Mar 23, 2009

Can Malaysia Learn from Indonesia

Bravo to Indonesia! Way to Go Indonesia!

After decades of Tyranny Rule, Indonesia has emerge from the last Asian Financial Crisis which saw the collapse of the Suharto Regime with rampant corruption at all levels across all strata of government have today through radical reform to its laws and constitution is now voted as the most Democratic Country in South East Asia.

Indonesia is today the 20th biggest economy in the world whereas Malaysia is the 40th and retrograding to more and more of a draconian rule without regards to basic human rights with growing corruptions and oppressions that is eroding the morals and its wealth and propagating racialism through its racial based politics that can only see destruction and chaos as a final result and there again to be reborn hopefully with the least sufferings to the people that is already happening and visually visible.

People in Jarkata are estactic with the new found democracy and with the enactmaent of the Freedom of Expression Act and the Freedom of Information Act giving positive confidence and with the establishment of a fully independent Anti Corruption Agency that will see corruption being fought with gusto. And to take things further the Anti Corruption Agency are now instituted into the education system that is being brought into schools, educating them at a young age the evils that corruption can bring to the nation.
Indonesia has undertaken major reforms and have revamped the executive, judicial and legislative branches, in 2004 indonesia has the first Presidential election where its people directly elected its President which is allowed to serve a maximum of a 2 five year term. (Malaysia's Prime Minister is nominated by its predecessor and at most endorsed by a single political party of about 2000 only so called delegates from umno which controls the coalition of Barisan National)
Indonesia ia all set to see progress with the political infrastructure in place, it will become the preferred destination for investors or foreign investment to soon be a flowing. Here is why the newly appointed USA secretary of state Hilary Clinton second visit after Japan is Indonesia. With all the necessary incredients for an economic culinary experience, its will emerge as a leader in the region with all the support and encouragement from the world and or the developed nations. Good Work Indonesia! (our neighbour)

Corruptions erode the morals and wealth of the nations and even cuts off the GDP eroding the wealth that should otherwise enrich the masses as expressed by the late Syed Hussein Alatas in his book of the mid 90s titled "Corruption and the Destiny of Asia". I would like to forward a quote from his book herein:

To Abu Dzar al- Ghifari (d. AD 653) who valiantly fought against corruption and died lonely in exile in the desert of Rabadha. The fountain of his spirit continues to gush forth the call for justice, waiting for it to become a powerful river in a world scorched by injustice and oppression. Those who die for a cause awaken to life the dead among the living.

The people of Malaysia should now reunite as one people in one nation to stand up against this tyranny of oppression and corruption that is dragging down this beautiful nation into the gutter. There is now gross disregard for the basic rights of expressions which in simple words means that if you even as much as utter a word against the power you might be brought down with their armoury of unjust laws that is being dug up out of their dusty dungeon of outdated laws which have not been bothered to be reviewed in accordance to common sense like in so many incident of late like sedition, sodomy and etc that is being used against common people and dissidents and critics. And to make matters worst there are signs of manupulations of all the powers there is and unethical scheming and entrapments leading to further immoral corruption of the spirits and souls.

Another quote from the book of Syed Hussein Alatas:

Man is freer than he is commonly thought to be. He is greatly dependent upon his environment, but not to the degree of being subjugated to it. The greater part of our destiny lies in our own hands - provided we understand this and do not let it go. Comprehending this, people however permit the environment to coerce and drag them on against their will. They renounce their self sufficiency and, never relying themselves, but on the environment alone, strengthen the ties linking them with it more and more. They expect that all good and the evil of life will come from it, and depend least of all upon themselves. With such childish obedience, the fateful power of the external becomes irrestible. To engage in struggle with it seems insanity.

-Professor Syed Hussein Alatas -

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