Jul 30, 2009

Crime and the City

(Photo from TV Smith) [Edit]

Crime and the City

Liza was driving alone on a weekday afternoon last month, about 3.30pm under the scorching Malaysian sun, right in the middle of the city, and came to a stop at the traffic light junction of Jalan Tun Razak and Jalan Ampang, and on her left she could see the Ampang Police Station just next to City Square and Yow Chuan Plaza. She was her usual carefree and happy self listening to the radio while waiting for the lights to turn green and out of a sudden, she heard a loud crash as two men on a motor-cycle had pulled up along her vehicle, and smashed her car window, snatched her folder placed on the front passenger seat, which she had also put in her purse together with some documents. Liza was in total shock and frozen in her car, with debris of glass strewn all over her, and she had minor cuts in her hand and body from the flying glass.

Jul 27, 2009

Is MCA being Muted?

(Yes Master, heh heh heh)

The President of the Malaysian Chinese Association (MCA), Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat says that the Barisan Nasional (BN) component parties must be independent and have the autonomy to express their views.

He said that a component party that made no demand or had no stand but simply became a "yes man" that agreed everything within the BN coalition would not earn the trust of the people.

"It will become like Ji le (chicken ribs in mandarin). It does not serve any purpose if it were kept but it would be too wasteful if it were discarded." He added.

Ong said another crucial element that would bring down a party was using external force to solve its internal affairs.

He than went on to cite Lim Guan Eng as an example and to praise his Federal Territories MCA members for their loyalty even after losing all its Parliamentary seat in the last election.

Is the MCA President expressing his own frustration for not being allowed to speak up? to be able to express their (MCA) or his views in public? as we have heard, thus confirming the rumour and our suspicion, and he than pretended to cite Lim Guan Eng and Pakatan Rakyat in substitution or as a diversion, as he might be afraid that his political Masters might reprimand him for making a direct statement against BN.

There is an old proverb that says that "to follow under pretense is a greater torture than to stand up against into the face of death". It seems that there is a tremendous self conflict in this man, for it might be that he so perceived that he had to remain and maintain this status quo, so as to contain the evil, but he is so wrong as he is only adding greater strength to the growth of evil.

Another interesting and an important statement which he said was that of "using external force to solve internal affairs", are you able to comprehend this? and what do you think he meant?

Read the Full Report HERE.
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Jul 24, 2009

A Tale of Two Tuns by Art Harun

This is easily one of the best writing of the year and will be my nomination for Best Article for 2009. Well done Art Harun.

Extract from his blog: "Articulations";

If I had the ability to invent something useful, I would love to invent a "Talk Cock Eater", which would work in the same manner as an odour eater. I would spray it on Tun Abdullah and watch him disappear after a few seconds.

For Tun Mahathir, I wish I had the ability to invent a virus. I could upload it on my laptop. It would then infect all computers in the world and erase all articles and writings by Tun Mahathir, his pictures and news about him and what he said. The virus would then come out into the air, infect everybody, and erase him from their memory.
How peaceful.

Please Read Full Article HERE

No Royal Commission for Teoh Beng Hock

What is the PM afraid of and what have he got to hide by not calling for a full Royal Commission of Enquiry to investigate the death of Teoh Beng Hock?

Instead they called for a Royal Commission to study the Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission's (MACC) standard operating procedure in questioning witnesses and other duties? This looks like a joke and a deception into deceiving the people and is full of pretense.

And at the same time he announced that an Inquest is called to determine the cause of death of Teoh Beng Hock. (An inquest is led by only one appointed magistrate)

It should have been the reverse and the Royal Commission to investigate the death and the Inquest to study the MACC. (The old one is flip flop and this new one is flip flap.)

Are the PM and the cabinet afraid as they are involved and using the MACC? If not and they have nothing to hide than a full Royal Commission of Enquiry should be established.

Must Read the Bar Council Press Release HERE.

