Oct 19, 2010

Top Malaysian Law Student of Cambridge UK from Singapore

(Tan Zhongshan third from left in black jacket with other Malaysian students in UK)

Malaysia is facing a severe Human Capital Flight with large-scale emigration of intellectuals seeking greener pastures in more advanced society like in Singapore who is estimated to have 45 % of the best brains from Malaysia and 25 % to other Asian countries with the balance of 30 % to Europe and the USA out of the total estimated one million Malaysian working overseas.

There are no official figures of the number of brain drain and the estimates are from 700,000 to above 1,000,000 skilled and professional talents working overseas, this figures have not taken into consideration the Malaysians who had taken up citizenship or permanent residences in advanced nations. The numbers are expected to increase due to local racial politics and constant police harassment under the Internal Security Act, the Sedition Act and other oppressive laws as practiced by the ruling political party of Barisan Nasional.

This has prompted the Najib administration to set-up the Talent Corporation task with the objective of bringing talent back to the country, this is seen as a lost cause as fundamental political changes are not in place to attract the talents. Local talents are wanting to get out and none would like to return and they are further encouraged to stay out by their parents and elders.

The government practices contradictory policies and even local bred talents like the UKM 4 who are top students were harassed and bullied by the authorities dragging them to court because they are opposition sympathisers. Detailed stories of the UKM 4 from The People's Parliament HERE. This has caused much anger and resentments from the local talents of young students and many has adopted an ambition to seek greater freedom and career advancement away from their home country which is riddled by corruption and impropriety by leaders and officials.

This anger has started a movement by local students seeking freedom and justice, had today launch a fund raising website titled "Student Freedom Fund" to defend the UKM4 in their court battle and protect other students that are being bullied by the authorities.

Tan Zhongshan is another fine example of Talent Flight, Tan from Ipoh, Perak had his earlier education from Sekolah Kebangsaan St Michael than moved to St Xavier, Penang than did his A-Levels in Temasek Junior College in Singapore.

Tan who was awarded an Asean Scholarship by the Singapore Ministry of Education after completing his A-Levels at the Temasek Junior College. Tan has emerged as the top student in his final-year law examinations at Cambridge University a first-class honours in the Bachelor of Arts (Law) in June this year at Queens’ College, which is part of the Cambridge university, one of England’s oldest and most prestigious.
He even scored the “Slaughter and May” prize given by the university’s Law Faculty – an award given to those who achieve the best overall performance in the final-year law examinations.

Other coveted prizes he bagged include The Norton Rose Prize for Commercial Law, the Clifford Chance Prize for European Union Law and the Herbert Smith Prize for Conflict of Laws

Queens’ College dean Dr Martin Dixon said Tan definitely stood out among the students there.

“He is probably the best Malaysian student I have seen in the last 10 years,” said Dr Dixon, who taught Tan on Land and Equity for two years.

“He is the most able, dedicated and one of the most likeable students I have taught in more than 20 years at Cambridge.”

Tan, he said, was also a great help to fellow students.

“He works really hard, has great insight and intuition. He is a problem-solver, listens well and learns,” he said.

Tan was modest about his achievements. “It was a pleasant surprise as it is hard to predict the end results,” said the Ipoh-born, who has been in Singapore since August.

On his secret to success, he attributed it to “consistent work and a detailed understanding of the subjects”.

The classical guitar player is not done yet. He will pursue his Bar exams, expected to be completed by end of 2011, in Singapore.

“I will also join the Singapore Legal Service in January,”

On his reasons in pursuing a law degree, he said, “Being in the legal line gives you a chance to make changes that have a far-reaching effect.”

Congratulations! Tan Zhongshan, We Malaysians wish you the best. We hope that one day you should return to assist in rebuilding our beloved country...

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mata sepet non-kacukan said...

I too was from Temasek JC, was an ASEAN scholar, graduated in the UK, many many years ago. Just that I wasn't a top student like this fine young man. Now I am a 'si mata sepet' who has returned to this land of my birth to stay, work and live. There were times when I wondered whether I had made the right choice by coming back, thus forgoing so many opportunities to emigrate. Nevertheless, I decided to return to Malaysia as I love this land and its people much more than I hate the unfavourable policies towards the non-Malays. I am now staying back and shall fight with my voting rights to make Malaysia a more equitable society for all its CITIZENs. I don't run away. I stay and fight.

Anonymous said...

So what! Tan is a pendatang and has no place in Malaysia ... in the eyes of Perkasa and UMNO.

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much BN/UNMO for giving the "Malaysian" a chance to be successful outside Malaysia.

AripSon said...

Ipoh born...
He must have not missed any of Ipoh Che cheong fun. If not, cannot become top student one! Always remember Ipoh, how to study!!!

