Aug 31, 2009

China Stock Market Limit Down

China Stock Market Limit Down

China’s stock market today plunged on concern of tightening liquidity, the Benchmark Index of the Shanghai Stock Exchange Composite Index fell by 6.745 % to 2667.74 which is down more than 22% from Aug 09.

The CSI 300 is a broad based index of the Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchange slump by 7.106% to 2830.27.

The concern here is that more than 150 stocks of the 898 companies component of the Benchmark Index hit limit down which is cap at 10% daily, and includes stocks like China Petroleum, Industrial Bank, China Shipping, Aluminum Corp of China, Jiangxi Copper Co, Northeast Securities Co, Sinolink Securities, Wuhan Iron and Steel and more. The China market has been highly unstable this past month of August and has drop by more than 22% just within the month.

I have for a long time been very nervous about the China market and very uncomfortable with the bubble being created through a high lending policy which does not seem sustainable in the long term and all the liquidity made its way into the stock market making it highly speculative like a casino.

Is another financial crisis looming in the near horizon not forgetting that we are now in the 12 year cycle from the last Asia Financial Crisis of 1997? Yes just for discussion the Malaysian recession seems to always fall in the year of the Cow. (Oops! Yeah and coincidentally some ass just showcased the decapitated head of the cow all over the local media and could this be an omen of things to come? Hmm.. Not a very nice thing to do as a Malaysian and well, lets wait and see.) Yeah somehow the Malaysian recession always falls in the year of the Cow or just about as in the recession of 1973, 1985, 1997 and 2009 and in full recovery in the year of the Dragon. (We will cover this another time otherwise we will deviate too far off.)

So! Is another financial crisis looming? Can this happen again? And what will be the effect in Asia and for us here in Malaysia? Can our stumbling government able to handle another crisis if it happen?

Merdeka - The State of the Nation

Merdeka - The State of the Nation

The 52nd anniversary on the independence of the Federation of Malaya falls on the 31st August, when the Federation gains its independence from British rule in 1957. And some has expressed that the true formation of Malaysia is on 16th September 1963 when the states of Sabah, Sarawak and Singapore (Singapore later broke away in 1965) than joined up to formed the nation of Malaysia. However, the 31st of August has been proclaimed as the “Medeka” (independence) day of Malaysia.

Let’s look at our Merdeka today and whither do we go from here:

• Unity. After 52 years, we are still talking about unity. We have become more divisive and segregated today much more than ever. We never had such problem as I can remember during my time when I was in school in the late 60s and 70s; we were all like families amongst the different races, religion was not much of a topic either as we pratice and professes whatsoever we pleased as individuals and respect and tolerance is never a question. So we must today ask ourselves why have we come to such after all these years, and what or who have cause this segregation and division?

• Religion has today become such an issue, and an individual’s normal conduct and behavior has to be regulated by laws made out of religion which is interpreted and translated by a small group and making it the ultimate law that is being dictated and imposed over the majority. How and when did this happen? And is this what we the people want?

• Economy. The wealth of our country as indicated economically has been running deficits year after year and the country today has a national debt at almost half the size of its GDP and I have conveniently almost always draw parable to the Singapore economic success story where its national reserves (savings) is estimated to be at about double the size of the Malaysian GDP or maybe more. Singapore, the little state that broke away and had for many years been dependent on us for its needs is today an advanced nation and billed as one of the most “cleanest” governments. If comparisons are to be drawn against it would be that Singapore is today in the Premier league and Malaysia probably being relegated and languishing in division 3 and if not careful we might further be relegated to the lowest division 4.

• Education. We are still muddling around with the education system of our children, the future of the nation, and it’s a quagmire caused by bungling retards that is the quality of politicians that Malaysians have elected into office. Our education system that we once had, used to be of world standard and a passing out from a Malaysian school allows you direct entry into any top universities of the world. But today our quality gone down the drain and is just garbage! “This is no good as the more I write the more my blood boils and need to take short breaks to calm myself down.. DAMN!” Who has brought us down to such predicament? The children of our country are the most important and it will take a long time to recover from this mess that we are in. A High quality education is the foundation towards nation building!

• Laws. Our laws have not been updated and we have one of the most oppressive laws in the developed world. We have so many outdated and draconian laws that you can almost lock-up all the people of this country. The ISA or Internal Security Act is just one of them and it has been wantonly and repeatedly used on just about anyone of its citizens.

• Institution. For a long time the institutions that makes for a democracy has lost its independence and autonomy and today just exist to serve its political masters. There must be radical reconstruction to the democratic principles of the independent and autonomous pillars of governance otherwise we are doomed and will become a derelict country.

Crime. The rise in crime that has today created such endemic fear for the safety of our women and children in our streets. Crime is today rampant and brutal when once upon a time, our young and old could just play and walk freely in the neighborhood. Today we lived in fear of the safety of our family.

• Corruption. There are no indications on the will to fight corruption and is made worst by the corrupt leaders openly flaunting their wealth. The corrupt leaders no longer feel any shame or guilt and treat it as their birth right to rob the already economically stricken country. And the anti corruption agency continues to harass the opposition investigating them for petty matters of miniscule proportion as compared to the overtly display of millions and billions of ringgit of the people’s money of the real corrupt. They blatantly built multi millions palatial homes to show their power and questionable wealth, and they own private jets and indulge in luxuries while the many poor suffers from hunger and sickness.