Jul 22, 2009

There is HELL

(The horse-faced gaoler awaits)

There is Hell and are simply describe as here;

“Truly Hell is lying in wait – a destination for the transgressor”
(an-Naba,78: 21-22)

Hell is Hell and Heaven is Heaven and there are not such as a Christian Hell or a Muslim Hell or a Chinese Hell or Indian Hell or of any other race or religion. As they say all roads leads to Rome and all religion will lead to the same destination if practiced in good faith and in truth.

The disbelievers as describe in most religious texts is best defined as those who pretend to be of that faith or are transgressors who are not believers but pretend to be believers and does not adhere to the basic teachings. Worst are those that make use of the religion so as to gain prominence and rise up as leaders through treacherous means and than oppresses their fellow humans and to create enmity and division amongst the people so that he or his type will be able to capitalize and gain or hold on to power and position as the rest of the people distrust and fight over each other.

The teachings of most or all religion are simple and not complex as in simplicity we will find truth and our paradise, there need not be too much of unnecessary interpretation and most time leading to misinterpretation and confusion so much so that they are in greater division just as you can see today there spawns into many different sect of the same religion all professing to teach the true faith so much so that still greater enmity, hostility and hate are being generated alone within the same type of religion.

The most evil of all are that political differences and conflicts are distorted into religion and resulting in a diversion of the faith that justifies the killing of their fellow brothers and yet in all the religious text and teaching had admonishes this act as an evil act and are condemned upon.

The disbelievers and transgressor are defined as those that pretend to believe, these are the fake and impersonators that mislead the people as being pretenders they are like actors and over time with experience they become academy award winners in acting and sad to say the pretenders rise to prominence and are devious as they had greater motivation through their greed and lust for power, fame and wealth.

All faith and religion are actually simple and easy to follow as God or Allah (or any other name in any other language) will not make it difficult to understand it is just that the evil comes on to bamboozle and make it complicated and confusing so that you are mislead and instead walk the path that leads to Hell. God will not make complex laws and rules so as to restrict its people and judges only upon the finality of one life time. Laws and rules are made by man.

God or Allah has made it so simple and nothing else and he ask naught from us but to take care of the earth as made for so that our brothers and sisters can all share and live from it and that we love and care for all and to preserve and conserve for all that is there. God loves his people and will not complicate and confuse them. It is just that Simple!

The Complication Comes Forth From The Devil!

p.s. this post is in response to a comment made in earlier post "The Red Hearse"

Jul 21, 2009

The Red Hearse

(The Red Hearse which is very unusual and seen for the first time here)

The procession was lead by the Hearse tied with red cloths and ribbons which signify a tragic death and in accordance with ancient rites the colour red used in a funeral is to evoke the spirits of the departed souls to rise from the Hades as in the Chinese mythical stories of the 18 depths of Hades and from the abyss the most ghoulish spirits shall rise to seek out the perpetrators of this hideous crimes and to avenge and seek justice for the victim. In a normal chinese funeral the colour red are taboo and avoided.

Jul 20, 2009

Farewell to Beng Hock

We have all been to a few funerals and mourners we have seen but Angry Mourners is a first for many of us. The Blue Blitz hit the road for Alor Gajah, Malacca fully loaded with Barisan Rakyat Bloggers and friends this morning at 7.30am and we joined more than 3000 people in saying a tearful goodbye to Beng Hock.

Pictures from Beng Hock's residence in Alor Gajah and the sent off procession;

The Ancient Mariner Sail On

(Found some old photos of the good Capt)

We were at the Justice for Teoh Beng Hock ceramah at the MBPJ stadium and was informed that Capt Yusuf Ahmad of the Ancient Mariner blog had passed away peacefully in his sleep.

We were saddened by the news and i immediately recalled that we last met at the PKFZ Scandal Public Forum on the 7th of June 2009 where he was one of the speakers and we later join up for refreshments with fellow bloggers at the Wharf together with YB Lim.

