Sep 7, 2008

I Ching on September 16

I Ching on September 16

Have been busy this past week but the lingering quest of September 16 is constantly in mind and even in slumber this seem to occupy the consciousness and the sub conscious of the eventuality of this coming to be and in this anxiousness the thought of consulting the “I Ching” for a more profound insight of this quest came to be.

The “I Ching” or “Book of Change” is acclaimed to be the oldest classics in the world and is older than the Bible and widely regarded as a storehouse of wisdom and philosophy and have acted as a guide for the ancient Kings, Leaders and Scholars. This ancient classic of more than 5000 years old covers all areas from science, mathematics, and psychology and is the earliest binary system that today forms the basis of computing.

It is not the subject topic of this posting and we will leave details of the essence of the I Ching for later however those interested in further details can send me an e-mail.

Now on consultation from the Classic of Change it generated the Hexagram no. 43 (The text of the I Ching is a set of predictions represented by a set of 64 abstract line arrangements called hexagrams).

The Question here is “Will Anwar Ibrahim lead Pakatan Rakyat to form the new government of Malaysia by 16th September?”

The I Ching generated Hexagram no.43 (Guai) (Resoluteness, Breakthrough, and/or The Decisive) The various names in English are only attempts to append a relative title to the hexagram in accordance to its ancient text. Please remember that this is a consultation on wisdom and insight to the classic and the question will also need to be understood from a standpoint of representation, haha ok lets try to make it simple is that the dateline September 16 has a sub conscious connotation and carries with it the question of whether there is oncoming change there or thereabout.

We will attempt to go straight to the classic and interpret it as follows censoring out most of the ‘technical formula”. And the judgments will be presented here accordingly.

First the hexagram is made up of two trigram, the bottom and the top, the bottom trigram represents the Heaven and Clouds, and the top trigram represents the Swamp and Water and sum up it is the waters surging upwards. Interpreted as through the ancients symbol is that of Water surging skywards. In observing the signs the superior man will share his riches with his people and refrain from claiming all the merits.

The judgment accordingly provides you with the present scenario; The ying line (broken line) at the top symbolize the small and evil man occupying the position of the high minister lending his power to maintain a corrupt government and/or it might be a waxen old dynasty ready to vanish away. And the five undivided lines the sage saw the symbol of good order or the new dynasty inevitably to supersede the old.

The subject of the hexagram here is how bad men corrupt and yet powerful are to be put out of the way.

The sages advises that he must openly denounce the criminal in the court, seek to awaken general sympathy, and at the same time goes about his enterprise, conscious of its difficulty and danger. And he who accomplishes the task must do so by the force of his character more than by the force of arms and by producing a general sympathy on his side.

There is also a caution accordingly and that is as follows; He will eventually win, only if he is not already destroyed in the first place by his failure to take into account his varying position at the ever changing time. In the event of misjudgement of Position and Time, the more the Decisive one is, the more disastrous his defeat will be.

The classics advises that you Do not show your Anger, Do not act alone Rally people of your kind around you. Once you have built up your influence and occupy the position of the sovereign, you will win.

“The Cleansing Rain Will Come In Torrents When Enough Clouds Have Accumulated”

There are other signs and the signs are that of the “Sovereign” the Agong and the classics shows that there is significant inclination to the change and that he will be a support in the most critical moment.

(Damn! I am damn excited about this new insight and need a few drinks to calm down…. To the wharf I shall be with the swashbuckler of a guru as he will be there all un-masked merry making with the fishermen…yo..ho..ho.. and a merrily we will be hahaha…)

Part II has just been updated HERE


Ben said...

Most profound, honourable Hawkeye. May the wise one heed theprohecy that is to be and lend a careful ear to advise spoken especially on his safety and aides.

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to know how do you work hexagam 43 for September.

Shanghai Fish said...

So this is what the masses are waiting for, right ? Change is good and the day is auspicious enough for change. but the best is yet to come......or will it be when hell freezes over ???

casper c said...

Bravo kasee.

It's been a while since I tinkered with the I-Ching. Didn't cross my mine to do what you did but the signs are positive and I'm certain you realised how uncanny the response to the question posed hits the nail right on the head.

With Permatang Pauh in the bag, the show of support will shore up the necessary buffer needed though a more definitive timeline is not certain(or did I miss something).

I'll have to revisit the hexagram for its interpretation.

Again, hats off and indeed a comforting forecast for the nation to rid ourselves of evil that has been rampant.

casper c said...

My apologies hawkeyejack for crediting kasee.

The prognosis got me shooting off in tangents for this promising piece of news.

Soon, we will have 'em sons and daughters of the devil facing the wrath of Makhal Sakti.

Anonymous said...


Good at the beginning but sour at the end.

Starmandala said...

Excellent post, Hawkeye, thanks. Hexagram 43 also signifies Revolution and Overthrow of Outmoded Forms. All in all, a very POSITIVE prognostication!


Donplaypuks® said...

In ancient times they used to throw straws and the position they fell in gave you the reference to the hexagram in the I-Ching. Nowadays wooden sticks or plastic ones may suffice.

My question?
If someone else tossed the sticks would they get the same hexagram as yours? How many times did you try?
refer my blog 'The Sept 16th Chronicles'

Anonymous said...

Bro, do you use the yarrow sticks or the coins?