• Brutality. There have been an appalling 1805 deaths in custody since the year 2003. Deaths of suspects and witnesses have shown the frightening scale of brutality and unscrupulous investigating and interrogating techniques as employed by the authorities and the recent death of a young man of Teoh Beng Hock in custody of newly formed Anti Corruption Agency of MACC has exposed many flaws of the authorities. And through the use of the police they invaded into the Perak state assembly by the use of force in bringing down the opposition government and installing their own without due consideration of the law and constitution of the country.

• Human Rights. The Malaysian government has one of the poorest records in terms of human right and in a recent peaceful protest against the ISA the governments used excessive force and sprayed chemicals through water canons and shot tear gas with aerial drops of tear bombs by helicopeters on the peaceful protesters of young children, women and the elderly.


So what are we going to Merdeka from? I do not know when we are going to have a real Merdeka but for now it is time to reflect and think where we the people must ultimately takes the blame for the state that we are in as we had allowed the rot to happen and we did nothing to stop it from further deterioration. This country we all call home belongs to all of us and its about time we stand up to be counted, to show our dissatisfaction and to tell them that this is not acceptable and intolerable. This is our Malaysia!

Aug 25, 2009

Moohyidin Will Win Permatang Pasir

And as usual the Deputy Prime Minister who is spearheading the Permatang Pasir By Election will Win it for PAS and Pakatan Rakyat.

His selection of a defective candidate is a brilliant move, his attack on the Bar Council for the disbarment of his selected candidate is again highly intellectual.

And of course, thousands and thousands of police officers did not work in the last few elections and this time he brings in more fire power to incite fear and a show of force that he is powerful and so the people will admire him more.

And old habits die hard, they continue to bribe, the people with offerings of monies taken from the rakyat and empty promises of development and of "Anak Emas??" what the shit is that? they really think Malaysians are stoopid like cow or what?

Not forgetting, holding elections on Tuesday so that the people can be inconvenienced.

And of course he again attacks the beloved sage MB of the people of Kelantan and that will be it as he is out of league here and showed his bravery (or stupidity) by attacking the sage Tok Guru.

He Moo Moo here and Moo Moo there and the people can't understand all the din he is making and you can bet your last dollar that he is sure to WIN this election for PAS of Pakatan Rakyat.

And did he flew in by private Jet and Helicopters again this time? Won't be surprised if he did.

Good Work Moo!

Pakatan just need to sit back, relax and watch the funny show. All these elections are becoming good entertainment for the nation as a respite from the economic hardship caused by these cartoons. Oh! Golly! watch out for funny tricks during polling day.

Read How Moo Won Manik Urai HERE

Aug 23, 2009

King Fisher Part IV - The Supreme Strategy

"If our military and political leaders had studied this work of genius, Wars would have been avoided - certainly they would not have been waged as they were waged, and the millions of youth obliterated unnecessarily and stupidly by monsters calling themselves generals and they would have lived out their lives."
~James Clavell (1924-1994)~

King Fisher Part IV – The Supreme Strategy

Fishing Philosophy

Now, first for some fishing philosophy,

When King Wen first met the Jiang Ziya (The Grand Duke) when he was fishing as relayed in Part I, in one of the conversation, King Wen ask Jiang Ziya: “Do you take pleasure in fishing?”
Jiang replied: “The true man of worth takes pleasure in attaining his ambitions, the common man takes pleasure in succeeding in his ordinary affairs and my fishing is very much like this.”

King Wen inquired: “What do you mean it is like this?”
Jiang responded: “In fishing there are three forms of authority: the rank of salaries, death and offices. (Fishing here is also the likeness of the Chinese word for weighing or balance as in the size of the bait the fisherman can entice bigger fish.) Fishing is the means to obtain what you seek. Its nature is deep, and from it much greater principles can be discerned.”

King Wen asked: “Can I hear about its nature?”
Jiang elaborated: “When the source is deep, the water flows actively, fish spawn there. This is nature. When the roots are deep, the tree is tall. When the tree is tall, fruit is produced. This is nature. When true men of worth have sympathies and views in common, they will be drawn together. When they are drawn together affairs arise. This is nature. (Note: When the world (nation) is in turmoil, True Men of Worth spontaneously gather together out of anger and sympathy for All under Heaven (All the People or Citizens), and thereon the enterprise of revolution may be born.)

In one of the conversation still on fishing the Duke said: “When the line is thin and the bait glittering, only small fish will eat it. When the line is heavier and the bait fragrant, medium size fish will eat it. But when the line is heavy and the bait generous, large fish will eat it. When the fish take the bait they will be caught on the line. When men take their salary they will submit to the ruler.

The Liu Tao is the lesser known literature of military strategy even in China as compared to the world renowned Sun Tzu’s Art of War. Sun Tzu’s Art of War is widely used in Japanese literature and a must have book for all executives and a compulsory subject of military studies. The Liu Tao is also considered to be a Military Classics from a revolutionary perspective because the ambition of the Zhou state was nothing less than a dynastic reformation and of implementing positive changes.

