Aug 25, 2008


The highest form of a government
Is that its people hardly even realize it is there.

Next is that of the sage
Who is seen, loved and respected.

Next down is the dictator
That thrives on oppression and terror.

The worst is that of those who lie and cheat
And end up being despised and rejected.
-Lao Tzu-
The sage is the epitome of truth and does not restrict its people and strives to create an environment of peace, security and prosperity and engages the assistance of the best talents and intellectuals in the implementation of this objective.

He governs with the purest of motives and he knows how things grow and that they are fed by their roots and they return to their roots to blossom, flourish and flow. He understands the principles of nurturing and through this perceptive he will govern with patience and justice.

And the root of all governance is PEOPLE and it is the people who empower the leader whom they elect to serve and the root is the source or the master of the leader that must lead with their heart (truth) and have compassion for the people they serve.

Having compassion means knowing that the people are not just numbers and statistics on a piece of paper the people are human beings and each and everyone has got a face and can feel, think and most of all they are not STUPID.

Great leaders don’t need to descend from one's level of dignity by Swearing on any book or in any temple or in any ritualistic manner from any allegations. TRUTH comes not from any swearing or testimony. In Fact it is an atrocious act and an insult to the intelligence of all mankind by the calls to swear as proof or substantiation of the truth.

A term coined by Gandhi for his philosophy of non violent movement of resistance against unjust laws imposed by the British Empire. “Satya” is the Sanskrit word for truth and “Agraha” means firmness and the words combined is interpreted to be “Firmness of Truth”. Gandhi wrote that Satyagraha is a force that works silently and apparently slowly and in reality there is no force in the world that is so direct and so swift in working. These principles of truth united almost a billion people against the unjust laws of the British.

In retrospect Dishonesty, Lies and Deceit may succeed temporarily and it ultimately undermines itself and works against the propagator. “YOU CANT FOOL ALL OF THE PEOPLE ALL THE TIME”.

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