaysia,” said Paul.

>Malaysia’s government has been running a budget deficit since 1999
Like their government, Malaysian households are also binging on debt, which has caused the county’s ratio of household debt to GDP to hit a record 83 percent – Southeast Asia’s highest household debt load – which is up from 70 percent in 2009, and up greatly from the 39 percent ratio at the start of the Asian Financial Crisis in 1997. Malaysian household debt has grown at around 12 percent annually each year since 2008.

Read More Here:

Sep 4, 2013



I see a lot of hype by the mainstream media about the ranking improvement by one notch to No. 24 for Malaysia in the World Economic Forum Competitive Report for 2013 - 2014.

The top ranking countries in the report are at No.1: Switzerland, No.2: Singapore, No.3: Finland, No.4: Germany, No.5: United States, No.6: Sweden, No.7: Hong Kong, No.8: Netherlands, No.9: Japan and No.10: United Kingdom.

Wait, there is a bit more, WEF also conducts a survey on the countries and the respondents are ask on the "Most Problematic Factor" for doing business in that country. And the result of the survey for Malaysia is:


See pic here which is an extract of the Country Report by WEF.

There is also a ranking for other areas and Malaysia is Rank at 103rd for BUDGET DEFICIT which is at , at 4.3 percent of GDP in 2012, Ranked at 121st for low level of Female Participation in the Workforce and 51st for Low Technological Readiness.

Let's see whether the main stream media will report about this details of the report?

WEF full report HERE

Impending Economic Crisis for Malaysia

Impending Economic Crisis

Household Debts is at 83% of GDP and Corporate Debts at a frightening level of 95% of GDP.

The root problem to the economic risk in our country is with Corruption, without any serious attempt to weed out corruption the country faces a very high risk of an impending crisis looming just ahead.

Withdrawal of subsidy and Imposition of further taxes on the people will not help the economy but instead cause greater desperation from the marginalised 40% households earning less than RM 3,000 a month which will result in a further increase in criminal activities which is already at a PRECARIOUS level as is evident with the many violent crimes reported on a daily basis. You can be killed, murdered or seriously injured for just the small change in your pocket or for your handphone.

People, please be warned and take precaution to protect yourself and your family, get involve with your immediate community or initiate get together in your neighborhood, this is important and we will reveal to you why later on.

And learn to protect the value of your money.

For now please Watch this latest Aljazeera video report on the state of our country:

Jul 6, 2013

Najib Razak on the Threat to the Economy and the Election

"Need to introduce Goods and Services Tax to improve government revenue."

Mr Najib was speaking during a visit to London, made as his government is settling back into office after the ruling United Malays National Organisation overcame the biggest-ever challenge to its power in May’s parliamentary elections. The opposition won 51 per cent of the vote, but Umno and its partners in the ruling coalition secured 60 per cent of the seats under Malaysia’s constituency-based voting system.

The prime minister pledged to accelerate economic reforms and show that the country could be modernised “from within” the existing political framework – a riposte to the opposition’s election claims that Malaysia needed a change of leadership after decades of unbroken Umno rule.

He said: “I want to prove the point that we can make changes from within. We can transform the government and the economy, as well as democracy in Malaysia.”

He was relaxed about the external challenges to an economy that has weathered global turmoil well, with economists expecting gross domestic product growth of about 5 per cent this year, after 5.2 per cent in 2012.

Other domestic economic concerns remain. The government had to cut its bill from fuel and other subsidies and Mr Najib said he believed “we do need to introduce [a goods and services tax] to improve government revenue”. Household debts – at 82 per cent of GDP – were also unsustainable and had to be reined in, he said. “People willy-nilly borrow for consumption. Civil servants willy-nilly borrow for consumption and then wonder why they don’t have enough money at the end of the month.”

Jun 5, 2013

Intense Brain Drain Problem for Malaysia

Willson Lee is a proud Malaysian, but he left the country five years ago.
The Japanese grill in Hong Kong's crowded district of Causeway Bay is just one of a handful of restaurants he now runs in China.
Over plates of marbled beef, Mr Lee explained that he used to have businesses in Malaysia ranging from gold mining to stem cell banking.
But he left in 2008 because, he said, a policy favouring the Malay-majority over ethnic minorities was "blatantly abused" to enrich those in power.
The policy, he said, meant that his companies had fewer opportunities, something that hurt profits and left him and his partners demoralised.
Mr Lee is part of what the World Bank calls an "intense" brain drain problem that could hurt Malaysia's ambition to become a high-income economy by 2020.
Most of those who leave are ethnic Chinese, like Mr Lee, or Indian. They make up a third of Malaysia's population of 29 million people.