In ancient China the Liu Tao is highly regarded and revered by Emperors, Kings and Generals and is accordingly the founding book of strategy and the basis from all where other works were developed. These literature are highly kept secrets and not available to the common people but there were numerous stories where certain individuals have kept copies of all or part of and were pass on from generations to generations and as it was that Sun Bin (also a famous military writer) who is a descendant of Sun Tzu was in possession and a student of the Liu Tao.

The Tai Kung’s Liu Tao is a compilations of his discussions, advice and instructions with King Wen and King Wu of Zhou as even in those ancient years, the King’s court are highly organized and structured and all affairs of the court are recorded by administrative officials and even in war expedition, the general will lead with the support of administrative officers and others with numerous civil functions in support of the military and all affairs during the military expedition are recorded.

Today there are numerous version of the Liu Tao in print (mostly in Chinese and Japanese writings) with many interpretations and commentaries and generally most works are focus on translating the strategies into modern application as in the Sun Tzu’s Art of War. However for those who are familiar with the Art of War will find some similarities with the earlier work of Jiang Tai Kung’s Liu Tao. The Liu Tao is therefore a compilation of communications, political advice and tactical instructions during his time with the Zhou state and later organized into a complete book under six main volumes and in 64 chapters with over 20,000 words (Chinese characters), however today only 60 chapters are found and presented and it is the belief of this writer that there should be 64 chapters accordingly as with the 64 hexagram of the I Ching. And the missing four chapters are the Secret of the Secret Teachings.

In order for a clearer understanding of these military works, we will require greater depth and background, and in the environment of the original creator, and the analogy of the structure of the works. The consideration that the writing is based on the Tao will requisite that any interpretations of such works require some knowledge of the Tao and its philosophy so that the teachings could be learned and the thoughts could flow incessantly throughout, inquisitively and creatively in flexibility of adaptations to its application.

The Liu Tao is built up and organized into six progressive and related groupings in accordance to the structures of hexagrams of the I Ching. The Tao consist of a combination of Yang and Yin which represents the Hard and Soft, Male and Female, Light and Darkness and etc. Hexagram is a symbol that consists of a combination of six lines or of two trigram (Trigram is a symbol consisting of three lines) and every single line is either a yin or yang line. (A yang or solid line is a symbol of the Male principles and the yin or broken line is a symbol of the female principles). The hexagram is built up from the bottom and is the first line and a yang line.

The first volume representing the top line of a hexagram which is the sixth line and a yin line as the hexagram is built up from the base as the first line and a yang line is titled Civil Secret Teaching and representing the position of the Ruler, Emperor, and King of an Empire, Kingdom, or Country. This volume contains advice and teachings towards the political thought and philosophy required of the King that lays the solid foundation for a harmonious and prosperous empire. The art of identifying and recruiting talent and of talent management is highly emphasized in the Civil Secret Teaching.

Volume 2 of the Liu Tao titled Martial Secret Teaching, which occupies the second top line or the fifth line and a yang line of the hexagram which represents the Prime Minister and or Ministers and consists of strategies and philosophies for building an empire. The ultimate concept of winning a war without a single battle is highlighted in this chapter.

Volume 3 is the Dragon Secret Teaching, the fourth and yin line of the hexagram denotes the General, consist of the strategies and philosophies of leadership especially relating to the qualities of a military General.

Volume 4 is the Tiger Secret Teaching, the third and yang line of the hexagram of Military Support, which teaches of the creative and tactical approach to the support of the General in weaponry and equipments and the tactical principles of military maneuvers and expedition.

Volume 5 is the Leopard Secret Teachings, the second and yin line of the hexagram, which emphasizes the flexible strategy of defenses and attacking in a battle and the secrets or as one author puts it the “critical path” for complete execution.

Volume 6 is the Canine Secret Teaching and occupies the first or bottom line of the hexagram and is of the yang principle is about the training and employment of resources and the tactical usage of the component of the army in battle and contains knowledge of getting out of difficult situations.


The late James Clavell (1924 – 1994), the famous author and film producer and director of “To Sir With Love” fame starring Sidney Poiter, and best selling novels like “The Tai Pan”, “Shogun”, Noble House and many more has this to say about the Sun Tzu Art of War which was sent to him by his friend P.G. Williams and first read it in 1977 has this to say: “I am totally shocked as to how I could have miss such a book!” and added that this book has been a constant companion to him eversince.

“I believe, very much, that Sun Tzu’s knowledge is vital to our survival. It can give us the protection we need to watch our children grow in peace and thrive.” – James Clavell

I am sure that James would have been thrilled if he would have access to the works of The Grand Duke at that time.

Watch out for the final Part V - "The Quintessence of Strategy"
Note: Much of the writings here in Part IV are the findings of the writer and especially the subject of Background and Structure on the Liu Tao.

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Read Part III HERE

Aug 20, 2009

King Fisher Part III - Battle of Muhye

(A old painting of Jiang Tai Gong charging into the Battle of Muhye)

King Fisher Part III - Battle of Muhye

This is an era that has created an impact on the modern world today, the philosophy and sciences of King Wen and the political thought and strategy of The Grand Duke of Zhou (Jiang Tai Kung) are all in accord with the “Tao”. Yes, the Tao is the ancient science of physics and for reference you can look to the book as written by the physicist Fritjof Capra and my first reading of it in the late 70s titled “The Tao of Physics” that compares ancient mysticism and philosophy with modern physics. We will not discuss on the sciences of the Tao and as such we shall only present the political and strategic philosophy of the Grand Duke.

