Nov 26, 2009

BTN is a Brain Washing Dept

If the Prime Minister is serious about unity and his 1Malaysia program than he must first shut down this racist brain washing department.

Kudos to the Pakatan Rakyat Selangor State government in barring its civil servants and students from state-owned institutions from attending the courses described as racist and a form of political indoctrination by the UMNO led government.

It has been reported that participants of BTN courses were repeatedly told of the concept of Ketuanan Melayu, or Malay superiority. Participants are also told not to question “Malay rights” and the “social contract.”

I agree with zorro HERE and that all Pakatan states should do the same.

Read stories of the BTN by zorro in Sept 2008 HERE
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Noisy Coffee Shop

This MCA is like a Noisy Cofee Shop. Everyday of these past months they have been hogging the local headlines and is annoying and irritating the "Rakyat".

They think they are a very important party when in effect they are no longer relevant. The Rakyat is not interested.

It is a RACIST party of Corruptions and Scandals and their fight is over the Greed for Power as once you are aligned to the ruling clique, you will be able to amass great wealth and power. Just look at some of the past leaders and their great big palaces.

Can somebody go shut down this noisy coffee shop!

Nov 23, 2009

Launch of Crime Watch - Malaysia

Due to the frightening crime in this country of ours, we have had this idea of a Crime Watch website for some time now and the recent tragic death of Dato Patrick Wong had triggered the immediate design and action to Launch this site with greater urgency and so now we hope the introduction of a Rakyat's Crime Watch website will contribute as an early warning system and provide warnings and alerts to all Anak Bangsa Malaysia to the Crime in their neighborhood.

Your contribution is the prerequisite towards the success of this new site called "Crime Watch - Malaysia". Please visit and check it out today. Any suggestion and ideas will be most welcomed. Go HERE.

Nov 22, 2009

Good Bye Dato Patrick Wong (Updated with links to delCapo)

The funeral procession leaving the residence now to the Shah Alam Nirwana Memorial Park.
 More Pics from delCapo HERE

Nov 21, 2009

Dato Patrick Wong - Funeral

The Cortege will leave at 10.00 am on the 22nd November 2009 (Sunday) from the residence at No.9, Lorong Kemaris 1, Bukit Bandaraya, 59100, Kuala Lumpur to the Nirwana Shah Alam Crematorium of the Shah Alam Memorial Park (Nirwana).

Barisan Rakyat Bloggers will be there to pay our last respect.

 Google Map of Nirwana Shah Alam Memorial Park

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Nov 19, 2009

Was Dato Patrick Wong Murdered? (Updated)

 My Deepest Sympathy to the Family of Dato Patrick Wong.

Was inform that Intruders broke into his house in Bangsar last night, they were armed with Parangs and knifes and that the good Dato Patrick Wong was killed due to this incident.

Receives a sms message from Haris Ibrahim easrlier that reads; "Dato Patrick Wong, a strong supporter of the many efforts to bring change to Malaysia was attacked by intruders this morning, and has passed away."

Hope to be back with the full story later.

The wake will be at:
9, Lorong Kemaris 1
Bukit Bandaraya
59100 Kuala Lumpur

You can visit Dato Patrick Wong's  facebook HERE.

Update (1:26am): Just returned from the wake and went out to supper with some of the guys. We did not think it appropriate to disturb Datin Cindy for an account of the incident at this time but in conclusion Dato Patrick Wong is a victim of a brutal crime. This is the state of the nation today...You are not safe even at Home. Our country is in such tragic state that there is record breaking numbers dying unnecessarily and the government must take responsibility for their failure to provide basic security and safety for its people.

I am truly very ANGRY! There are so many victims of crime everyday and yet our government seems at a loss, they don't understand the scenario, they can't protect the people and they don't know what to do.Malaysians today live in FEAR for the safety of their family.

And i just read another story of a victim that just happen today, this lady was another victim of snatch thief and this time the snatch thief whack her on the head with a hammer. What is this country coming to?
The story from the Star HERE

PS. Dato Patrick Wong's funeral will be this Sunday. And as i have said in facebook today that Dato's death will not be in vain! Watch out for an announcement in this blog, this coming Sunday as a tribute to Dato Patrick Wong.
(Updated 11am 20th Nov) Read the Star Report "Dato Killed" HERE

Nov 18, 2009

Shut Up Dr Mahathir

Anwar Ibrahim was appointed Selangor's Economic Adviser and former Prime Minister Dr Mahathir warned that Anwar's appointment will bankrupt the State.

