Feb 19, 2010

Anwar Ibrahim to Ride the White Tiger of 2010?

Gong Xi Gong Xi! Wishing all a Happy Chinese New Year!

In view of the Lunar New Year we will explore and take a peep at what's up ahead in the year of the White Tiger, based on cycle analysis of Chinese astrology, the year of the Metal Tiger, popularly called the Golden Tiger and here we will refer to it as the White Tiger because the color white in Chinese elemental cycles of the five elements white is the colour of the metal element.

Students of the ancient sciences in the study of the Taoist “Celestial Forces” will relate the year of the White Tiger as a mirror or reflection of the heavens when a channel is open from the heavens and that happens in certain time vortex and one of the possible openings is the year of 2010, and that this time vortex brings high impact changes on earth and that such changes are a result of the constant interaction of the cosmic energy. There is only four possible time opening opportunity in one full cycle of 60 years and one such opportunity is now.

From a theological viewpoint it is believed that they are a result of the constant battles between good and evil as the White Tiger is one of the spiritual guardians of the four heavenly cardinals and here it refers to the four cardinal points of the heavens or the universe synonymous to the biblical four “Cardinal Angels” that rules over North, South, East and West of the celestial heavens.

In the ancient Taoist studies, the four heavenly cardinals are the most powerful cycle of great significance and have a direct interaction to the five elements of Metal, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth and in combination with the binary sequences results in the approach to the study of the Celestial Forces.

The four cardinal forces are the Force of the South, the Red Phoenix, the Green Dragon of the East, the Black Serpent of the North and the White Tiger of the West. These are the four cardinal points of the heavens and not to be confused with the earthly polarity and directions.

We can draw similarity in relation to the Biblical Four Cardinal Angels of “Lucifer” as in the Black Serpent ruling over the North, “Michael” as in the White Tiger ruling over the West, “Gabriel” as in the Red Phoenix ruling over the South and “Raphael” as in the Green Dragon ruling over the East.

In the Biblical “Book of Revelation”, Lucifer was thrown down to Earth together with the Serpents and his army of fallen angels in the War in Heaven. And thus the battle between good and evil goes on here on Earth.

The four cardinals are not unique to the ancient Taoist of China but are universal in many ancient cultures and religion. I have used the term “Force” but it can be translated accordingly to Spirits, Guardians, Angels and Archangels, Cherubim and even Gods, as your preference depending which viewpoint you take.

There is a common age old phrase used even today by the Chinese and you would have heard it sometimes and they are that “On the Left there is the Green Dragon and on the Right there is the White Tiger” (Chor Cheng Lung Yau Pak Fu) which is in reference to having the blessings of highly capable assistants.

The Taoist cardinal points are of the celestial points and starts at the South and to get a better picture just bring the South to be on top instead of North and you will have the Green Dragon which rules the East on the Left and the White Tiger which rules the West on your Right (That’s the celestial East on Left and West on the Right). The Taoist celestial cardinal points are a mirror image of the heavens from earth.

The year of the White Tiger which is a time period on Earth also called the Earthly branches and its prevailing influence is not fixed and spreads or simulated into one year before and one year after as it is believe that this time gap openings opportunity can be found in within. This is an opening that’s connects the different dimension. Read on and I will elaborate further as we flow along.

Against this backdrop, let us begin by looking at some key points like the astrological symbol for the country of Malaysia which gained its independence on the 31st August of 1957 which is the year of the Fire Rooster. Let’s see what happens in a Rooster cycle as follows:

CYCLE ANALYSIS ~ Chinese Astrology

1957 - The year of the Fire Rooster where Malaysia obtained its independence (Merdeka) from the United Kingdom and Tunku Abdul Rahman (8 Feb 1903 (Water Rabbit) – 6 Dec 1990) was appointed the first Prime Minister.

1969 - the year of the Earth Rooster is an election year that resulted in the Racial Riot of May 13 that led to the resignation of Tunku and the appointment of Abdul Razak (11 Mar 1922 – 14 Jan 1976 (Wood Rabbit) as the 2nd Prime Minister in 22nd September of 1970.

- 1969 on the 12 July Mahathir Mohamad was sack from UMNO.

1981 - The year of the Metal Rooster saw the appointment of Mahathir Mohamad (born July 10, 1925 – Wood Ox) as the 4th Prime Minister of Malaysia.

1993 - The year of the Water Rooster is when Anwar Ibrahim (born 10 Aug 1947 of the Fire Boar) took office as the Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia.

2005 - The year of the Wood Rooster witnessed the demise of the Endon Mahmood Ambak the wife of the Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.(born 26 Nov 1939 – Earth Rabbit).

2017 – The year of the Fire Rooster what will Malaysia be than? Another Merdeka?

