Sep 29, 2009

Another Horrible Death!

This is our country...

Tan Shu Fang, a bright 17 year old girl died a horrible death! She was the latest victim of the rampant crime in this country. She died a victim of Snatch Thief and how heartbreaking to read news such as this. Shu Fang is a straight As student of SMK Mutiara Rini 2 in Johor Bahru. Read Her Story HERE.

And now even snatch thief carries Gun! Read the Story HERE. And another death from crime HERE and these are only reported stories from the media and you can be very sure that there are many more such crime stories not reported.

The government must take responsibility for all the distressing deaths that is happening in this country of ours, we have record breaking deaths from traffic accidents, from diseases of H1N1, from crime and from deaths under detentions! And there is Teoh Beng Hock and Kugan and many many more! Fcuk!

These deaths from traffic accidents and crime and a big share of the deaths in custody are all related to the Police department that is the PDRM. The people have repeatedly called for a change in the leadership and management of the PDRM and as usual, our government don't give a damn about the grievances of the people and has continued further extension of the services of the same Chief of Police (IGP).

The present IGP has served for so many years and way past retirement age and yet his services are once again extended upon by the new Prime Minister. Despite the many accusations of impropriety and accusations in his conduct as the Chief of Police.What is their problem?? I really cannot comprehend!?

What is the problem with this UMNO led government? Or is this the behaviour of a disintegrating dynasty?

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Sep 27, 2009

Battle of the Internet

"There is no freedom without freedom of information. There is no freedom of information without internet freedom"
- Freegate -

China is a bad example of human rights and freedom and this stems from a fear of losing control by the communist government. And as China progresses, the call for freedom will ever be greater and this had developed into a constant battle in cyberspace with the authorities trying to block the free flow of information to more than 300 million internet users.

This year the autocrats will celebrate the 60th anniversary of communist rule in China and it will also be the 20th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square democracy protest as well as the 10th anniversary on the crackdown of the Falun Gong movement. A grand celebration has been lined up for the National Day of the 60th Anniversary of the People’s Republic of China next week which falls on the 1st of October.

There seems to be some kind of internal strives in within the communist party as earlier this year it seems to give way and allow more room for dissent online due to the rise of blogs and online forums which is actually impossible to control. Than in an about turn it started to block Facebook and Twitter, China also blocks site like You Tube and Wikipedia and have sometimes allowed and than to block again in an inconsistent pattern. China blocks access to a countless websites as part of filtering system critics called the Great Firewall.

And there rise “Freegate” and VPN (Virtual Private Network) in the battle with the “Great Firewall” of China, Freegate is a non-profit organization in the fight against repressive regime and propagates freedom of information. The Vision statement listed in their website states “The Great Firewall will be taken down as did the Berlin Wall”. Freegate provides a host of free programs and tools which allows users to circumvent the filters of block used by government and leads you to the free world of cyberspace. Yes!

You must check out Freegate HERE just in case our governments which have been contemplating the use of filters to curtail our freedom. You might have to use Freegate one day… hahaha.

"I just want to say that FREEGATE saves our life in IRAN. because during election days there was no communication way for us in IRAN and freegates opened this way to us. 
So many Thanks to freegate men.

-- A Freegate user in Iran

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Sep 26, 2009

Malaysia-Today under Attack!

The Malaysia - Today Website is under Heavy Attack! 

Yes they have sent in the Decepticons, they are not blocking or using filters to block. They now have sent in their commandos in to attack. They are not blocking you this time but going on the attack and there will be damages as this is now an internet war.

And using tactical attack known as DDOS attack. The DDOS or Distributed Denial of Service Attack in an attempt to jam up or crash your servers and to try to plant in trojans  and viruses and sucking out the life from your server. There are many variations and combination to the DDOS and are not easy to defend. It basically uses thousands of computers to attack you in a single command thereby flooding your server and eating up the bandwidth and there are many variations of methods today.

Looks like these guys are quite amateurs as the server is still standing, and are just attacking intermittently and in sporadic intervals to jam it up.Well you have to just keep trying to access the website in intervals, just try to log in every hour, and you will get in when the attack stop. I was informed the attack is in 4 hours interval.

In DDOS attack a Firewall is quite useless and will require more advanced front end equipments and software to block or filter identified IPs address and to recognize and allow regular incoming ips and genuine visitors.

This is an illegal act in the advance countries and a violation of laws and or internet laws.And depending where the servers are located and if it is located in countries with internet laws, you could basically report a criminal violation of rights.