Dr.Mahathir created huge budget deficit during his reign as the Prime Minister running up the National Debt from 25 Billion Ringgit in 1981 to about100 Billion Ringgit in 1991 and than on further in a steep ascend from 1998 to more than 200 Billion Ringgit when he resigned in 2003.

Dr. Mahathir's financial fiasco are plentiful that had cost the nation Billions and Billions of Ringgit and would require much time to compile and list but just to name a few are like Perwaja Steel, Proton  which later had to be bailed out by Petronas and the Bakun Dam project which is still in Limbo. And not forgetting that the Port Klang Free Zone Scandal of 12 Billion Ringgit was conceptualized during his time as the Prime Minister.

Anwar Ibrahim was appointed Finance Minister from 1991 to 1997 and that was during this period from 1993 to 1997, and for the first time Malaysia recorded a Budget Surplus during the time of Anwar Ibrahim as Finance Minister.

Nov 11, 2009

The King Fisher Part VI - Fishing for Talent

“He who finds himself teachers, will rule the greatest area;
He who says no one is his equal, will fall.
He who is willing to ask, becomes greater;
He who relies entirely on himself, will be humbled and made small.”

- Tao Te Ching -   


Been a bit overdue, this series on the King Fisher, nevertheless, for those who seek to acquire the wisdom of the ancient sages in political thoughts and strategies should not miss this writings as it can also be applied to the world of business, management and economics.

This is the works of the Grand Duke of Zhou or Jiang ZiYa and popularly known as Jiang Tai Kung, more than 3000 years ago that help to establish the Zhou Dynasty (1045 B.C.) and this writings have been simplified and condensed for easy reading and this series. (For the First Time reader i suggest that you start with Part I HERE)

Part VI is still in volume one titled Civil Secret Teaching  out of  a total of six volumes of different titles as mentioned in earlier parts. The first part of the Civil Secret Teachings as covered under Part V deals with the underlying  foundation and philosophy of good governance and the correct thoughts to be cultivated by the rulers or the leaders.

And here the second part of the Civil Secret Teaching shares the philosophy of seeking out talents or as described in ancient times "True Men of Worth". Please read the proverb as from the Tao Te Ching as  stated above and to give yourself a moment to reflect and ponder on these ancient proverb, as it summaries the essence of this chapter. However the Grand Duke has describe in great detail the process and the ability to seek out and identify these talents.

It has been shown many a time the founding empires had many talents and expertise to tap on and in many a stories there will be the sage teacher or advisers or strategists that are found from amongst the common people. The search for talent has been of great emphasis of the many great empires in the history of China and even the Great Emperor Gaodi (Liu Bang), founder of the Han dynasty imposed a ruling that mandated that all court officials must present the talent that they happen to encounter and failing to do so will be in breach of the law.

And so wherein lies the “True Men of Worth” and as the Grand Duke has said they will arise and gather in times of injustice and turmoil and from here you might find your great warriors, generals, tacticians, planners, engineers and maybe a glimpse of the dragon if he appears and disappears and seen and not seen as the sage comes and goes quietly shrouded in mystery. A nation requires many talents in different skills and knowledge but the sage is universal and is multi talented and the most difficult to come across and if you happen to see him you might not be able to recognize him and as such he can only be found by those who seek.

A conversation between King Wen of the Zhou state and his teacher the Grand Duke as follows:

King Wen asked: "How does it happen that a ruler may exert himself to advance the Worthy but is unable to obtain any results from such efforts, and in fact the world grows increasingly turbulent, even to the point he is endangered and perishes?"

Grand Duke: "If one advances the Worthy but doesn't employ them, this is attaining the name of "advancing the Worthy" but lacking the substance of using the Worthy."

King Wen asked: "Whence comes the error?"

Grand Duke: "The error lies in wanting to employ men who are popularly praised rather than obtaining true Worthies."

King Wen: "How is that?"

Grand Duke: "If the ruler takes those that the world commonly praises as being Worthies and those that they condemn as being worthless, than the larger cliques will advance and the smaller ones will retreat. In this situation groups of evil individuals will associate together to obscure the Worthy. Loyal subordinates will die even though innocent. and perverse subordinates will obtain rank and position through empty fame. In this way, in this way as turbulence continues to grow in the world, the state cannot avoid danger and destruction."

This conversation shows that in seeking out talents, one must not fall for the reputation of fame and scholarly attainment which reminds me of the Prime Minister of Singapore than Mr Lee Kuan Yew who once remark that Singapore needs to seek out the "Mavericks" to help serve the nation rather than just employing people of high scholarly achievements. Academic achievements alone is not enough and could be an illusions as the real qualities of the talents are not just the papers that they carry.