We had a few exchanges where the good captain expressed his resentment over the scandalous PKFZ horror and how the authorities are dragging their feet and their reluctance to seriously expose and take on the criminals and are trying to cover up for their political masters and he vowed to take on these criminals.

He had this slogan on his blog "I cannot change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination".

The good captain had to sail on to another destination but i am sure he will be watching and extending his guidance as he can now call upon the wind to facilitate our sails to reach his dream and our dream of a New Malaysia that is free of corruption and free from the crutches of evil.

Read more of The Ancient Mariner and his expose of the PKFZ scandal HERE.

Jul 18, 2009

Silence of the Lambs

The silence from MCA and Gerakan top leadership is deafening on the death of Teoh Beng Hock, or as someone said that they are too busy still trying to activate the money flow in the PKFZ. There are still good money to be made from this project as loan drawdown is still on schedule and billions have been allocated and are ready for drawdown, and some are very busy attending classes learning how to do the KPI, he added.

Not a pip from these top leaders on the death and gross injustice on Beng Hock has been heard, or did anyone heard or read any statement from them, maybe it was reported in the MIC newspaper. Yeah i know the small fries has finally made some small statements yesterday but the small fries can get quite quick approval to speak but must speak softly. (As reported in the star HERE).

Mr Insider told me that there is some kind of new BN agreement under the new PM and they "the leaders of MCA and Gerakan" need to seek permission before they can speak in public on major issues and they have just applied to make a public statement but as the master is quite busy and have not given them the approval yet and so we will have to wait before you can hear them squeak.

I could be wrong on this and if anyone have come across any statements made by especially the top leaders of MCA and Gerakan please let me know.

"Teoh Beng Hock will not die in vain"

Teoh Beng Hock

Our Deepest Condolences to the Family of Teoh Beng Hock.

He has chosen a noble career in public service as was appointed a political secretary in Selangor towards serving the people and country.

His death in custody of the MACC is suspicious and we demand for Justice and someone must be made to answer.

A website has been set up http://justiceforbenghock.blogspot.com/ calling for justice to his death and please visit as a gesture of support and to view photos and for more information.

His funeral has been set for this coming Monday the 20th July at 11 am and further details and address and google map are available at the website.

We, the Barisan Rakyat Bloggers are planning a visit to pay our respect and further information will be made available for our trip and those interested are welcome to join us from Kuala Lumpur to Beng Hock's home in Alor Gajah, Malacca.

There will be a candle light memorial this Sunday as follows :
Venue: Stadium MBPJ, Kelana Jaya
Date: 19July2009, Time: 4.30pm

Update: Wear Black

Jul 17, 2009

Malaysia Today - Death of Teoh Beng Hock -MACC

Malaysia Today has a story on the death of Teoh Beng Hock the political secretary of Sri Kembangan assemblyman Ean Yong Hian Wah from the MACC (Malaysia Anti Corruption Commission) HQ. Read the horrifying story below:


Masters of the Evil - MACC

The creator PM Abdullah Badawi & MACC chairman Ahmad Said

Is the Malaysia Anti Corruption Commission (MACC) reduced to just a political tool of umno? They have done nothing towards the credibility of the institution right from the beginning the chairman Ahmad Said Hamdan came into the position badly tainted.

Ahmad Said, the chairman of Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission, MACC, when will you explain why your son, Ahmad Shauqi, the MAS co-pilot who was convicted for pedophile in Australia last year, did not face any disciplinary action from his employer MAS? And can you explain why the local police did not investigate him as it should have done? What role did you play to save your son? Isn't that an abuse of power?

Jul 16, 2009

Death from MACC HQ (Updated)

Teoh Beng Hock age 30, the political secretary of Seri Kembangan assemblyman Ean Yong Hian Wah, who was taken in for questioning by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) yesterday, was found dead at the MACC headquarters today.

It is unclear how Teoh fell from Plaza Masalam, where the MACC has offices on the 14th floor. His body was found on the roof of the five-storey building next door.