Many are propelled from the country by long-standing policies that give preferential treatment to ethnic Malays in areas from housing and education to government projects.
The objective is to re-distribute 30% of the country's wealth into the hands of Malays and indigenous groups, collectively known as the Bumiputras, because they lag behind the ethnic Chinese.
Although a certain percentage of listed companies has to be owned by Bumiputras, Mr Lee says this quota is applied to private businesses as well.
The government would often give licenses to a Malay company and he would have to partner with them in order to do business, he said.
"That is standard practice throughout Malaysia," he said.
'Chinese tsunami'
A rally in support of the oppositionMany voters are put off by the government's policies that favour ethnic Malays
Prime Minister Najib Razak wants to attract this talent back, but it will be tricky. In polls on 5 May, the disaffected Malaysian Chinese community largely abandoned his Barisan Nasional coalition.
Mr Najib still secured a simple majority despite winning only 47% of the popular vote.
That's because constituency sizes give greater weight to rural Malay voters, who are the core supporters of the governing coalition.
There were also allegations of electoral fraud, which the governing coalition has denied.
Mr Najib's former political secretary and senior visiting fellow with Singapore's Nanyang Technological University, Oh Ei Sun, says the results are disappointing to the Malaysian talent overseas, who are believed to be mostly opposition supporters.
Some flew to Malaysia just to cast their ballots but when the opposition won 50% of the popular vote and still didn't form the government, many went back feeling hopeless, Mr Oh said.
He believes many more professionals may leave the country.
Read the Full Report from BBC HERE

May 5, 2013

Malaysia - The Dark Forces of Corruption

For the first time in more than half a century, Malaysia's corruption-tainted ruling coalition - which has held power since independence from Britain - looks like it could be in serious trouble. No political party in the world has been in power for longer than the United Malays National Organisation (UMNO).

But now an opposition victory on Sunday promises sweeping change for nearly 30 million Malaysians and for the foreign investors who have helped transform the country into one of Asia's leading "Tiger" economies... against the odds.

Against the odds because Malaysia is a country where corruption is endemic. Big corruption. The opposition, led by former deputy prime minister Anwar Ibrahim, has campaigned for clean government - and it could yet turn out to be a winning ticket.

Corporate misbehaviour

Malaysia has an appealing edifice of modernity and sophistication.
But when it comes to corporate bribery, that image shatters. The country was last year ranked the world's worst offender in Transparency International's bribe payers' survey. Many Malaysians were shocked by this, though unsurprised... if it's possible to feel both at the same time.

Another survey last year by international corruption watchdog Global Financial Integrity ranked Malaysia as the world's third largest source of illicit financial flows - an estimated US$285bn in capital flight in the decade up to 2010.
An untaxed financial haemorrhage, depriving the exchequer of funds that could have been used to improve Malaysians' living standards.

Exposing the culprits

But over the past few years, Malaysians have also seen their corrupt officials exposed, one after another. Some scandals have been about little brown envelopes or vote-buying. Others have been pretty exotic.
One even embroiled the man who is now Malaysia's prime minister in a murky saga involving the mysterious murder of a Mongolian model and alleged kickbacks on French submarines.
"At one point it was a scandal a week," Ambiga Sreenevasan, former president of the Malaysian bar council, told Channel 4 News. "People are truly sick and tired of it, and the sheer amount of money bleeding from the system."
At one point it was a scandal a week. People are truly sick and tired of the sheer amount of money bleeding from the system.Ambiga Sreenevasan
Dato' Ambiga now heads Bersih 2.0 - a group campaigning for free and fair elections - whose name means "clean" in Malay.
Bersih wants an end to corruption and to stop dirty politics. "Since 2008, we've had a strong opposition and they've raked up so much dirt, exposed a lot of misdeeds of public officials. Everyone knew it was happening, but to see the details? It's horrified everyone."
One particular scandal has horrified more than most. It has exposed corruption on a grand scale and has, in Ms Ambiga's view, "disgusted voters."
Read the rest of the Report by Channel 4 News of UK here:

May 4, 2013

The Day of Reckoning - GE 13

As we approach the day of reckoning for these bunch of crooks in our government, be prepared to see some desperate attempts to scare you from going out to the polls and in trying to get you to stay indoors.