It further states that recommendations from the officials or associates alone is not the best approach and one will need to seek out from the masses the "True Men of Worth". The true worthies are normally the reluctant politicians but will serve or assist in a sincere desire to see change and good governance.

The search for talent has been of great emphasis all throughout the dynasties of over 3000 years in the history of China and most will have heard of Liu Pei of the Three Kingdom era towards the end of the Han dynasty, where Liu Pei set out in search of Zhuge Liang, who than was a recluse dwelling high in the remote village of the hill of bamboo grove, as Liu Pei had to make numerous trip through the difficult passes all through the changing seasons before finally getting the assistance of the great strategist, Zhuge Liang aka Kung Ming aka The Sleeping Dragon and from thereon founded the Kingdom of Shu.

Liu Bang who later became the Great Emperor Gaodi the founder of the Han Dynasty had the assistance of Zhang Liang, who was a fugitive during the rule of Qin, another great strategist in the history of China.

And in recent times, President George W.Bush had the assistance of Karl Rove who became his Chief Strategist, Karl was a college dropout and a relative unknown in the political world and is today renown for making George Bush the President of the USA. You can read the book titled simply "How Karl Rove Made George W.Bush Presidential" by the authors James Moore and Wayne Slater. Karl Rove was appointed Senior Advisor and the Deputy Chief of Staff  and held many other appointments in the White House. The President had publicly acknowledged the contribution from Karl Rove and called him "The Architect" in his victory speech in the 2004 Presidential Election. Karl Rove armed with only a secondary school education is an amazing strategist and maybe some of you should read about his voter targeting and registration strategy, hahaha.. sounds familiar? You want to win the next General Election?

Watch out for the next Part VII coming soon..
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Nov 5, 2009

More Pics of Zorro Wanted

Setting Out at High Noon

At Lobby of the Royal Selangor

Treated to a Sumptious Lunch

On Arrival Greeted by Cheers From the Supporters (Pic by Shanghai Fish)

This Young Man Got Real Charm

 The Cool Cucumber having a few words with his lawyer Ashok

Caught Sight of the Lone Wolf

The supporters mingling

Bond Arrives with Smoking Gun
(Pic by Shanghai)

Supporters awaiting patiently

About an hour and half waiting

Out comes the champions at about 4.45pm

Greeted by the awaiting reporters

Sharing with the waiting supporters

All's happy their hero is in good shape

See More Pics and Story from Shanghai Fish and People's Parliament

Nov 4, 2009

Zorro Wanted (update 6)

Zorro and the 3 lawyers Ashok, Haris and Chendra have just came out.
They are talking to the reporters now.
Zorro is being quetioned for the photos in his posting especially on the Defaced PDRM logo being used in some of his postings.
He is being investigated under the sedition act.
Full story later.

Zorro Wanted (update 5)

Photo showing the supporters waiting for news at the Bus stand just outside the government complex.
Haris Ibrahim just arrived and have entered the building.
The interrogation is being conducted by DSP Mahfuz Datuk Malik of the department.

Zorro Wanted (Update 4)

Photo of Zorro and his lawyer Ashok at the reception of the Ibu Pejabat Jabatan Siasatan Jenayah Komersil at Bukit Perdana, Kuala Lumpur.

They have just entered the interrogation room on the 6 th level of the same building as the Director of Commercial Crime Dato Koh Hong Sun who is located centrally on the ground level.

Zorro Wanted (update3)

Just arrived at Komplexs Kerajaan Bukit Perdana. Already there at the entrance were supporters and reporters.
Seen in the photo is Zorro and his admirers who were waiting at the entrance.
Ashok is already here and Haris just arrived, Zorro registering at the guard house now.

Zorro Wanted (update2)

Just finish a sumptuous lunch at the Selangor Club.
The guru is seen here as in photo moderating his blog while having his daily glass of nutrition, he seems to be in a jubilant mood and says that his middle name is cucumber.
We had received many calls and SMS from concerned friends and supporters.
Will update from Bukit Perdana soon.

Zorro Wanted (Live Update)

Pick up Zorro at 12 noon and arrived at Selangor Club. Met up with Chris and Amarjit at the Club.
Will be having banana leaf lunch and will meet up with Haris and Ashok. Will proceed to the commercial crime department at Bukit Perdana (behind Bank Negara) by 2.30pm.

Nov 3, 2009

Zorro Wanted

Bernard Khoo of the blog Zorro to be called in for questioning by the Police tomorrow at 3pm. He is called to be present at the Commercial Crime Department which is located behind Bank Negara, Kuala Lumpur.

Be there to show your support.

Will report further tomorrow live with zorro.