The MACC has confirmed that its officers had finished recording a statement from Teoh at 3.45am.

It is not known if Teoh was released after the questioning or if he was being detained all this while.

The Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission (MACC) is acting like goons of umno and are harassing the opposition MPs and officers whilst multi billion ringgit scandals like the Port Klang Free Zone (PKFZ) are ignored despite public outcry. And the flaunting of wealth by umno members like Khir Toyo's reported 20 or 30 million palatial residence are not look into.

The MACC also raided the office of Kampung Tunku state assemblyperson Lau Weng San yesterday.Apart from Ean and Lau, six other Pakatan elected representatives are also under investigation -, Teresa Kok (Kinrara), Hannah Yeoh (Subang), Elizabeth Wong (Bukit Lanjan), Dr Cheah Wing Yin (Damansara Utama) and Edward Lee (Bukit Gasing).

Only opposition MPs and officials from Pakatan Rakyat are being investigated and this is a blatant abuse of power and harassment of the opposition.

In an immediate reaction, DAP supremo Lim Kit Siang expressed shock and asked in his twitter account, “Is there now the first case of death in custody, not police but MACC? If so, heads must roll!”

The DAP leader is in Penang and said he was waiting for a full report about the tragedy.

“What has this country come to?” he asked.
MACC investigation division director Shukri Abdull (right) told reporters that Teo was released at 3.45am but the deceased did not go home and was seen still loitering in the building.According to him, Teo had wanted to rest for a while at the pantry.
He was seen sleeping there at 6am.
"Nobody saw him after that until his body was found at around 1.30pm," he said.
He repeatedly stressed that Teo was merely a witness to the investigation.Asked how they discovered the body, Shukri said they were alerted when someone screamed.
His lawyer M Manoharan, who accompanied Teo to the MACC office yesterday, said the deceased looked normal and showed no signs of being under stress.
"He was happy and looked firm. I had advised him how to handle the interrogation since I was not allowed in during questioning," he said.Manoharan, who is the Kota Alam Shah assemblyperson, last saw Teo at around 7pm.
As of 6pm this evening, Teo's body was still on the roof top of the building.

Full Report HERE

Muhyiddin Won in Manek Urai

Muhyiddin won the Manek Urai by- election for PAS, The 65 votes majority came from the fishermen and the fishmongers. Otherwise Umno could have won this by-election. So PAS should express their thanks to the Deputy.

Lucky star is on Abe Uji and for his 40 tongs of fish that won it and thanks to Muhyiddin for making it happen.

Notice the black clouds on the face... bad feng shui, with him as the opposition you will have no problem as he will win it for you.

Jul 15, 2009

Manek Urai - Unbelievable!

When i was first told that the voter turnout was at 84% at 3 pm i exclaimed that this cannot be and that it is unbelievable and especially not on a working Tuesday and in a by election in a small district of kampongs and that i must get to a computer to blog about this and that is what i did earlier.

Even though Tok Guru declared a public holiday for civil servants in the state of Kelantan there cannot be such a record breaking turnout of voters as half of the voters work out of the district of Manek Urai and most are out of the states of Kelantan and are not expected to return to vote as it is a working day as purposely pick by the election commission instead of making polling day on a weekend which is the more logical choice but for reason best known to them they pick an odd day right in the middle of the week.

No way is this small district of Manek Urai going to break all election records for voters turnout and especially in a by election on a working day, and to my surprise the reported voters turnout broke all election records as the highest numbers ever surpassing any constituency in a general election in the peninsula. It was earlier estimated that half of the 12,293 voters are young and working adults making about 6000 voters and it was expected that at most only half return to vote than the voters turnout are expected to be at the very most at 75%, but at 87.3% is way beyond any analyst's estimate and analysis and is quite unbeliveable.