Looks like MT will be down temporary or intermittently, don't worry, you can't completely or permanently shut down freedom of speech and the internet but one problem MT could faced are higher financial cost in protecting their servers as more manpower and expertise will be needed to design, program and monitor the system as well as new equipments and other resources.

Some DDOS basic info HERE
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Humanitarian Crisis in Malaysia?

Malaysia in a Humanitarian Crisis?
Today six more migrants die in detention!

Malaysia will soon be famous for "Death" with the numbers of people dying in detention. The nation made world headlines with the death of Teoh Beng Hock and till todate there has been no outcome from police investigation although an inquiry is being held and is on going.

It looks like the authorities are at a loss at how to resolve all these problems which  may now be in a crisis situation. The numerous  and repeated complaints and reports made by international and local humanitarian institution had fallen on deaf ears and it seems the government is still in denial or either in defiance as no solutions or any attempt to correct this inhuman situation have been presented.

Sep 25, 2009

Pakatan Needs A Unified Command

A Unified Command and Unified Action are Prerequisites for Success and this are fundamentals of  the Tao of the Military as from the Grand Duke Jiang Ziya, the Supreme Strategist.

"Unification approaches the Tao and touches on the spiritual, its employment lies in subtlety, its conspicuous manifestation lies in the strategic configuration of power, its completeness lies in the leadership." said the Duke.

The Duke advises that in administering a State (King Fisher V),  the ministers and officials must be truthful and neither irritating nor troublesome to the people.

The Duke further advises to "Elevate the worthy, and place the unworthy in inferior positions. Choose the sincere and trustworthy and to eliminate the deceptive and devious."

Pakatan Rakyat in Selangor must show a unified command and that the leadership must be able to reign in all in unity (Completeness lies in the leadership). And in that unity of command, act to quickly eliminate that who is deceptive and devious. Remember do not be dilatory, as dilatoriness overcomes respect one will be destroyed.

The Duke, in his teachings had meticulously warns against the danger of trusting villains as in the "six thieves and seven harms" (The philosophy of the six thieves and seven harms has on its own developed to famous poems and poetry over the years and are popularly heard in theatrical plays and opera even today).

Sep 24, 2009

Malaysians Fed-Up with Corruption!

Headlines reported in the Sun papers today and some points extracted below:

The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) and other "reforms" introduced by the government has so far been ineffective in fighting corruption in the country.

"Malaysians are fed-up with the status quo and the unbearable effects of corruption in the country,"

Transparency International president Datuk Paul Low told a press conference after presenting the country report in the Global Corruption Report (GCR) 2009.

Low pointed out that the controversial death of political aide Teoh Beng Hock in July, in itself raises questions on the MACC's professionalism and hints of abuses of powers in the way it conducts investigations.

“Until drastic action is taken to separate the cozy relationship between government, business and politics, the anti-corruption effort will remain no more than a token gesture,” he stressed.

In the Global Corruption Barometer survey 2009 released in May, when asked if their government was effective in fighting corruption, 76% of Indonesians said “yes” while 70% of Malaysians said “no.”

There should be a separation in the relationship between the Government, business and politics in the fight against corruption, according to the Global Corruption Report.


What does the PM Najib Razak has to say about this report and will there be any effort to revamp the Anti Corruption Commission and make it totally independent? 

Some say that it will be brushed aside as usual or pretend to say some things and formed another committee that takes forever. 

And there are those that believe that the BN government must be in total control as they had already seized all powers long ago and there are no longer anymore independence in any of our institutions.

And yet there are those that say that the opposite are true as the new administrations has lost control of these institutions and the powers are now in the hands of the appointed heads and that they cannot be removed and their services are endlessly extended.

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Terengganu's Khalwat Troopers

Saw this report as below in the Straits Times Singapore and wondering what is going on up in Trengganu? Is there any privacy for any couples to go out anymore?

KUALA TERENGGANU - THE Terengganu PAS Youth wants to mobilise its vigilante squad to check on the rising cases of khalwat (close proximity) in the state.

Its chief, Mohd Nor Hamzah, said the squad comprised volunteers from the Youth Welfare Association - Perkerti, a non-governmental organisation under the party's purview.

'The squad can scrutinise areas deemed 'hotspots' where khalwat cases are rampant,' he said here on Tuesday. 'We have details on these areas.'

Mr Mohd Nor said the intention was not to nab the offender or for the squad to act as enforcement officers.

'We would merely advise Muslim couples that it's morally wrong to commit khalwat,' he said.