(Note: For simplicity, the Tao can be referred to as “the way of nature” or just “the nature” or to act with nature to be in accord and harmony).

Following from the Part I and II, Jiang ZiYa was recruited by King Wen when they were under the rule of the despotic King Shou of the Shang dynasty, Jiang Ziya went on to assist the Zhou state to revolt against the rule of Shang and was appointed Prime Minister of Zhou. Jiang Ziya was instrumental in the establishment of the political philosophy and structure in resurrecting the Zhou state and all the strategic maneuvers towards the overthrow of the Shang dynasty.

King Wen died in 1050 BC and was succeeded by his second son King Wu (Ji Fa) who was a wise and able ruler and the first King of the Zhou dynasty. King Wu wanting to fulfill the wishes of his dead King gathered the feudal Lords in an attempt to attack the Shang but was stopped by the Duke saying that if one is to succeed than one should be patient and wait for the right opportunity which will be presented.

King Wu maintains the assistance of the Grand Duke as Prime Minister and planned the overthrow of the vastly superior army of Shang leading to the final battle of Muhye in 1046 BC. In the battle of Muhye the King of Wu assisted by the Grand Duke lead an army of 50,000 defeating the huge 700,000 men of Shang through long term strategic plan and tactical warfare.

Out of the 700,000 army of Shang, about 200,000 thousand of the slave army defected during the battle causing confusion and lost of moral amongst the ranks of Shang, and the Duke than lead the charge with just 1000 of his best trained men of Zhou right through the middle of the Shang General breaking up the already broken army in disarray caused by the defection of the slave army. Than King Wu and his allies closed in from the flanks resulting in a blood bath and fully routed the Shangs with many laying down their weapons in surrender enabling the Zhou to capture the capital city of Yin.

The King of Shang lock himself up in the palace and it was said that he set fire to his own palace and died in it and the beautiful but wicked concubine Daji was captured and executed.

And from hereon saw the end of the Shang dynasty and beginning of the Zhou dynasty with King Wu as the first sovereign and he was later succeeded by his son King Cheng who was still a minor when he ascended to the throne and he was assisted by another famous Duke of Zhou named Ji Dan who was the brother of King Wu. He was also attributed to the I Ching following from his father King Wen. He deserved special mentioned here because of his fame as the “Zhou Gong” and is known till today as the God of Dreams, (not to be mistaken from Jiang Ziya, the Tai Gong or Grand Duke) and you can still hear the Chinese telling you today, that he is going to look for the “Zhou Gong” meaning to go get some sleep.

The capital city of Yin is today known as Anyang and located north of the Henan province which is the most populated province with more than 100 million populations. Henan literary means south of the yellow river and is in the eastern central part of China.

The battle of Muhye presented the fundamental strategic maxim of wisdom in patience as in the phrase that:

“The enemy will present the opportunity and the circumstances that favor you”

Footnote: Part IV will continue with the excitement in the Wisdom of Political Thoughts and Strategy of the Grand Duke. (am half way there with Part IV and should be up in the next 2 days.)

*sorry for not posting the past few days as was caught up in work and regret for not being able to join the Guru and friends in Permatang Pasir, but the battle goes on and we shall be there in the thick of it.


Aug 14, 2009

Negative Impact of Main Stream Media (MSM)

"Government trying to Control the Democratic Process will want to Control the Press"

The Minister Rais Yatim after being rebuke by the people over his plan in trying to censor the internet by installing filters, has obstinately came out to announce that his ministry will carry on with a study of its “extreme overlay of negatives” (I don’t know exactly what that means).

He added that the study will include the impact of “child pornography, gambling and acts of terrorism”. (So the minister is going to be very busy checking out pornography sites and etc.)

Rais said it was normal for countries to study the flow of information on the Internet from time to time, and the Malaysian Government too felt it was necessary to conduct such a study. (The study on the negative impact of the internet)

This is viewed as an attempt to limit freedom of speech, and a far more important issue is that of the negative impact of government controlled media and media controlled by politically interested parties. They act as propaganda machinery for the ruling party, curbing press freedom and journalistic integrity.

And the spinning and exaggerating of news report to serve their political master, distorting facts and even reporting untruth. They have even gone to the extent of propagating racism and bigotry against all moral ethics.

The recently launch HARTAL MSM internet site which is a concerted effort in exposing the spin and untruth of the government controlled media also called “Main Stream Media” (MSM) should consider undertaking a Study on the Negative Impact of the MSM as against the minister’s study of the internet.

Read Minister Rais Yatim HERE.


Aug 12, 2009

Politicians Needs Money..

(Billionaire Politician - Tiong King Sing)

When politics and business mix, you get all kinds of shit at the expense of the rakyat's money, and here what is RM10 million when there are billions being thrown around at the Port Klang Free Zone.

Read on below:
Initially the KDSB CEO Tiong King Sing was reluctant to comment on the matter and referred Malaysiakini to the MCA president.

However, when pressed repeatedly, Tiong conceded that the 'rumors were true'.

"Last year, Ong asked me to support him. As a new leader, he needed some funds for activities. We are politicians, we need funds to sponsor our activities.

"I was supposed to return the money to some other people. But in order to help each other, I let Ong use the money first," he said.

