Jul 14, 2008

Fear Mongering & Indoctrination

Fear Mongering & Indoctrination

“Those who use force soon end up without it and those that use fear will soon fear even their own shadow” – Lao Tzu
Fear Mongering is the use of fear to influence and leverage the opinions and actions of others and is often used as a political tactic to frighten its people towards a political bias.

The tactical approach is to create and exaggerate the fear and is directed on a constant basis on the target population or segment of the population. The tactic is employed in combination of various approaches with the use of state controlled media to generate news/views/articles and even sometimes the use of advertisement campaign. The tactics are further fortified with the use of repressive laws and detentions (without trial) in jail of its people, police harassment and even gangsterism.

The Fear Mongers’ plan is continuous and is not a one off affair and once initiated they will endeavor to achieve the objective through a series of planned punitive actions and situations towards the target.
From recent events that has occured right from the presence of the army in the city to the distorted media reports on the Protes rally and now this harrasment from the roadblocks all over the city, looks every bit like a concerted plan of fear mongering. Wonder what will happen next?

Fear mongering in the United States surfaced most prominently during the era of McCarthyism, when the nation first faced the threat of nuclear attack. Since then politicians and pundits alike have realized and utilized the powerful influential impact that fear can have on voters. Politicians in the United States have exploited the Fear of Terrorism towards the advantage of the incumbent to maintain control of the executive branch of government.

Fear is also used in the process of political propaganda and political indoctrination of the mind and a good example can be seen through the posting of zorro on the BIRO TATANEGARA, please read here; http://zorro-zorro-unmasked.blogspot.com/2008/07/hitler-youth-revisited.html (must read)

And in this instance the indoctrination of a precept that is the conjunctive focus of a political hold on its primary source of strength and survival due to the fact that the political party was founded on the fundamental of race or racial based. And it is only the politicians’ desperate attempt to hold on to the power of a now bankrupt ideology.

The Truth is that in this progressive world of globalization and in the global economic evolution where nations now connect without borders as in the European Union which consist of 27 member states and with almost 500 million citizens of different race and religion making it a single economic market with an estimated share of 30% of the world gross domestic product of approximately US$ 17 trillion in 2007.

Racism has no place in the modern world as the world closed in and the minds widen and with the advent of technology that is travelling at hyper velocity, we now see and can reach the entire globe that belongs to all its inhabitants and if you must fear than fear that the earth need to preserve its ecological balance and we need to be environmentally conscious of the earth that belongs to all of us. The narrow view of race and religion has no place on this planet which is only a speck in the greater universe of creation and if god is your calling than behold that god’s creation, in that you love all man as your brothers and all the women as your lovers (er’) sorry, they should be your sisters (yah?) and all things on earth are to be treasured and rejuvenated as they are to be with us in spirit that nourishes our soul.

The widen mind is the enlightened mind that sees not colors or creed and in fact we are all biologically, that is to say beneath the skin we are all the same. Our hearts are of the same color as in the picture above.


Gus Gan said...

I take the traffic jams all over town today due to police road block as BN intimidation to instill fear and make the rakyat angry with PR.

Doesn't work on me.

Unknown said...

Thank goodness we have no reason to fear a repeat of the threatened Barrage of Bloggers mounted on Airbone Pigs over Parliament House yesterday. Our Security Forces saved us from this plight, not to mention the non-advertised but thankfully Security-identified promise of a PKR-promoted Push by Peasants on Pink Elephants against the freeedom of movement of all us BN Beneficiaries.
God bless those who saved us from such savagery.

zorro said...

civil disobedience might work....but our people are not united yet.

working assiduously on some methods we can apply to creat a "road-block" when botak and his machais stage another road-block......may need everybody's input on this.

Unknown said...

We are with you zorro the guru,

We seems to have Ministers that have no qualms at all on creating hardship and misery for the Rakyat.

Unknown said...

Hey john,
Bloggers on airborne pigs are dangerous! hahaha thats a good one.