Sep 23, 2009

Leaders to be Selfless

"The Universe is Impartial and Selfless, 
It Treats All Things Equally, Showing Neither Like Nor Dislike, And the Sage Ruler Acts in Accordance, Impartial and Selfless and All are Equal in His Eyes"
- Lao Tze -

Political Thoughts

Dr Mahathir yesterday in an interview with Bernama and as reported by the Star titled “Dr.M urges leaders to be selfless”.

He said “A leader should not do anything that will destroy the party” and added that the leaders should realize it was the party that had given them their status today.

Dr Mahathir also said they must understand it was the party that was more important, not individuals.

Sep 22, 2009

Election Commission Must be Transparent!

Anwar yesterday called on the Election Commission (EC) to undertake pro-active steps to overcome negative public perception the constituency's postal vote rolls.

“EC should clean up and update the postal vote list and allow representatives from all contesting parties to observe its balloting process.

“The postal votes shall also be counted at the polling station immediately after the balloting was over.

“I don't see any difficulties in EC fulfilling these demands,” said the Pakatan Rakyat leader, stressing that EC was duty bound to uphold democratic electoral process.

He said although Pakatan was confident of giving BN and Umno a tough fight at the by-election, "the postal voters remained a major obstacle to victory.”

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Sep 21, 2009

Malaysia-Today - Alternate URL

 (The Autobots are here and they will see to the end of the Decepticons)

If you are having problem getting through to Malaysia-Today Website than try this alternate route HERE.

There are still a lot of stupid idiots that think that the internet can be block, these are the illiterates and the best part is that they are suppose to be the internet experts working for the government and if this is the expertise we get you can just imagine the quality of the people working for the government. They can't even understand simple philosophy that when you are working for the government you are suppose to be working for the people and not against the people. They and this umno government will never be able to see this point as all they are concerned about is their own selfish benefits and how to oppress or divide the good people of this beautiful country. They are here to Deceive the people and nation and they are the real and evil Decepticons.

They can't understand simple basic principles that the government is supposed to be servants of the people and that they must respect basic human rights and not to twist and turn with the intention to deceive the people. These are the real and evil Decepticons.

But the people have seen through their deceptions and will automatically reject them and they will be ejected and kick out to outer space and will be made to pay for all their evil misdeeds that have been destroying the country, and the people will have their heroes as in the Autobots, automatically rising up from the masses to smash out the evil from our land.

"The TRUTH will always Prevail"


Sep 20, 2009

We Want a Clean and Fair Election

Bagan Pinang is one of the four state seats in the parliamentary constituency of Teluk Kemang in Port Dickson of Negeri Sembilan and the only state seat held by UMNO in the Parliamentary of Teluk Kemang. The Election Commission has fixed October 11 (Sunday) for the polling day and nomination of candidates is on October 3 (Saturday). There has been inconsistency in the fixing of polling days in the recent past few by-elections with polling days being fixed on a working weekday in opposition held seats.

There are a total of 13,644 registered voters in this state by election of which 4,604 voters are registered as postal votes making up a big share of 33.74% of the total votes. There have been many constant grouses on the anomalies of postal votes and one of the concerns raised by Bersih (Coalition for Clean and Fair Election) an alliance of about 70 civil society organization and several political parties which held a mammoth rally of about 100,000 peaceful protesters in November of 2007 calling for clean and fair election.

Selamat Hari Raya

  Wishing You A Selamat Hari Raya.....

Sep 18, 2009

Gold Rush II

Gold Rush II
This is getting crazy and am getting dizzy trying to digest this mad gold rush, as in my previous posting of Gold Rush just last Wednesday when gold hit a year high of USD1005 an oz. has shot up to USD1023.85 yesterday as at Sept 17 before dropping back to about USD1013 today. Just look at the 30 days chart above and it has been a steep climb over just a few days.

China has been aggressively promoting Gold and encouraging its citizen to invest in gold and not forgetting that gold investment or ownership of gold bullion has long been prohibited by the communist government, and only until recently I think it was after the last financial crisis that the restriction was completely lifted just recently this year.

Could this be a safety net for the Chinese government in anticipation of an oncoming global crisis or are they trying to divert the liquidity out of the stock and real estate market of China in the hope of holding back the bubble? Another guess is that it could be a strategic move to hedge against the huge US Treasury bond that they are holding in anticipation of devaluation or the crash of the greenback. If the Yuan goes into gold and other metal than it might affect the stock market as funds are diverted out as you require fuel to sustain a bubble if there are a cutback in supply than the balloon could just fizzes out. Whichever way you look at it, it doesn’t look good on a wider perspective as gold is a non yielding investment and again it could be another speculative play from China as it is now, gold has become highly volatile and speculative.