Really...they should computerized the I-Ching and put it online :-)

Unknown said...

hi guys,
thank you for your comments and questions and i will answer in greater details in part II. Just could not control my excitement on the findings from the oracle.

anon said good at the beginning but sour at the end.... and as the oracle meant as per the hexagram 43 shows the broken line at the top which is the end as the lines starts from bottom to top. One has to weigh the strenght of the line in relation to the question and it is the 5 strong lines (completeness) that overcome the weak lines at the top and it shows eventuality which means that it is overpowering towards the changes to be. Also the inner trigams (bottom) overpowers the outer trigram (top) and change is positive.

hi dontplaypuks,
The earliest ancient uses the tortoise shell over heat and as the shell cracks the lines are interpreted and during later times of confucius the straws used are from the yarrow stalk which is a type of "lalang" or weed which grows an inch a year and is planted all around the grave of Confucius. The yarrow stalk method uses 55 stalks and from there on 6 stalks are separated leaving 49 stalks which is than divided into 2 bundles and thereon continous division towards the formation of the hexagram.
In later times of the dynasties the copper coins are used in random to form the hexagram.
Whichever method that is used is of no matter and the importance is in the purity (sincere) of the mind that composes the question and to be done in a state of abysmal ie the mind must be clear and pure during the moment of divination.

Unknown said...

oh dontplaypuks,

on your question on how many times i tried.. all divination if properly conducted is just one time. And if you have to do it another time than it have to be another day when the mind is pure or in abysmal.

Anonymous said...

wow hawkeye,
i have heard a lot about the i ching but this is the first time i have seen it in real action. and the interpretation raise goosebumps all over me.

shivering all over. my man.

Anonymous said...

1)用神是什么?? 變卦體式又是什么? 請問這個卦 是如何獲得的??
2) 依照易經 的 預測不是這么簡單吧!看來老兄的卦是自己掛上去的吧。

Anonymous said...

Hi Hawkeye,

Thanks for your insight.

However, noted that your question to the I Ching has generated a result of ☱ (top 3) and ☰ (bottom 3) forming upper/outer trigram of ☰ and lower/inner trigram of ☱ which according to the Hexagram Lookup Table, yields a result of 44. The results in your blog was 43 which is the result if the upper/bottom trigrams are reversed.

44 - Coupling (姤 gòu) Coming to Meet
43 - Parting (夬 guài) Breakthrough

Was there an oversight ? Your article is interesting as it is already :) Hope I'm wrong.

Anonymous said...

Talk about prediction , i got one...

Fellow Texan George Ure's buddy Cliff whom heads up the Web Bot Project was on the Jeff Rense Radio Show on September 2. Here are a few important topics Cliff spoke about that the Web Bots have uncovered:

The Web Bots see September 22-27, 2008 as precursor dates to the main turning point date of October 7, 2008. Closely watch events during September 22-27, 2008 for hints as to what to expect on October 7, 2008.

Cliff said whenever "it" happens, and whatever "it" turns out to be, "it" will be a date in history you remember like 9/11, we will remember 10/7.

The Web Bots foresee that October 7, 2008 to February 19, 2008 will be filled with emotional intensity, and the length of the release period will be extraordinary. The Web Bots have never picked up any event lasting this long. In comparison, 9/11 length lasted about 10 days. This event will be four months of high emotion.

The Web Bots foresee consumer society collapsing by mid November 2008.

The Web Bots foresee a West Coast/Vancouver area large scale earthquake around December 12, 2008.

The Web Bots foresee that the Winter in the Northeast will be very cold this Winter, causing some schools to close, and then later to reopen as shelters for people who can't heat their homes. Language suggests that the shortage will either be caused by supply, cost of fuel, or both.

More "signs" coming....

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous,

Gua 43 is not 水火既濟 but 澤天夬。本卦兑泽在上,乾天於下。夬含决心,决口,冲溃之意。



Unknown said...

hi anon, the hexagram is no. 43 (Guai) a picture of the hexagram is on top right of the post.

Cruzeiro said...

I donno Hawkeye ....
Sounds so "profound & deep" like all the "spin doctors" who work for yoy know who - they talk a lot and actually say very little - yet you can find "reason" to rejoice over it, to lift your spirits.

It all sounds like a whole load of BS gibberish to me.

Whatever said, it's good stuff to chat over a couple o' pegs to lift the spirits, huh ....

Anonymous said...

Yes! i like this prediction and it looks real good.

Gerasi Papa said...

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I don't see Ahmad or his fellows on the list. He should try working harder instead of just hollering and inciting hate. It's not patriotic, you know. Plus, he's got the head start with the NEP, right?

zorro said...

Hawk, I am vindicated. I knew you had that extra to contribute to Blogosphere. People I did not twist Hawkeye's arms....just gave him dirty looks after 2:00am, with able assistance from Gus and Haris.

Let's have Part II.

Unknown said...

hahaha, yes zorro the guru!

Part II is in progress and will be publish soon.

hi gerasi,
forget about this ahmad the bigot.. they are desperate...this types just self destruct very soon.

Unknown said...

hi guys,
been kind of bz of late and did not answer some of your queries in time.

casper c,
Yup right on it was uncanny, incredible to hit the gua that just naturally depicts the whole scenario.

hi cruzeiro,
this is not spin doctoring and haha defintely not gibberish. This is science and as the physicist who wrote a book titled "The Tao of Physics" by Fitrof Capra that analyse the i-ching from a physics viewpoint said that there are no inventions in this world and all are a discovery of what has already been there.

Will be expanding on the i-ching here as Part II soon that will explains further the science behind this classic.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

It is useful to try everything in practise anyway and I like that here it's always possible to find something new. :)