Sep 7, 2008

I Ching on September 16

I Ching on September 16

Have been busy this past week but the lingering quest of September 16 is constantly in mind and even in slumber this seem to occupy the consciousness and the sub conscious of the eventuality of this coming to be and in this anxiousness the thought of consulting the “I Ching” for a more profound insight of this quest came to be.

The “I Ching” or “Book of Change” is acclaimed to be the oldest classics in the world and is older than the Bible and widely regarded as a storehouse of wisdom and philosophy and have acted as a guide for the ancient Kings, Leaders and Scholars. This ancient classic of more than 5000 years old covers all areas from science, mathematics, and psychology and is the earliest binary system that today forms the basis of computing.

It is not the subject topic of this posting and we will leave details of the essence of the I Ching for later however those interested in further details can send me an e-mail.

Now on consultation from the Classic of Change it generated the Hexagram no. 43 (The text of the I Ching is a set of predictions represented by a set of 64 abstract line arrangements called hexagrams).

The Question here is “Will Anwar Ibrahim lead Pakatan Rakyat to form the new government of Malaysia by 16th September?”

The I Ching generated Hexagram no.43 (Guai) (Resoluteness, Breakthrough, and/or The Decisive) The various names in English are only attempts to append a relative title to the hexagram in accordance to its ancient text. Please remember that this is a consultation on wisdom and insight to the classic and the question will also need to be understood from a standpoint of representation, haha ok lets try to make it simple is that the dateline September 16 has a sub conscious connotation and carries with it the question of whether there is oncoming change there or thereabout.

We will attempt to go straight to the classic and interpret it as follows censoring out most of the ‘technical formula”. And the judgments will be presented here accordingly.

First the hexagram is made up of two trigram, the bottom and the top, the bottom trigram represents the Heaven and Clouds, and the top trigram represents the Swamp and Water and sum up it is the waters surging upwards. Interpreted as through the ancients symbol is that of Water surging skywards. In observing the signs the superior man will share his riches with his people and refrain from claiming all the merits.

The judgment accordingly provides you with the present scenario; The ying line (broken line) at the top symbolize the small and evil man occupying the position of the high minister lending his power to maintain a corrupt government and/or it might be a waxen old dynasty ready to vanish away. And the five undivided lines the sage saw the symbol of good order or the new dynasty inevitably to supersede the old.

The subject of the hexagram here is how bad men corrupt and yet powerful are to be put out of the way.

The sages advises that he must openly denounce the criminal in the court, seek to awaken general sympathy, and at the same time goes about his enterprise, conscious of its difficulty and danger. And he who accomplishes the task must do so by the force of his character more than by the force of arms and by producing a general sympathy on his side.

There is also a caution accordingly and that is as follows; He will eventually win, only if he is not already destroyed in the first place by his failure to take into account his varying position at the ever changing time. In the event of misjudgement of Position and Time, the more the Decisive one is, the more disastrous his defeat will be.

The classics advises that you Do not show your Anger, Do not act alone Rally people of your kind around you. Once you have built up your influence and occupy the position of the sovereign, you will win.

“The Cleansing Rain Will Come In Torrents When Enough Clouds Have Accumulated”

There are other signs and the signs are that of the “Sovereign” the Agong and the classics shows that there is significant inclination to the change and that he will be a support in the most critical moment.

(Damn! I am damn excited about this new insight and need a few drinks to calm down…. To the wharf I shall be with the swashbuckler of a guru as he will be there all un-masked merry making with the fishermen…yo..ho..ho.. and a merrily we will be hahaha…)

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