Aug 27, 2012

We Need You on 308

My Fellow Malaysians, the journey towards regaining our rights, our freedom and our nation has been a long road of struggle but we are almost there, this is the time when we need to be united and to stay close together as we push on further.

We must once again, get together to show our might as one force, as an Anak Bangsa Malaysia leading to the final shove when the wall will crumble and fall, over the other side is a new beginning where hopes are renewed, where our dreams of a nation of brothers and sisters are realised and where opportunities are in abundance and sufferings no longer seen.

This is a dream that could only be achieved if enough of us believe in it and are willing to participate in action towards it. When we get together in pursuit of our dream we generate a powerful energy that permeates all strata of our society that will instinctively share the energy of the dream that we so desire.

To do this we must overcome whatsoever remnants of fear that stands to deny us of what is rightfully ours, if we can overcome this plastic fear that veils us from the truth we would be able to see in reality the power of our dream which will be clearly visible and within touching distance.

I beg you to understand one simple fact that this nation belongs to all of us and the fact that it is up to every single one of us, we should know that we need to act and not just talk or worse still, leaving it to others to fight for what we want. We are not spectators in this episode of our nation, we are not watching a movie with a box of popcorn, we are all the real actors that will decide the outcome of the conflict between good and evil, between failures and success, between ruins and opportunities, ruins if we leave it to others and opportunities if we were to act ourselves and in the words of my friend Haris Ibrahim is "to take ownership".

There are yet those who claims to be leaders yet holds half a pint of faith, their faith in their fellows is lacking and their sincerity unbinding, they fail to listen and their sights are blurred, they fail to seek out the people and see only numbers in creation when it should be in cohesion. They don't keep their house and don't understand the principles of sharpening their ax, which is shared by Abraham Lincoln here quoted; "If you give me 6 hours to chop down the tree i will spend 4 hours in sharpening the ax".

They them self add to the fear when they should be open to the challenges and remove all doubts from their fellows, their doubts are created when too much of self is in play, they must see the bigger objectives and the dreams of the people so that the power of the dream could be tapped and generated. This nation is not about political parties but about the people, the rakyat, it is not the call of the politicians but the call of the rakyat. And a good leader is in sync with the heart of the people and gets his own people prepared for the eventuality.

People, fellow brothers and sisters, we must take charge of this nation if you share the same dream that i think we share, the dream of a better nation for the next generation and we are the builders of that dream, all of us, let not others tell you otherwise, let not others tell you how it should be done, where they doubt your intellectual capacity and treat us like just another number and of lesser mind.

We need leaders of man not leaders of parties and groups where the play is in within and not with the rakyat at large, we need leaders who will share the truth and not those that treat you as a lesser being, yet again overlooking the power of the dream of the rakyat.

Success is so near and at times seems so far due to the manipulative ways of stratagems employed by politicians without the fundamental comprehension of it's generic principles. Stratagems can at times be destructive hitting all sides of the divide and creating greater division. The law of all nature is in cohesion and which makes it shocking when leaders are out to divide in destruction which can only come back to haunt them and their kind.

My fellow Malaysians, we need to take ownership of our nation and we need to unite as one people and in so doing craft the nation that we so desire and in taking it another step forward, let us all gather this 30 August 2012 in showing these politicians that we are united and we are serious of our dream of a new nation for our children and their children to come.

We are almost there, we need everyone available for this. We need you to generate the power of the dream for our nation which we call home. Please be there at the Dataran Merdeka this 308.

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Anonymous said...

Count me in. I sense this will be one hell of a party. The cops have said no to this event. Let's see what they will do to prevent this from happening.