Daamao said...

can we also ask why he decided to stay away from his home country, and what he has to say to Malaysian Talent Corp?

Daamao said...

Can someone also why he chose to stay away from his home country, and what he has to say to Malaysia Talent Corp?

Anonymous said...

I read the wicked mind of the mamak 15 years ago, foreseen the damaged as unfold today.

I predicted Obama will be the president during his start of primary election with disbelieve and laughter from all my international and American friends.

I am telling you the true, there is no home for non-P in this farm, only illusion. They are no longer domestic, they are wild now, they will be mad soon(Babi Gila).

Soon the P too will go back to their mother land Indonesia to look for a living.

This farm will be bare and poorest in Asia like down fall of Philippine during Marco era.

Anonymous said...

If you don't want the talented, there are others who want them. Bangun Malaysia! You cannot progress very far by surrounding yourself with mediocre NEP qualified rakyat. You need to surround yourself with people of talent based on Merit!

Anonymous said...

LOL. Malaysia is recruiting scums and criminal talent to the country. Report from the Star Nigerian student caught in KL caught with heroin worth 60k. here read: http://thestar.com.my/news/story.asp?file=/2010/10/19/nation/20101019193232&sec=nation

Anonymous said...

Our story ....
I am a former Malaysian doctor (who married a Singaporean doctor)but she was never allowed to work in Malaysia while I was sent off to a tiny ulu clinic deep inside Kelantan while my juniors were promoted upwards because we were not of the 'right' race.
My wife and I left Malaysia for the USA 25 years ago. We finished our advanced medical training in Ivy schools (Emory University, Johns Hopkins) and the CDC.
Here, they did not look at our race but at our capabilities.
She is currently a professor in a major medical school, teaching MD / PhD students while I am a Medical Oncologist, Hematologist & Internist in practice. We are both now US citizens and our children were born here.
I still read about events in my old homeland - but nothing has changed. In fact, things (institutional racism, religious intolerances, corruption ... etc) seems to have gotten much worse since we left.

Anonymous said...

It is no surprise to see the brain drain that Malaysia is facing. When you can't look after your own citizens that they have to depend on others for scholarships why then should Malaysia gloat when Tan Zhongshan does well. Is Tan Zhongshan doing Malaysia proud? Honestly the shameful media should at least give credit to him and his parents for his achievement! the Malaysian governmen should cribnge with embarassment that they have not lifted their finger to help worthy citizens like Tan Zhongshan!!!!!!!

economist said...

The govt has huge budget for mega project for 100 storey tallest skyscraper costing RM 5 billion but can't afford to provide scholarship for it's brightest students?

Anonymous said...

It is because M'sia govt don't want the talent professional to return to homeland, b'cos M'sia are full of curruption. For example, today varsity in M'sia, all handle by the cronies of BN, even non qualify (should be said rejected)candidate also can be a professor in local varsity, nor wonder the ranking of varsity in M'sia drop like hell. Same like profession in laws, doctor etc. Now not only non malay, malay professional also go away from M'sia (especially thoese who study oversea and graduated). Any how, I'm one of the professional who work oversea, for sure I will return to vote for better M'sia.

pinsysu said...

sooner or later Tan will sing majulah Singapore ...

Anonymous said...

Hi all,

I know the chap, he’s a really decent guy and very hardworking too. Ironically, his dad was a federal judge posted in Muar. Has an equally brilliant younger sister that will probably follow his footsteps.

I’m studying in Australia at the moment and it’s no secret that there are a huge number non-bumi Malaysian born professionals working and living here. Also, the increasing number of professional Malays who are leaving to work and settle overseas (in Oz) is something that took me by surprise. Something that our government is refusing to acknowledge or publicise apparently.

History is full of promising nations that self destructed and are now shit holes of the world. I pray we don’t go down that alley.


Anonymous said...

I am glad I left the country 23 years ago for New Zealand, I knew Dr Mahathir Mohd. would screw up Malaysia Big time with the Racial Card and the Regious issues. I have no regrets making that tough choice as a matter of fact I am glad I did otherwise my two children would not be able to gain entry to tertiary Education with the UMNO led Policies. Now my two children are graduates and gainfully employed in their choosen fields.New Zealand like the rest of the Western world do not look at your skin colour but your Qualifications. By the look of things Malaysia will be well behind Cambodia and Laos in five years time if there is no change of Govt. I wish you all well, its about time Malaysians make the right choice.

Anonymous said...

I came back to Malaysia after graduation with a double degree got a job in a huge governtment controlled conglomerate.
For two years in the office they made me do office boy job, running errands for the local managers and making photocopy everyday.
5 years ago i left to work in HK and promoted to head of department in 3 years with a salary more than 20 times what they was paying me than.
It is not just the higher pay check. In HK its about your competence and your ability in a real market environment and race or religion has no bearings.