"He (Ong) said that he wanted to give the money to all MCA divisions. But I have no idea if he did so. This is up to MCA members to ask him.

"If he didn't give the money to the MCA divisions, then he is lying to me, I want him to return the money back," added the Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party (SPDP) treasurer.

Stating that since he regularly 'donated millions' to people, Tiong claimed that it was difficult for him to recall the dates when he gave the money to Ong.

Although there was no other MCA leader present at the meetings, the business tycoon-turned-politician said he had a friend who could be a witness.

"If Ong dares to say that he did not take the money, then ask him to come and see me, I will clearly tell him from where he took the money.

"He (Ong) had even promised to give me a receipt, but I have not received anything," he added.

Tiong, however, remained adamant that the money was not a form of corruption or that it had anything to do with the PKFZ issue.

"If I had bribed you, why didn't you (Ong) make a police report?" he asked.

Read More from Malaysiakini HERE
Read More from Malaysian Insider Police Report against Kuala Dimensi HERE and PAC to haul up KDSB HERE

The Nut Graph Needs Help

The Nut Graph is an independent Malaysian news portal and one of the site that i visit everyday and have always enjoyed their reporting, and found them to be of high standard, fair and frank. In this country it takes courage to be frank and straight forward in the expression of an opinion or an idea and Malaysia needs more people like them.

We have seen them in all the events that we have participated in be it rain or shine, and/or maybe more appropriately "be it water canon or tear gas". They are always there on the ground.

The Nut Graph is a Free Site and now needs your Help.

This is their plea:

"In May 2009, our investors notified us that they can no longer continue funding The Nut Graph because of certain circumstances. And so, Cindy and I are now faced with the possibility that what we launched a year ago will have to be shut down." "We need your help because journalism is expensive and good journalism that upholds fairness, accuracy and responsibility even more so. It would indeed be a shame if we had to shut down a website that has tried its best to uphold good journalistic principles while reporting independently and fearlessly."

Donations can be directly deposited into Insight News Sdn Bhd's Public Bank Account No: 314 5184 219. SWIFT code: PBBEMYKL The company registration number is: 805229M

If you would like to send a cheque, please make the cheque out to Insight News Sdn Bhd and mail it to:
The Nut Graph A-2-7 Pusat Perdagangan Seksyen 8, Jalan Sg Jernih 8/1, 46050 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.

Read More HERE.

Aug 11, 2009

Barisan National Supreme Council Meeting

"Trojan Horse" is a person, group or device planted in to enemy ranks to undermine and destroy from within the enemy.

What is the Real Strategy of UMNO? You can forget about Barisan National, its now all about UMNO. The BN Supreme Council Meeting is just is just an avenue to check the other components parties and to put them under a tight leash. Read on below:


Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin gave a sneak peek of this insecure feeling during yesterday’s Barisan Nasional (BN) supreme council meeting.

During the meeting, Gerakan president Tan Sri Koh Tsu Koon highlighted a series of incendiary commentaries in the Umno-owned Utusan Malaysia and said he was troubled by the effect it was having on race relations.

Responding to this, Muhyiddin, who is shaping up to be a hawk (hawk? c'mon.. more like a Cow..Moo..) in the administration, justified the pitch taken by saying that Malays believe that Umno is weak and giving in too much to the demands of non-Malays.

It is understood that none of the leaders of BN component parties challenged this view. (Oh.. what a pity.. Master is angry and they all kept very quiet with their head hanging down).

A BN leader told The Malaysian Insider: “There is a hardening of Umno’s position. The openness and willingness to become more inclusive is not evident.”

Read More in The Malaysian Insider HERE.

Read The Malaysian-Unplug HERE.

Permatang Pasir - Another Tuesday

Why is another Election on another Tuesday as announced by the Election Commission Chairman Tan Sri Abdul Aziz Mohd Yusof?

The Commission has announced Nomination day to be on 17th August which is a Monday and Polling day on the 25th August falling on a Tuesday.

This is beyond common understanding, it is unusual that the commission is consistently holding election day on a working day for the previous few by-election.

Isn't it a common precept to have polling day on a weekend or a holiday so that it is convenient for voters to come back to vote? And on weekend it will not disrupt the normal course of business and work.

Why must it be a Tuesday and a working day?

Read Election Commission Announcement HERE.

Aug 10, 2009

The Internal Security Act Must Be Abolished

There is no defence, no logical reason, for keeping the ISA in whatsoever form. This Act is Archaic and it is Draconian without a single doubt.

This Act has been misused and abused by UMNO for too many a times, they have use this Evil ACT (ISA) to stay in power, and have applied it generously without the slightest guilt and consideration, It has been used to lock up just about any Malaysian at their whim and fancy.

Aug 9, 2009

The Might of the Pen Deleted?

Visited the "The Might of the Pen" and saw this message:

The authors have deleted this blog. The content is no longer available. is gone? deleted?
zorro have some answers HERE.

Aug 8, 2009

King Fisher II - The Era

King Fisher II – The Era

For a better grasp of the events in this story at this stage and time, which has a significant impact on the early history of China, producing many famous events, personalities and philosophies at the same time of Jiang Ziya, we will expand a bit more on the scenario and passage of this early history in order to have an overview and better understanding.

You will see here one of the most cruel tyrant in the history of China as in King Zi Shou and his concubine Daji being one of the most beautiful and influential maiden of the fame of the top four maidens in history.

