Mar 9, 2011

Malaysia Gambling with Toxic Industry!

Cheah Kok Leong was born with severe mental disabilities that is believed
to be due to the radioactive exposure from Asian Rare Earth of  Bukit Merah

Under Construction in the industrial port of Kuantan is going to be the World's Biggest Toxic Rare Earth Refinery!

An unwanted industry by the developed world of which the Malaysian government has invited  this toxic refinery to be built, exposing the environment and the people's health to the danger of radioactive contamination.

The problem of the previous rare earth refinery at Bukit Merah, by Asian Rare Earth, a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Chemical was ask to stop and closed it's operation in 1992 after years of sometimes violent protest by local community and is now one of Asia’s largest radioactive waste cleanup sites that is still in progress after almost 20 years.

In the previous Bukit Merah case, the residents blamed the refinery for birth defects and leukemia  had sued the refinery and had reached an out of court settlement.

This new world's biggest rare earth refinery is rushing to complete the plant by late this year despite an unresolved problem as to the long term storage of the refinery's highly hazardious radioactive thorium waste.

The Best Part here is that the Malaysian  government was so desperate for this Toxic Investment that they even offered the operators Lynas, an Austral;ian mining company an incentive by extending a 12 years tax free benefit!

Report by New York Times "Malaysia Makes a Big Bet on Crucial Metals" HERE
Bukit Merah - Largest Radiation Cleanup. "A Quiet US100 Million Cleanup" HERE


Anonymous said...

This is a bleak view. Looks like we are in grave danger of going down the toilet bowl.

Anonymous said...

Why not build the refinery plant in Putrajaya next to sri perdana.

Anonymous said...

The country is run by under coconut tree dreamers.

Country like Papua New Guinea had the brain to reject lucrative contract for toxic dump.

It is not surprise that these deadly toxic materials find their way to the piggery land.

The decision makers just do not have the brain to detect the danger.

Starmandala said...

That's why it's called Barisan Najis....