Nevertheless, lets look at the events in this by election, right from the beginning when the EC (Election Commission) announced the election date on a working Tuesday, we were already complaining that this is unfair and unjust and that all elections should be made convenient to the voters and should always be on a weekend or on a public holiday. And than one of the umno division heads in Kelantan came out with a statement that says that their supporters (umno supportrers) in Manek Urai are mostly young adults and are working out of the state and polling date being fixed on a working day will reduce the voters turnout of their supporters. And we felt that what is this guy talking about as most of the PAS and Pakatan supporters or the new voters are younger working adults and not the reverse as stated by this umno dividion head. Umno supporters are mostly the older and mostly traditional voters of old and that the younger new voters are in fact influencing the older generations to change their votes to Pakatan.

And during the by- election of today there were numerous reports of fake EC officials in the various polling centers and even some were caught and reported to the police but no further information was available as whether they were detained or investigated by the police. And there were also reports of fake Ec officers caught by the PAS people and that they were carrying bags of ballot papers after polling hours and during vote counting. As at now no further information was available and could not be verified, however they were reported by various sources.

There were also various report of monies being paid out to voters. (Read HERE).

However and whatsoever the results shows that Pakatan must be ever more alert and not be complacent and need to regroup and be more tactical and strategic in their overall approach, but before they can be strategic they must first get organized as they have shown lately that they are not so or maybe it could all be a show of weakness to lure the opponent to come out in to the open. Whatever it can be, it does not seem convincing from a strategic viewpoint and need further thoughts and details to the many opportunities that will soon be presented.

PAS could take a post mortem and cleanse out the party of turncoats and flush out all the umno infiltration and spies. PKR could take this opportunity to do an analytical examination of themselves.

This by election looks like the damn HAZE in Kuala Lumpur. *cough *cough

Jul 14, 2009

Too Close to Call - Manek Urai (Updated)

Conflicting reports are coming in. Some say PAS won by 70 votes and some say 200 votes. Amd there are some who is saying BN won by 36 votes.

There is confusion in the counting and unofficial results. Hold your horses, don't jump to conclusion wait for the official results.

Rumours are flying around.


8pm Unofficial results PAS won by 65 votes and recount expected (from Mkini)

8.30 pm Unofficial - PAS 5347 votes UMNO 5283 votes PAS majority of 64 votes

Final Official Results UMNO 5283 PAS 5348 wins by majority of 65 votes

Higher Voter Turnout - Manek Urai

This is beyond expectation for a working Tuesday. Unbelievable!

There is a higher than expected voter turnout reported to be at 84% as at 3 pm. and estimated to be about 10,325 voters that already casted their sacred vote.

The total voters for the March 2008 election in Manek Urai was at 82.5% with 10140 votes casted.

Total registered voters are 12293 which is the same electoral roll for the 2008 general election.

The turnout should be well over 85% come 5pm.
The Election Commission announced that as at 4pm 86.5% or 10,626 have voted.
Polling closes at 5pm with a record voters turnout. (awaiting final numbers from EC)
PAS claims victory of more than 2000 majority votes based on exit polls.

Final voters count is a record of 87.3% or 10,736 at end of polling for Manek Urai.
In 2008 voters was at 82.5% and in 2004 about 82% of voters turnout. Will be interesting to see how the votes are being translated.

For LIVE update go HERE

Jul 13, 2009

It Sure Took A Long Long Time

It sure took a long time to come to this, it has taken 100 days to find out that we need crime prevention and that we need to fight corruption and etc with no details or plans on how to achieve this and as though like it is a new discovery.

But first, change the language and back to bahasa for maths and science (after spending years and millions of ringgit) at least until the next PM comes along and maybe we should have new language or elective language. Is BN all about the PMs, out goes the all talk only sleepy head and in come another all talk and more talk new Prime Minister and his talk are decorated with celebrations and event launches like some kind of new anti dandruff shampoo.