King Wen of the Zhou to whom was accredited with the expansion of the science of the I Ching with the sequence of the 64 hexagram, and there was JiZi one of the princes of Shang who refused to come under the rule of Zhou than migrated with his army and later founded the early Korean states. And of course the progenitor of the Art of Strategy as in the Secret Teaching of Liu Tao from Jiang ZiYa (The Grand Duke of Zhou).

Aug 7, 2009

Home Ministry - ISA Poll (Update)

The Home Ministry is conducting a Poll on the Internal Security Act (ISA) on their website.

Please Go HERE and vote against the ISA.

Go to the website, scroll down and on the right hand side there will be five rectangular boxes on the ISA, please vote on all the boxes.

Update with Translation of The Question Thanks To Ariane.

1) What do u think ISA is i) Preventive ii) Draconian iii) Not sure

2) Do u understand and know everything about ISA? i) yes ii) no iii)confused or unaware

3)How do u know about ISA i)from reading ii)from hearsay iii) from catching the news

4) What do you want done about ISA? i) completely do away with it ii)continue with it but with updates(?) iii) Don't know

5) Did u know that the US and UK have anti terrorist Act and Patriots Act that ISA is within those Acts i) yes ii) no iii) Don't know don't care ...

Note: A Poll with too many questions, Just answer as the highlighted in bold as above and i avoided question no.3.

Aug 6, 2009

Two Dins, One Hiss and One Moo

Two Dins, One Hiss and One Moo

Home Minister Hishammuddin has said the Anti-Isa demonstration was a total failure as the number of protesters was lower than expected.

It is not about the numbers and the Minister is trying to deviate from the main issue, even than we have evidence and witnessed a huge massive turnout of Malaysians that have protested and the Minister has failed miserably in his duty. As the Home Minister he had been disastrous by not performing his primary duty in securing the protection and the safety of the common people and had instead use brute force on the elderly, women and children. They had also randomly arrested more than 500 people including 40 young children and had detained them unnecessary. This is a despicable act against the citizens of this country and as a politician he should understand the fundamental right of free speech and assembly but most of all as a human being he is without remorse and without compassion, further to that he and his boss, the Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin had expressed arrogance and evil intent of further persecution. This ISA is an act that has been proven time and time again that it has been grossly abused and an act that is the tool of Satan himself and is extremely evil in that it causes much misery and torture to the innocent victims and their families.

Hiss also said: “that in a weakened global economy the people were prepared to be led by an authoritative government that is able to provide the best for them”.

(First he has finally admitted that umno is an authoritarian government and the second is where in the world did he get the idea that the people are willing to be led by tyranny?)

On the amendment of the ISA, Hisshammuddin said the Opposition should also value the opinions of those who want it to be maintained or upgraded.

(Who? Who wanted it to be maintained other than yourself and your goons? And UPGRADED??? How do you F@#$%&* upgrade detention without trial??? He must have been playing too much monopoly, Go straight to Jail, Do not pass Go! That’s the new ISA?.)

Than comes a lot of din from the Deputy PM Moohyiddin talking about the use of ISA on those who instigated or had a role in getting the public to take part in illegal demonstration.

(Now haha I can put all you guys in jail, you people ask me to go to anti –ISA march, now you will be put under ISA, wooo lucky me, I went to march because they ask me to, luckily I did not ask myself to go).

And Moo further added: “I believe there are certain quarters who want to challenge and even provoke the authorities to use the ISA against them so that they can tell the public ‘there you are, this is what they are trying to do ... I said so.”

(Now you know why they need to upgrade the ISA, so that you can just walk in to be detained and don’t have to go to all that fuss just to get yourself lock up under the ISA).

The ISA must be repealed and the Najib’s cabinet should understand this and make no mistake about it as the crowd you have seen is only the tip of the ice-berg, it has been proven repeatedly in history that no matter the size or your armory, the more evil or brutal you are against the people, the harder you will fall. There is no pretense and it will not be for long if you think that the people are fools as when you fall it will be that much harder.

Read Human Rights Watch Report HERE

Read Bar Council Release HERE

Racial Politics of Barisan National

(Pic by Mob's Crib)

The Utusan Malaysia is an umno controlled newspaper and they are promoting racial bigotry and racism and hatred. This is intolerable and to prove our suspicion right is that all this while the other components party of MCA, MIC and Gerakan are just clowns of their political master in UMNO.

Not even a whimper of rebuttal is heard from these jokers like Ong Tee Kiat and especially Koh Tzu Koon as he is the Minister of Unity and it is needless to mention that Samy as it be a waste of time.

This Utusan must be ban and their permit revoked and the Editors given the BOOT!

This is what you will get from political appointees as in all the governmental institution in this country, the cronies are being appointed everywhere.

Whats wrong with you Mr. Prime Minister? Is this the 1Malaysia that you are talking about?


[Read the Extract of this article from MySinChew or read it HERE]

The collective "persecution syndrome" of Utusan Malaysia is fast picking up steam, escalating to a level of near insanity.

Big chaos will ensue if no treatment is being urgently sought on these people!

This Malay daily is getting increasingly ill. For instance, it published in its Op-Ed column on Tuesday a provocative piece titled Melayu Jangan Jadi Bacul (Malays must not be cowards), in which the author expressed his exaggerated concern that the Chinese and Indians would get too powerful, resulting in the Malays having to relinquish all the key positions in the government as well as their privileges and NEP.