The Rooster Cycle
The major events and the personality featured in this cycle of the Rooster had a significant impact on the nation including the demise of the most likeable Endon, wife of Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, where his inner circle of friends had state that with Endon’s passing he lost her guidance and lost his focus and direction resulting in the election fallout of 2008.

You will find a lot of Rabbit’s influence in the cycle of the Rooster and which is a natural occurrence in the Taoist’s astrological sciences as the Rabbit is in opposition to the Rooster and what is commonly called a direct clash. This will be presented as we go.

We see Mahathir in the Rooster cycle and he is in tune with the elements here from 1981 onwards in the Rooster as Mahathir is born in the year of the Wood Ox which is in affinity with the Rooster both in terms of astrology and the elements except for the Water element of 1969 which is in opposition to his elements and that was the year he was sack from UMNO. He is the most powerful Prime Minister the country ever saw however there is an element of destruction in relation to the country as he draws his power from the elements the country’s energy will be depleted. In short he used all the cosmic energy drawn from the country towards his own gain and which is an occurrence caused by the greed for power but luckily he resign. By the way the Wood Ox is the most stubborn of all the signs and as I remember he was aptly called a “recalcitrant”. We shall see how he ends up as I believe he is kept alive for a reason.

Anwar Ibrahim is also prominently featured in the cycle of the nation here, Anwar is born in the year of the Fire Pig and his controlling element is of Yin Metal and there is a balance of the elements in this year of the Water Rooster. We shall cover more of Anwar in the Tiger cycle and don’t you miss this analysis here written.

The Tiger Cycle
This an exciting cycle and especially and prominently featured in this cycle is Anwar Ibrahim who is born the Fire Boar and in this year of the Metal Tiger which is in complete affinity with Anwar Ibrahim as the Tiger’s best friend is the Boar and the elements are also in his favor but there is still yet a hint of conflict as to his controlling element of the yin Metal against the yang Metal of the Tiger and Anwar being a Yin Metal polarity is where the masses can rise to meet him as Metal produces Water in the production cycle and Water here can represents the masses.

This is also a time of life changing impact for Anwar as he will undergo changes for the better and a time of realization in accordance with the layout of the elements and hopefully the wiser as one of the weaknesses of the yin metal is indecision and of confusion but the yin metal is a natural with the masses and the spotlight will always be on him but he has to keep it in check as there are times when the spotlight must be transferred to those that share his aspiration and talent.

Anwar uniquely hog the Western astrological sector of the Chinese astrological chart and this is the year where he can draw upon the cosmic forces or energy to his advantage as remember this is the year of the White Tiger who rules the celestial West and the sector of the Archangel Michael who put down Lucifer  (Satan). And the time vortex opening may work towards his advantage if he is of pure faith of Truth he might gain the assistance of Michael the White Tiger (This also reflected in the old Quran text of the named archangel and an interesting read will be the “Surah al-Sajdah 32:11” and in old Buddhist text of the four heavenly Kings and the four Vedas of Hinduism and an interesting read as recommended by B.Ben (B stands for Bachelor) of the Wharf will be of the Hindu Navaratri where good triumph over evil).

Let’s now look at the Tiger cycle and we will begin with the years after Independence of 1957 are as follows:

1962 of the Water Tiger – Anwar Ibrahim was only 15 years old and became a Tai Koh in the Cherok Tok Kun village of Penang protecting the village boys against being bullied in school (Heh, heh this was told to me by someone and I did not verify the story).

1962 - Indonesia announced its policy of Confrontation against the Federation of Malaysia.

1974 of the Wood Tiger – Petronas was first given exclusive rights to the nation’s hydrocarbon reserve and before this all the oil was pump by foreign companies.

1974 – Saw the first election under the Barisan National umbrella after the May 13 of 1969.

1974Anwar Ibrahim was first arrested and detained for 22 months under the Internal Security Act for leading a student protest.

1986 of the Fire Tiger bodes well for the progress of Anwar where he was appointed Minister of Education and talk was rife than that he is destined to be the next Prime Minister as than all previous Prime Minister held this prestigious port-folio of the Education Ministry.

1998 of the Earth Tiger – was a year of extremes for Anwar Ibrahim, he was named Asian Man of the Year by Newsweek magazine.

1998 – Than the Asian Financial Crisis hit Malaysia and Anwar was in opposition to Mahathir against Capital control however Mahathir nevertheless imposed capital control and start bailing out all his cronies and of course his children’s empire using much of PETRONAS money.

1998 – Mahathir than sack his deputy on 2 Sept and Anwar was detained and charge for eating Soto Mee and Corruption.

1998 – This year also saw the completion of the multi billion PETRONAS Twin Tower but this was overshadowed by the financial crisis and the charges against Anwar Ibrahim.