Anyway you can bet your last dollar that the metal miners are working round the clock in churning out the gold and other metals and of course their share price will be moving up as well. The speculation now is that gold will hit USD1600 an oz. but China will bring it to USD2000.

The overview market scenario is just too speculative and doesn’t look too comforting at this very moment.

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Sep 17, 2009

Saya Anak Bangsa Malaysia (Updated with more Links)

Haris Ibrahim with the Rumah

A section of the early Anak Bangsa Malaysia despite the rain

The Registration Desk

Whilst the Prime Minister Najib Razak's 1Malaysia turns into an expensive Formula One Racing Car, Today on Malaysia Day, 16th September 2009 saw the launch of Anak Bangsa Malaysia, a movement initiated by Malaysians for Malaysians.

And i am overjoyed to have witnessed this occasion and proud of my friends and comrades who had taken their precious time and effort to come to this beginning. Yes, this is a beginning of a real hope that we Malaysians will and are willing to take the lead in shaping our own destiny towards a nation that embraces all and comprehends the need to be global in perspective with an all encompassing heart.

I am happy to be here today and will let you read the rest of my fellow Anak Bangsa Malaysia share their stories in the links below.

Congratulations! Anak Bangsa Malaysia!

"One People, One Nation"

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Sep 10, 2009

Source of the Truth - RPK

All Malaysians Must Watch This Video!

The Chinese Bubble

Don't forget China is ranked No.72 in the (CPI) Corruption Perception Index with a score of 3.6 over 10 by Transparency International and is below countries like Ghana and Columbia and share the same ranking with countries like Swaziland and Trinad and Tobago. CPI HERE.

Transparency is low in China and corporate governance is not a subject with Chinese companies, figures being churned out should be taken with a pinch of salt.
And to quote from Michael Pettis, a professor at Peking University’s Guanghua School of Management said "Forget about fundamentals, China lacks the necessary tools that fundamental investors use (e.g. good macro data, good financial statements, a clear corporate governance framework, a stable regulatory environment, a market discount rate) and so no matter what people say, there are no fundamental investing here. There is only speculation, and the two things above all that drive the markets are those old speculator favorites, changes in underlying liquidity and government signaling."

Yes, China has seen tremendous economic growth in the past 2 to 3 decade from manufacturing activity due to its lower cost of operation from cheap labor resulting in it becoming the "factory of the world" generating massive export growth. Together with China's massive infrastructure built up has seen growth rising at double digits in that period.

The recent economic crisis has seen exports plunges and China chose to alleviate the economic slowdown through a high lending policy by injecting massive liquidity into the local market fueling a massive bubble with escalating real estate prices and a speculative stock market.

With the global outlook not looking comfortable, China can't continue with this lending policy and will need to keep its reserve to counter further global downturn. I suspect that the non performing loans are piling up as cash gets locked up in stocks and real estate.

Andy Xie, the former Morgan Stanley chief Asian economist has called China a Giant Ponzi scheme, watch Andy's interview with Bloomberg HERE.

Read Premier Wen on Economy Rebound Unstable HERE (Latest news)
Read Zhu Min from Bank of China "Bubble Everwhere" HERE (latest news-few minutes ago)

China, China, Burning Bright,
Bubble, Bubble, Day and Night,
When Will Bubble Pop?
And Will China Rock?

Sep 9, 2009

Gold Rush!

The price of gold hit a high of USD1005 an ounce in London yesterday. Gold had only hit this price level in only a few times of its history. Traditionally gold is a safe haven in times of trouble as investors moves out from stocks and bonds to gold and other metals.

Investor's rush to gold is a sign of nervousness and a fear of high inflation and economic recession and more so on the destabilizing of currencies and especially the US Dollar.

The Chinese government has been seen to be quietly buying into Gold and other metals as well as hoarding up on oil and other commodities and raw materials.

There are rumours that gold will continue its run to an all time record of USD1,200 and above. To me the rise in gold prices is viewed negatively as a climate of global uncertainty and the fear of an oncoming financial or economic crisis. The higher the price of gold the greater the fear.

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Another Recession?

Sept. 8 (Bloomberg) -- Nations in Asia and Europe wouldn’t automatically return to recession if the U.S. economy contracts again, Nobel Prize-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz said.

Stiglitz forecast last week a “significant chance” the U.S. will slip back into recession after a brief recovery. While that would have a “negative effect” on the rest of the world, it wouldn’t prevent other economies from expanding, he said in an interview today in Reykjavik, Iceland.

“Asia is restructuring itself to be less dependent on the U.S. and they have huge reserves,” (Malaysia have huge deficit) Stiglitz, a Columbia University professor, said. “So they could continue on the path of recovery.”