Alan said...

YB, even though I'm just an average student, who has good soft skills, I'm really sad to see this young man, who's effort means nothing in UMNO's eyes.

This week, one of a missionary pastor come & preached in the church i attend with great humor. He appeal to the youngsters not to emigrate unless 'there's writing's on the wall(ie: Personal lives is in danger)'. He also asked, is there any one who felt that they're accidentally born as a Malaysian?

I hope when PR take federal power, I will no longer be regarded as a Malaysian-PR-with-defacto-Chinese-citizenship(like Ahmad Ismail did), but be fully regarded as a Malaysian citizen(I got blue IC & I fully see myself as a Malaysian).

Anonymous said...

I am a Chinese Malaysian who left Malaysia 27 years ago to live and work in Australia.

I am very glad for this young man who has make good overseas and indeed make his parents proud.

After my studies, I served Malaysia well for fourteen years. I gave of my best and thought that I was doing it for my country and fellow Malaysians. However, as you all know, we were so badly discriminated and sidelined in so many areas of endeavors that I became very discouraged and disillisioned. I thought I did well with houses and investments. I succedded in the material sense. We lived quite comfortably. However, the government was hell-bent against the non-Malays that I felt suffocated and uneasy in my profession. I feared for my sons' future. How can I face them and look them in the eyes and tell them that I did not do my best for them. So I decided to leave and came to Australia. This country accepted me as an equal and I gave of my best and serve this country well all these years.

Now my two older sons are specialits doctors serving this country well. They were given the opportunities to pursue their studies and excel in their chosen fields and in music. Our youngest son is doing very well in the commercial sector and has a bright future in this country. If we had stayed back in Malaysia, will they be given these opportunities. The answer is obvious, seeing what they did to the Chinese all these years under the past three PMs.

Often we sat up late at night and talked about good old Malaysia. How we loved the country. We missed our relatives and friends and all the familiar places. All those years ago, how we worked hard and served the country well. Alas our country do not appreciate our sacrifices and instead by their actions, they chased us away from the country. So here we are in Australia. We still reminisce about Malaysia, the land where we were born and bred and loved.

By far, the best thing that has ever happen in our lives in Australia is that my whole family has now come to know the Lord Jesus Christ as our personal Savior and Lord. We thank Almighty God for His love and blessings in bringing us over to this country. God's plans for our lives is the best.

One final thought. The sad and terrible truth is that we met so many former Malaysians(nearly all Chinese) who have also came over and live and seek their fortune in this country. All of them are highly qualified professionals, outstanding in their professional fields and contributing so much to this country. Where are you Malaysia? Why do you discriminate and reject us? Where is the fairness and equality for ALL rakyat of Malaysia? If we had been treated fairly, most of us will not just pull up stakes and left and came over.


Enough said. Best of luck to you Mr Tan. May God bless you and your dear family richly. May you also find the amazing love of this true God in your life.



Anonymous said...

Born in Malaysia, a mata sepet and pendatang. Educated under Mahathir's discriminatory education policy. Worked in Malaysia, posted overseas. Now at management level in a multinational conglomerate AND living overseas. Would I return to Malaysia? Well, you tell me.

Anonymous said...

Alamak... Muhyiddin, why so many loop holes? next time make sure close all these loop holes and all these terror guy do not show off like this.

This guy results so terror, how to make Malay look supreme, can check with London see can get one better result for our Bumi or not, money no problem.

We already got 17As for SPM, should get one for Uni too.

Anonymous said...

Dear MKY,
Your sharing dated Oct 20, 2010 brought tears. So glad for you and your family. And your new found faith in a loving GOD in Australia.

I've served more than twenty years in international organisations, yes, they recognize talents and retain them. Many times I wonder why i'm still stuck in Malaysia, but it is also a conscious choice to the same loving, merciful, faithful GOD to all people that I stay put alongside with the many wonderful, brilliant Malaysians from all walks of life.

There is this unspoken griefs and great love in reciprocation to my most marvelous Malay friends, and my own Indian and Chinese blood.

It is never easy to read, to listen about how fellow Malaysian Chinese and Indians, no matter how brilliant they are here, worst if they have little means to the basics : good education, good jobs are treated.

However, our only child will be leaving for Sydney for good come Feb 2012.

Thank you for your sharing, MKY.


Anonymous said...

Dear mata sepet non-kacukan,
you too are outstanding in your own right, the fine young man is an exception, both of you are making positive differences with your talents and hearts in wherever you live and work to the respective communities, and to the world beyond, hopefully inclusive of those without the means to education, food and shelter.