2010 the year of the Metal Tiger and what now for Anwar Ibrahim in this year of his elements with the year of the Fire Boar at his side, all indicate in tandem with the cosmic. The elements indicates and if past experiences are used as measurement when he was first detained in 1998, tens of thousands took to the street and if this time the pattern continues, you could multiply by at least a factor of 10 for those who will rise up for him this time around in accordance to the elements in place this year.

So Anwar, behold, stand forth and accept thy destiny, go forward only if your heart is of true faith (and it is not only about religious faith here) and receive the assistance of the archangel Michael but remember your faith could yet again be tested and perseverance of belief would be prerequisite from you. If your faith is true and pure than your efforts, endeavors and sacrifices will not be in vain and the country will gain a saint. Oops! Think I miss out that this also the year of purity and courage where you could easily flush out the evils and the unfaithful (faith here is not restricted to religion alone) from amongst your ranks, so take courage, be bold and go forth as there will be no blame. Those that wavered will in time return to the true cause and you are to accept all that is to come and this is in the written message.


Unknown said...

Dear Mr Hawkeye

Gong Xi Fa Cai to you, Sir.

I received this interesting CNY wishes from my Chinese client and I wish the same to you too, Sir:

May the New Year ahead
All blessings will be yours
May all deities protect you
May you have well-beings always
May you be free from all illness
Give up all anguish
Overcome all enmity
And all passions extinguished

This is such an elightening analysis Sir and as a muslim, Surah As-Sajdah (The Prostration) is a choice recital on friday morning's prayer and amongst the favourites of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), seeking Allah's guidance to ward us from illness - physical, mental and spiritual.

Thank you for sharing Sir.

Anonymous said...

the boar is the tiger's best friend?
i thought tigers eat boars for dinner?
so anwar is going to be eaten/destroyed or die in prison

Anonymous said...

Read one FengShui Master saying 2010 Year of Tiger will see some Big Shot die of Heart Attack.... well if that Big Shot really HUGE Shot like Tiger Wood, then the Big Fat Ugly Fella in PutraJaya is the Chosen-One.

If that FengShui Master saying is true, then 28Million Malaysians will cheering CNY GONG HEE HUAT CAI throughout 2010.

Economy will booming again like Singapore!

Anything is possible nowadays lor.

Anonymous said...

Gong Xi. Gong Xi,

Tiger’s best friend is the Boar, the boar eats the tiger and also the... snake

casper c said...

Well done Hawkeye, mighty fine effort and as for anon 11.14 am, goggle "Chinese Almanac" and proceed from there.

Note that there is no religious connotation for the use and application of what the oracles may say or prescribe - all down to 3000 years of observation - the forces of nature at work, albeit from Chinese lenses.

Anonymous said...

Anwar will be Roast Babi for the Tiger! Go Tiger eat your roast Babi dinner!

Unknown said...

Hi Fisha and thank you for your comments and i truly appreciate your thoughts. Gong Xi!

Anon 11.14 AM,
The Tiger and Boar signs are a compatible partners and will see high activity when they are in their compatible year as seen in the Tiger cycle for Anwar and is prominently featured in every Tiger year.

Anon 12.27 PM,
Ha ha yes there is a saying that goes the Pig can overcome the Tiger as in "Pun Chee Sek Lo Fu" and a direct translation means Pretend to be a Pig to eat the Tiger.

Hi casper c,
Thanks and yes it is not of any single religion and it is in fact universal and similar philosophy and stories can be found in the different religious text.

Anon 2.08 PM,
Anwar is of the Fire Boar and he will be the one doing the roasting. Anyway they are friends the Tiger and Boar and will somehow eventually work together towards positive ends.

siaolang said...

This is an amazing insight Hawkeye.

From your analysis we can see that something is sure to happen this White Tiger year and a battle may be coming but sure something will happen to Anwar.

Lets pray and hope for divine help to fight this evil bastards!

Anonymous said...

As far as I know, we will just round up more tigers and the boars to be released on the street!!!!!!!!

Rabbit said...

How will Najib be? and he is the snake sign. If Najib fall than Anwar be good.

Anonymous said...

hope we're not going to see tiger head thrown into holy places..

Starmandala said...

Very interesting analysis, Hawkeye, thank you.

sinnersaint:saintsinner said...

Great work. here's a thought, check how the Tiger fares in August in relation to Anwar, that will give you closure on the prediction.... I hope The White Tiger will help him, but the cosmos indicates otherwise, or that vat an astrologer shared.

Anonymous said...

We will march to Putrajaya with the Tigers and the Boars.

Anonymous said...

Anwar had 2 bad years in the cycle 1974 he was under ISA and again in 1998 detained and charged.
Only 1 good year in 1986 when he made Education Minister. So that is 2bad years to 1 good year.