These crooks are incapable of change as they will do what they do best which is to get your vote by hook or by crook, we have seen and should be very clear by now as to their approach, they either try to bribe you or scare you and that's their inherent characteristics as this is the only way they know how.

They are completely void of any principles and integrity being mired in a system of their own creation over these many years of complacency as one of the longest ruling power in the world.

In their system of wealth sharing where the wealth of the Nation are distributed in a partnership of a coalition of bands of bandits where each takes on a territorial or departmental allocation in accordance to the long established power sharing formula.

We should be prepared as we approach the day where we exercise our real power to vote, but our duty as citizen do not stop at the voting box, we have done much over recent years, we are now wiser to their vile trickery and have stood up in unity overcoming the veil of anxiety and fear from their unjust laws and enforcement.

They will step up on the fear creation in an attempt to cheat you of your vote and that is their objective, before that they were all out in baiting you with carrots and in bribery trying to buy your votes in exchange for sweet nothing.

Be prepared and once again to show our strength in unity as brothers and sisters, we will need to stand up and fear them not as we need to be there watching over and defending the sanctity of our electoral system.

Crooks being crooks will cheat you and swipe you off the minute you turn and that is why we will need to take watch and be on guard.

This is the final countdown and it is as much a day of reckoning for the Rakyat as it is for these crooks, this is the test that will show whether we are truly united and seek to see the change that we so desire.

We have come far and many had put in much time and effort for this day to happen and it is now within our grasp and for us to realise our dream of a better Nation free of corruption and injustice, for the sake of our children and theirs to come We Must Face This Final Battle on the 5 of May 2013.

Go here if you need guidance on polling day:
or here:

Caught! Stealing the Early Voting Ballot Boxes!

A Crooked BN Production Exposed!

May 3, 2013

An account of a Soaring Eagle

We have made an impact.
I’m not talking about stickers and graffiti. I’m not talking about crowds of people wearing our t-shirts (although there were a few). I’m not talking about ABU flags, caps or badges (we have produced nil).
I’m talking about substance – about the ABU message; about awareness and hope being spread among the common folk and fear among the UMNO elite.
My Distribution journey brought me back to several constituencies that we have visited before for Walkabouts.
Even two weeks feel like an eternity when you are on an election campaign, so I was impressed that people still remember our material well. Let’s just say I didn’t expect kampung folk to recite facts, dates, numbers from our material back to me.
When you get out of your car in Beruas, two hours off the PLUS Highway, after driving alone in a thunderstorm, and the local 60-year-old pak cik you ask for directions tells you, “Ohhh you dari ABUUU … saya dah baca risalah ABU. Ada lagi dalam van?” … One word: MAGIC.  ~ from: KaVee Yong ~

When we first met KaVee he had accounted that he is suffering from gout and that it was a genetic inheritance and as such he had thought that he could not be much in participating to the Eagle's walkabout.

Let us share with you here that KaVee had walked and covered as much and more, he is every bit a Soaring Eagle as he had taken the mental stance of wanting in participation in bringing about change and believed that he could contribute, this deep felt belief had enabled him to overcome all obstacles in many aspect including that he worked down south in the little rich Singapore.

He made the journey home every Friday right after work and participated in all the ABU weekend events and activities, he had all the inherent strength of goodness and had developed a  strong passion to seek positive change for his Nation.

KaVee typifies that when you had a clear and conscious awareness of your desire you will be able to draw all positive energy in overcoming any negativity or obstacles in your life.

There are many in within the Eagles who are able to Soar beyond their expectation and we had secretly admired and felt great pride in their contribution with many a times we had felt the pull of the heartstring.

Thank you Eagles, you had made all this fight worthwhile and we look forward to the 5 of May when we can all gather as one and hold hands in camaraderie.

Meanwhile we have 3 more days of work and let's give this days our all in this final battle for our homeland.


Read KaVee's full story here: 

Apr 22, 2013

Malaysia in the Year of the Snake 2013

This is a continuation from the earlier post on the cycle of the Year of the Snake 2013.

The cycle for Malaysia in the year of the snake has shown us that this cycle denote great change that has an impact on the Nation.