What made me want to laugh out loud was this:

"Serangan dan penghinaan pembangkang dan aktivis politik Cina dan India terhadap Melayu semakin menjadi-jadi. Mereka sengaja menunjukkan keberanian dan tindakan kurang ajar. Cuma mereka belum berarak dan membuka butang seluar seperti sewaktu Tragedi 13 Mei."

(The assaults and hatred of the opposition as well as Chinese and Indian political activists towards the Malays have gained momentum. They deliberately show off their bravery and acts of bad manners, only that they do not take to the street and unzip their pants as they did during the May 13 tragedy.)

"Only people suffering from terminal "persecution syndrome" could have possibly stretched their imagination to such wild extents."

Wow! Looks like the intensity of their illness has developed into an awful sex-and-violence illusion!

The author came to the conclusion:

"Anehnya ramai juga orang Melayu-Islam yang ikut benci kepada kuasa bangsa sendiri. Bangsa Melayu sudah menjadi bangsa yang tolol dan bacul."

(Weirdly enough many Malay-Muslims abhor the power of their own race. The Malays have become a cowardly race.)

I'm afraid the author is out of his mind. As a matter of fact, only people suffering from terminal "persecution syndrome" could have possibly stretched their imagination to such wild extents.

In another article titled The Malays are not aware they're despised, the rally calling for the repeal of the ISA was interpreted as the Malays being manipulated by the Chinese and Indians to hit the street to oppose the ISA meant to protect the rights of the Malays!

Good Heavens! I never knew the Chinese and Indians could have such mystical power to send tens of thousands of Malays to the street.

I was equally amazed by the new-found functionality of the ISA: to protect a particular ethnic group in this country!

Sorry, I've been exhausted by my own laughters that I could not gather any more strength to rebut the Utusan absurdities.

That level of brain anomaly has rendered any need for arguments by sensible and rational people with them completely irrelevant!

That said, I'm curious how the government people would view the words of these chaps.

Perhaps Dr Koh Tsu Koon, the minister in charge of Unity and Performance Management, should study how much Utusan has contributed towards national unity.

And those in the PM's office must also make the additional effort to understand how much the newspaper has done for the noble "1Malaysia" vision.

Fortunately, the overwhelming majority of Malays, Chinese, Indians and other peoples who are absolutely normal in their thinking treat Utusan nothing more than just a laughing stock. (By TAY TIAN YAN/Translated by DOMINIC LOH/Sin Chew Daily)

MySinchew 2009.08.05

Aug 5, 2009

The King Fisher

“A Worthy Man Fishes for the World, a Mere Mortal Fishes for Fish and Prawns”
“Jiang Ziya – Duke of Zhou”

Let's digress a little bit from all the sickening racism and dirty politics and government oppression and police brutality that we have been bombarded with recently and look away back in to history and hopefully we could find some wisdom for all us mere mortals and hopefully some worthy man might drop in and be able to reconnect the way forward towards a better Malaysia.

We are going to look at some early political thinkers and the much profound wisdom that are omnipresent, times can change, things can change but the rudimental theory of political thought of good governance is constant in this changing world.

Aug 3, 2009

Anti ISA - More than 100,000 Turnout

How to estimate the number of people in a crowd?

It is with annoyance that the numbers of protesters being reported especially by the main stream media are completely out and sometimes atrociously discounted by 90%, like the Anti-ISA protest of last Saturday. But it is with greater frustrations to see the independent media or Internet media like Malaysiakini getting it all completely wrong and it has been such on numerous occasions of which we have noted.

The foreign press will somehow always rely on figures pick up from the local media including numbers reported by Malaysiakini depending on their preferences. And it was generally reported that the crowd size was about 15,000 by Malaysiakini and the foreign press and supposedly they had followed the numbers as reported by Mkini and they are wrong again.

The approach towards crowd estimation is to be able to estimate the area of the site where the crowd are located.

First lets get some dimension correct which will be the guiding principle:
  • The width of a single lane of road is from 10 feet to 12 feet and you can safely take the city roads to be at 12 feet. (Which are between two white lines of the road and does not include any buffer space out of the lines).
  • The length or space between two lamp post of the road are about 200 feet apart.
  • The size of a school football field is about 1 acres and the foot ball field in a stadium including running tracks and etc will be about 1 1/2 acres.
  • The general width of a shophouse in the city is from 22 feet to 26 feet.
  • The width of most terrace houses will be about 20 feet to 22 feet and some 24 feet.
So if you could get the width and the length than you will be able to estimate the total area. And than the density of the crowd will require some judgement with the guide as below and from experience it will become easier.

In a sardined pack stationary crowd, it is about 2 square feet per person which is 2 feet x 1 feet, and a sardined pack crowd when moving or marching will be at 4 square feet (2x2 feet) and than a loosely pack crowd in an open space like standing and sitting in the field will be about 9 square feet per person (3x3 feet). And if it is a crowd spread over in a big area, than you will have to cut the ground into sections of quarters, thirds and so on.

With wide angled photographs as a guide, you will be able to generate the closest estimate and of course a wide aerial view from a high point will be the best.