100 days goodies? The poor and lower income people don’t use Smart Tag or Touch and Go and to use it for 80 times so that they will qualify for a 20% discount? You guys are expert in making things complex don’t you? Who are your advisers? Mr. PM, you better sack them all and get new ones.
Sale of low cost houses a big deal, and through all these years we are still struggling with this topic of low cost housing? Just give them the houses in lieu of rental lah and stop making all this fuss as you don’t have enough low cost houses to go around for all the low income people.
Taxi permits? You mean from the time of the sleepy head until now you guys are still trying to give out these permits, go talk to the taxi drivers yourself and hear what they have to say about getting your permits, those that I have spoken to condemns it and says that there are too many conditions that they can’t meet and some says that they need political recommendations from BN.
Reducing cost to obtain motorcycle license to RM 211? Come on… just give it to the poor for free or at a token fee, RM211 is a lot of money to the poor and lower income earner.
Most of these goodies so announced are things to be done in the norm, like birth registration and citizenship applications, are all these things something new or what? Fighting crime and corruption and alleviating the hardship of the people are one of the priorities of the government and up till today we still don’t have any detail action plan other than just making an announcement on the subject. To be truthful in fighting corruption the Malaysia Anti Corruption Commission (MACC) must be made fully independent and seen to be independent and sad to say at this point in time this does not seem to be the case. And yes it was a good timing to announce the fight on corruption at the same time a former state Mentri Besar blatantly flaunt his wealth to the Malaysian public by building a purportedly 20 or 30 million ringgit palace for himself and yet the authorities pretends not to know of this and are turning their head the other way.

Good Work Khir! When is the open house?

The 1Malaysia comes with a slogan that reads “Justice for All” and after reading all the multiple pages of hype by all the government controlled media it still does not say much and you can’t help but think that there were 2 or 3 or more different type of Malaysia in the past?

The people never had any problem on unity, we, the people gets along well and fine and recognizes that there is only one universal race on this planet and that is the Human Race (says Michael Jackson) and it is the politicians who is trying to create all the mistrust and are propagating disunity and thinks that they can control the people and hold on to power through the old political adage of “divide and rule” (also said by Michael Jackson).

If the slogan “Justice for All” is true and sincere than give the country and the people real justice and democracy by clear separation of powers of the judiciary and that judges are independently appointed and not put in place by the PM and politicians, and all top post like the IGP (Inspector General of Police), as it is today BN has shown to have already seizes power and controls all the functions of democracy and has turned this nation into an Authoritarian state.

The people are not fools and stupid and could easily see through all the smart talks and insincerity, even the people of Manek Urai a sleepy hollow, can tell us this when we were there and don’t think that fishmongers and rubber tappers don’t care or are ignorant and are oblivious to all your doings and be fooled by your empty promises, you should really hear them out and not for them to hear you talk, talk, talk and talk.

To Muhyiddin, the people of Manek Urai says thank you and you can keep your bridge, who do you think we are? Donkeys? (This is a form of bribery)

Come this Tuesday, the people of Manek Urai will speak for the nation and tell you what they think of your dirty and manipulative politics.

Jul 11, 2009

The Preservation of Democracy and the Rule of Law

Datuk Zaid Ibrahim was invited to speak by the Oxford Society of Malaysia and he delivered an interesting view of the state of democracy in this nation. Read on below;

This country was established as a secular multicultural and multi-religious democracy ala the Westminster model. The Constitution however provides for a special position for the Malays and natives of Sabah and Sarawak. They unfortunately omitted to include the Orang Asli in this special category, although they were naturally the first original inhabitants of this country. All they got was a Jabatan Orang Asli. The special provisions for Bumiputras under Article 153 do not make them more special than other citizens, for the fighters of independence did not envisage an Orwellian society where some are more equal than others. The acceptance of equality of rights as citizens is central to the success of our Malaysian journey.

Polling Date of July14th is Bias - Manek Urai

The polling date for Manek Urai fixed on July 14th which falls on a Tuesday, a working day for the people is unfair and unjust and a reflection that the Election Commission is controlled by UMNO.