We start the cycle from pre-merdeka years of 1941 a snake year with the element of metal in accordance to chinese astrological cycles which saw the Japanese occupation of the then Malaya during World War II.

"Study the past if you would define the future" - Confucius

1941 (Metal) - World War II Japanese occupation of Malaya

1953 (Water) - Before merdeka of 1957, this year saw the formation of the Alliance coalition party comprising umno, mca and mic which later became the Barisan Nasional. This event has now come to the end of it's cycle due to it's inertia and for it to continue an new energy is required to drive it to the next cycle.

1965 (Wood) - Another significant year of change for the Nation which saw the separation of Singapore from Malaysia.

1977 (Fire) - A state of emergency was declared in the state of Kelantan which led to the expulsion of PAS from the Barisan Nasional. Read more Here
-Another event of note was the crashed of a hijack MAS plane in Johor Bahru.

1989 (Earth) - A year of great disturbance following the constitutional crisis that led to the sacking of the lord president in end 1988. It was a year where the independence of the judiciary was dismantled. 
-Signing of the peace treaty with the Malayan Communist Party.
-Another plane crash in this same cycle, A Boeing 747 crashed 12 km from Subang International Airport.

2001 (Metal) - Kampung Medan Ethnic Clash  
- It was also the year of the September 11, terrorist attack in the USA where 2602 people were killed including 3 Malaysian.
- A "Fireball" UFO was spotted near the second link that joins Malaysia and Singapore.

This year 2013 (Water) - We had already witnessed the incident of Lahad Datu.
- The major event will see the 13th General Election and what waits for the end of cycle of the Barisan Nasional government. We will soon know this 6th of May 2013.

Apr 21, 2013

Two Haunting Dates of the 13 General Election

It was a weary night on the eve of nomination, i had finished a session with some new volunteers and got back just after mid night.

It has been an increasing variety of activities after the dissolution of parliament these past weeks but somehow this night seem different, maybe it was the excitement in anticipation of the nomination of candidates made worse by the uncouth behavior of the Registrar of Society in the affairs of the DAP.

Strange night it was, as you felt the strains of collective non stop activities but somehow the mind is still actively buzzing and you can actually hear  the buzz when you laid back in to the easy chair just to rest the eye.

The thought of sleep did not occur and as you sit behind the lcd screen logged in to this timeless cyberspace going through past unread emails that had pile up meandering between news site, social media and emails.

The combination of weariness and of being wary of the outcome of nomination which has been troubling us for quite a while, as usual our politicians are mostly short sighted and there were a host of problems unresolved and our annoyance and frustrations have been disturbing on the avoidance of three cornered fights.

In the midst of all this buzzing in the head, you will somehow settle in to the alpha frequency of the mind, it is a stage of activity in drowsiness and a part meditative state of mind where your sub-conscious leads you to a cosmic flow in through the endless cyber universe in within the expanding universe.

I had strangely stumbled on to this dates during this haunting hour on the eve of nomination, the haunting hour or also referred to as the hour of the wolf made popular by an old movie in the 60s, which falls in from 3 am to 5 am.

"The Hour of the Wolf is the hour between night and dawn. It is the hour when most people die, when sleep is deepest, when nightmares are most real. It is the hour when the sleepless are haunted by their deepest fear, when ghosts and demons are most powerful. The Hour of the Wolf is also the hour when most children are born."
by Ingmar Bergman

This is a strange haunting coincidence as the dates for nomination falls on the birthday of Teoh Beng Hock, 20 April and the polling date as set on the 5 May and the results of the 13th General Election which will be officially announced after midnight which will be the 6 May, the birthday of Altantuya Shaariibuu.

According to the ancient philosophers this will be an "omen" and in days of old when the army marching our from the city to battle, any slight signs or observations are closely watched, analysed and interpreted by the civil corps who will accompany the army and this is especially so in ancient China.

The nomination day is akin to the ancient days of old where the General or Commander are officially appointed by the courts and ceremoniously march out from the city with arrays of flags and the people in support and cheers.

This picture is first posted on Facebook in  the wee hours of nomination day at the haunting hour of 3:39AM. At time of writing the facebook post of the same picture has reached more than 4000 direct shares on facebook alone.

Don't miss this article of Teoh Beng Hock here:

Apr 6, 2013


Introducing the TAHAN Squad!

