Oct 5, 2008

No Cause For Celebration

You just could feel it in the air when the blogging community gathered during this Raya holidays and none felt any of the celebrations as the recent ISA (Internal Security Act) arrest has affected the mood and all around the solemn atmosphere is that of the gross injustice that has been the abused of this ISA.

Our activities during this holidays has been hectic as some of us shuttle through the country participating in the various protest activities on the ISA and my hats off especially to zorro, gus, haris, nanda and many others who made a difference and some of them like zorro and gus even shuttled up to Kamunting and back all in a day and upon return had the time to meet their fans and supporters until late through the night and please take note that these guys are not paid any monetary reward and had to even fork out their own travel expense.

These guys are truly champions all throughout from the general election 0f march 2008 through Permatang Pauh and now, where the passion to see a better tomorrow for the people of this nation is their endless struggle in the battle of good over evil. And lets be reminded that their dedication and struggle is better than any politicians that you know and see as all this while their effort and work to the nation is for free. And all this despite the constant intimidation and threats from the powerful tyrants of the use of the evil ISA on them, there is the incessant fear that they may just be lock up without any warning and yet they fight on, these are the selfless warriors of truth and are not looking towards any financial gains at present or the future and their satisfaction will be that there is true governance of just and moral that works for the progress and harmony of the people and country.

We all felt for the nation that the continued abused of the ISA on its people will bring regression to the societal development of this country. The continuous use of fear and racial propaganda by these racialist parties that rules will impaired the mental perceptive of its people where it could create a breeding ground for extremism which will than be difficult to repair.

And in consideration of all that has happen and the constant threat of the ISA, there is just no cause for celebration of any event in this country until the day that the people are set free from this fear and threats.


Anonymous said...

we should stop all celebrations as a protest until they repeal the ISA and release all detainees.

Anonymous said...

We need more of Zorro, Haris and You to lead the people for a new Malaysia to come about.
Please keep up the good work to inform and lead all the people of this country for Truth and Justice.