Why is the polling date fixed on a working day and not on a weekend and it is obvious that most of the young voters in Manek Urai are working out of the district and will be greatly inconvenient and most who works further away like in Selangor or Johor will not be able to make all the travel home to cast their vote. If one is working from KL and need to return to Manek Urai to vote, the person will need to at least apply for a minimum of three days leave from work.
Is this the tactics applied to inconvenient the voters so that they can't make it back to vote? This seems to be the pattern with the election commission on choosing a polling date as is the same for the past few by elections. This is a blatant disregard and concern for the voters of this nation.

The commission must be independent and seen to be independent and not take to any hint or instructions from umno, and this is also the case with most or all of the institution of this country acting as an extension of umno effectively degrading and eroding the foundation and structures of our democracies.

It is estimated that about 45% of the voters here are young people who works out of the district and are well spread into the more industrialised state of Penang, Selangor and Johor and are mostly sympathetic with the Pakatan Rakyat alliance and most will not be able to make the trip back to cast their vote. This election shall reveal whether Pakatan has managed to win over and convert the traditional voters of umno and can the children of these older voters successfully influence the choice of their parents as they could not take too many days off in these times of economic recession.

The Manek Urai by election on this coming tuesday, 14th July 2009 shall reveal whether Pakatan Rakyat has managed to win over the support of the old voters traditionally more inclined towards umno.

Zaid Ibrahim First Campaign Speech For Pakatan Rakyat

Zaid Ibrahim hits the campaign trial in Manek Urai for Pakatan Rakyat and expounded on the many wrong doings of UMNO as having a monopoly control of all the media like TV broadcast, newsprint media and radio, the use of the Official Secret Acts (OSA) to protect the corrupt. Control of the judiciary and allowing corrupt pratices at high levels in the police.

He further stressed on the oil royalty that is owing to the people of Kelantan in excess of billions of ringgit and umno's silence on this royalty payment.

Must see the video below;

Jul 8, 2009

Snapshots from the Manek Urai Election

An award winning Roti Canai shop which is located in the main town of Kuala Krai and is about 10km away to the Manek Urai district and a must stop location when making your way there.

These helicopters which ferried in the umno bigshots and one was carrying Muhyiddin the Deputy Prime Minister to the nomination center in Kuala Krai while the people and opposition are caught in traffic jams and have to walk quite a distance on nomination day.

The grandiose Barisan National operation center in Manek Urai with tents and buildings that are fully air conditioned and equip with the latest and best of equipment and furniture for the comfort of umno members, umno is all about luxury and comfort and must have cost millions to set up and take note of the fully pack car parks which looks like a posh car showroom that comes with tents to protect their luxury cars from the sun. What a distinct difference from the PAS operation center at the old shophouse with just basic furniture and a couple of old stand fans, and in there you can see supporters sleeping or resting on mats placed on the bare cement floors.

The whisperer is curious of this container in the compound of the operation center that has labels that says 1Malaysia and he insist on stopping the car for this photo, hmm wonder whats inside... maybe there is 1 Malaysian in there.

This is not your everyday police pondok, we were not allowed in to the compound so the shots you see are all taken from outside the perimeter of this huge area with tents and huge factory like buildings and we saw four big factory buildings and some are of double volumes and one look like up to 3 storey high. You can never be able to comprehend all this trouble and expense of millions of ringgits just for a small state by election with 12,293 voters.

All the buildings and tents are fully covered and are big enough to house jets and nuclear missiles, this compound looks intimidating and are fully guarded with armed police and guards. My estimate of the size of this area is easily over 30 acres of land.Some of the locals say that Manek Urai has some 5000 fully armed personnel and even at 2100 uniformed personnel as reported by the press it is still a big number for this sparsely populated district consisting of planters and farmers with numerous kampongs deep into the woods but why all this buildings and there is already quite a big police station in the district.

Can never really understand all this huge temporary facility just for eight days from nomination to election and must have cost the government millions of ringgit. This is mind boggling!