“Tahan [Team Abu Halang Asing Ngundi] squads are being assembled throughout the country to safeguard the sanctity of the electoral process.
“These squads will consist of ordinary Malaysians who will ensure that these foreign nationals do not vote on polling day,” said ABU’s Jason Sanjeev Ganesan .
Although declaring that it is a peaceful initiative, Haris admitted that if foreign nationals were to be there at the polling centres to vote, “we will do whatever it takes so that the rakyat’s rights will not be tampered”.

Read more HERE

Feb 12, 2013

The Year of the Snake 2013

Cycle Analysis based on Chinese Astrology







What the snake brings in 2013, this is the cycle of the Snake in accordance to Chinese astrology.

The study of cycles is today universal as with the study of astronomy or physics which is the concept of frequency and frequencies as in occurrence and oscillation (oscillate; as from a psychics, binary or mathematical perspective). Any discipline of study will never be complete without the study of its cycle or the forces of it.

Everything moves in a fix pattern like the earth’s orbit of the sun or the moon’s orbit of the earth in coherence with the earth’s cyclical orbit. Everything is in motion and moves and vibrates in a systemic pattern collectively in line with the oscillation of the entire universe.

The ancients have studied these movements and formulated their findings into a mathematical form of symbols and its permutations, Astronomy is the most ancient of the sciences and it is today common knowledge that the moon and the sun influenced the movements of the tide in the sea in a cyclical pattern. A point of note here is that today the subject of astronomy and astrology is detached from each other and astrology is not a mainstream science subject however the study of cycles and patterns are a component of the modern sciences.

The symbolic representation of the Snake cycle are first the base inherent strength, energy or force of the snake is "Fire" and it goes through a 12 year cycle with changing forces of Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood making a major cycle of 60 years.

That is this year of 2013 of the water snake is a major cycle of 60 years ago with the same energies that is the water snake of 1953.

The snake cycle has a significant impact on the United States of America and we shall look at the historical events affecting USA and the world. .

  • 1917 (Fire Snake)

The chart above shows you from year 1929 the year of the Earth Snake, we shall start off from 1917 (12 years) the year of the Fire Snake was the year the USA joined the Allied Powers in World War I.

It was also the year that saw the collapse of the  Russian Empire through the Russian Revolution.

  • 1929 (Earth Snake)
The year that saw the beginning of the World Economic Crisis or the Great Depression in the USA which saw world trade declined by 50%. This was the Black Friday crash of Wall Street.

This is the year that saw the Republican President of Herbert Hoover, he became the 31st President of the USA.

  • 1941 (Metal Snake)
Attack on Pearl Harbor that gave us World War II.

  • 1953 (Water Snake)
Dwight Eisenhower became the 34th President of the USA.

The Korean War ceasefire that resulted in the partition of Korea into North and South.

The Iranian Coup de'tat which saw the Shah of Iran returned to Power, the coup was orchestrated by the CIA.

  • 1965 (Wood Snake)
The USA begin full scale military action against Vietnam in the Vietnam War by sending tens of thousands of American ground troops with direct involvement in the war.

The Watts Rebellion of Los Angeles was one of the most severe riots of America that lasted for 6 days that resulted in 34 deaths reported and thousand of injuries.

  • 1977 (Fire Snake)
The year that saw the galactic war, the movies Star Wars premiers to with record breaking ticket sales that became a pop culture phenomenon.

Jimmy Carter became the  39th President of the USA.

President Cater declared the US Energy Crisis and called it the moral equivalent of war. The Energy crisis saw the price of oil shooting through the roof.

  • 1989 (Earth Snake)
George HW Bush became the 41st President of the USA.

The Revolution of 1989 saw the fall of communism and the collapse of communism in Europe that resulted in the fall of the Berlin wall and the unification of Germany.

This year of world revolution saw the Tienanmen protest of Beijing China that resulted in the Tienanmen Massacre of 1989.

The year saw the Invasion of Panama by the USA.

  • 2001 (Metal Snake)

George W Bush became the 43rd President of the USA.

September 11 saw the terrorist attack on the USA and the destruction of the World Trade Center by the Al Qaeda.

USA launched the Invasion of Afghanistan.

  • 2013 (Water Snake)
The cycle of the Snake has seen significant events affecting the USA and the world. The snake has seen major wars and destruction falling in to this period and known as the cycle of great change. Can we expect more from the snake this year of 2013?

We shall also look at events in Malaysia with regards to the snake cycle in Part II.