And so with these guide as stated, we will now attempt to estimate the numbers with the following photos as below:

(An example of a Sardined Pack Crowd above at 2 sg ft per person)

Estimate the width of this site above with 4 car lanes at 12 ft per lane x 4 lane = 48 ft than add the bus lane of 15 ft = (48 + 15) 63 ft and add the pedestrian walk on the left of 15 ft and another 20 ft on the right (on the right pedestrian walk is actually much wider) so total width 63 ft +15 ft + 20 ft = total width of 98 ft. Now lets check the entire visible length in the photo as above against the photo below. (Note the crowd has filled up the entire area and was confirmed by people in the location)

The small shorter decorative lamp is about 50 feet apart and the first one on the left is the first 50 feet of the front end crowd and there should be 12 visible decorative lamps so 12 x 50 = 600 ft plus the first 50 ft = 650 ft than check the photo above if you zoom up close you will see another 3 tall lamp post after the decorative lamps and is on the right side of the first photo which will give you 3 x 200 ft = 600 ft + 650 ft = total visible distance from end to end of 1250 feet. And so the total crowd estimate in the above two photo will be at 98 ft width x 1250 ft length = 122,500 square feet over the estimate density of say 4 square feet per person will gives you a total crowd estimate of 30,625. just for this location in this photo.

This photo above to be analyse with the photo below, is the crowd from Masjid Neagara (National Mosque) and marching on one side of the road of two lanes and so the width is at 24 ft and plus 2 feet of buffer as above outside the white line and 3 feet of side table on the right side of the road and so total width is at 29 ft.

You should be able to see 10 lamp post from above two photos giving you an estimate of 29ft x 2200 ft (2200ft is about 700 metres) = 63,800 square feet over 4 square foot per person will give you a crowd estimate of 15,950 people. In estimating you have to give and take and you can see that there are at the same time quite a bit of people on the other side of the road. which is out of the boundary of our calculation.

But the crowd here is more than a kilometre long as we were in this location and have witnessed the end of the length and our estimate of the crowds in this location alone is about 25,000 strong.

And they were supposed to join the crowd marching to Sogo but was stop in their track right here in front of the Royal Selangor Club by the Federal Reserve Unit (FRU) and the Police, with this dastardly act of relentless bombardment of tear gas and water canon on the peaceful protesters including of young women and young children and the old who had came forth to tell the government to abolish the inhuman act of the ISA and were given a taste of the inhumanity from this government.

Look at this two photo above in the same location and position with Sogo shopping mall right at the back. And Anwar and Kit Siang walking and the Sogo is on the right. The length from analysis of the photo is about 1500 ft and the width is easily a 120 ft as for the huge side walk on both sides of the road. And from this two photo the crowd just in and around the locality are estimated at 45,000 strong.

And we were informed that there was another crowd of at least 15,000 from the Masjid Jamek area. So just from these photos provided we would be able to see that the total that came out for the Anti-ISA march is more than 100,000 strong.

We are wondering why this Malaysiakini is getting their numbers completely out nowadays, we had noticed their figures as reported and is heavily discounted but not as much as the government controlled media.

Aug 1, 2009

ISA March (Edited)

2.17pm: The march is on. Easily more than 20000 on this side from the Masjid Negara. Marching towards sogo through bank negara and the selangor club

Crowds has swell whole strecth of road filled with people.

Police harassing the peaceful protester. Tear gas fired at random. Crowd now at standstill .

Water canon is spraying chemical laced water on the crowd of people and screams were heard everywhere and there are women and children amongst the peaceful protester.

They even sprayed directly at the members and guest of The Royal Selangor Club into the compound.

We saw 2 young cildren of about 5 and 8 years old screaming and crying and brought them into the Club to wash them off.

3pm. The protesters has remobilised and on the march again.

Was real bad as the police sandwich the protesters and they than shot tear gas and water canon. There were screams and cries everywhere.

These are not Malaysian police... These are the police from hell.

A clear case of brutality and govt. Oppression.

4.20pm huge crowds of more than 100,000 have mobilised at Sogo now as reported by Duke. But we were told that they are trying to disperse them the organisors. Prostesters are angry.the police were cruel and wicked. We were helping out with the old and young children. Special branch officers in plain clothes were really evil as they arrested peaceful protesterd.

4.45pm. Report from Duke at Sogo: 30rounds of gas fired from all sides when we are about to disperse We are cornered, no way out, old people and young children suffering from the tear gas. Am afraid someone might die....

Police are randomly arresting people in the Sogo and Central Market area especially those in anti ISA t shirt.

Photo above is taken from the dataran medeka square. The dataran area is 1.45 pm.

At 2 pm. Tear gas has been fired at the Masjid jamek.

The march has started. Helicopters hovering around the area. More FRU are rushing into the area. At 2.10 pm


12.31 pm : More people have been arrested in various location. There were reports rthat about 6 were just arrested in the Sogo area.
We r now getting on to the KTM commuter.

The march starts at 2pm but thousands are already waiting in complexes and shops.

Police and the fru are all over the city.


The police are trying to stop the people from mobilising. Reports of the police firing tear gas at the merdeka square preventing an early crowd from mobilising. About 36 people have been arrested at the national mosque.

We have been informed that the masjid Jamek LRT station has been closed.

Traffic is bad in the city.

Reporting from mobile phone. Will update soon.