Although it would be “very hard for Europe to have a robust recovery with a weak America,” Stiglitz said, “one of the things that brought down the markets over the world was the credit crunch. The credit crunch was a result of a total lack of faith in the banks. What we’ve done is we’ve put enough capital in the banks, so people are probably willing to say that the banks can meet their obligations.”

That doesn’t mean the U.S. banking system is out of the woods, he said. There are still millions of mortgages in the process of being foreclosed, and commercial real estate “is in a shambles,” Stiglitz said. That makes it likely many more banks will be taken over by the government, although “enough conniving between the regulators and the banks might get us to muddle through.”

The U.S. government doesn’t want a major bank to fail and imperil the financial system, he said. “Banks aren’t bankrupt unless the government says they are,” Stiglitz said. “So there is a reasonable chance that even if the banks are truly bankrupt, they won’t be bankrupt.”

Stiglitz, 66, won the Nobel Prize in economics in 2001 for showing that markets are inefficient when all parties in a transaction don’t have equal access to critical information, which is most of the time. He is also the former World Bank chief economist and an adviser to former US President Bill Clinton.

Read Joseph Stiglitz "US Economy May Not Be Sustainable" HERE

Sep 7, 2009

The Quintessence of Strategy – King Fisher Part V

This story in history is written with the hope that some of our politicians get to be enlightened and see that politics requires sincerity and truth and not otherwise. Virtue and benevolence is the foundation towards good politics and good governance and there can be no good strategy without this foundation.

Corruption and oppression of the people is the most evil of crime of all and history has repeatedly proven that it does not pay and I can quote you 1001 of such instances where it has failed when the values are not intact. It is with hope that these writings are able to change the mindset of our politicians and that there is still time for the wayward to repent and help transform positively this nation of ours which we all call home.

Sep 1, 2009

The Myth Of A Moderate Malaysia

Canings, cows' heads and ethnoreligious apartheid.

If you're looking for an image that captures the conflict between fervent Islam and basic human decency, look no further than the Malaysian city of Shah Alam, about 15 miles west of Kuala Lumpur.

On Friday, a group of about 50 men, agitated by plans to relocate a 150-year-old Hindu temple to their neighborhood, made their feelings clear by staging a protest march from a mosque to a government building. Amidst the usual cries of "Allahu Akbar" and "takbeer," the protesters deposited the freshly severed head of a cow--an animal sacred to Hindus--before the building's gate. The group's leaders made threatening speeches and, perhaps caught up in the spirit of the moment, hammed it up for the cameras, stepping and spitting on the cow's head. The police--who have been known to arrest people for such crimes as attending a candle light vigil or wearing black in support of the opposition--stood by and watched.

Ironically, those scanning the globe for a Muslim-majority country that inspires neither dread nor despair often alight upon Malaysia. Until a few years ago, the Southeast Asian nation boasted the world's tallest building, the iconic 88-story Petronas Towers. Powered by electronics, palm oil and petroleum, Malaysia is the world's 20th-largest exporter, ahead of Sweden, Australia and India. Per capita income, about $14,000 in purchasing parity terms, is about the same as in Argentina. Apart from the obvious prosperity of downtown Kuala Lumpur, the casual visitor notices the comforting trappings of a British colonial past--a parliament, a judiciary, a professional police force.

But most strikingly, Malaysia (along with next-door Indonesia) can claim something increasingly rare in the Muslim world: a large non-Muslim population. About four in 10 Malaysians are Buddhist, Christian, Hindu , Sikh or Confucian. (By contrast, Turkey, the poster-child for an Islam at peace with the 21st century, is 99.8% Muslim.) Recognizing the power of this statistic in our multicultural age, Tourism Malaysia promotes the country's allegedly harmonious blend of Malay, Chinese and Indian communities with an odd but nonetheless catchy slogan: Malaysia, Truly Asia.

The reality, of course, is a lot less sunny. Unlike neighboring Singapore, which shares the same colonial past and ethnic mix--albeit with a Chinese rather than a Malay majority--Malaysia has rejected secularism in favor of a kind of ethnoreligious apartheid that belongs more in a medieval kingdom than in a modern democratic republic.

In Malaysia, Islam is the state religion. Higher education, the bureaucracy and vast swathes of the economy are operated as a kind of spoils system almost exclusively for Malays, whom the state defines as Muslim. Race and religion determine everything from your odds of getting into medical school to the amount you're expected to put down for an apartment. The conversion laws, based on sharia, bring to mind the Eagles' classic "Hotel California": You can check in any time you like, but you can never leave.

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