Oct 31, 2008

Malaysia Ranked below Vietnam Cambodia Phillipines and Indonesia

Political and Economic Risk Consultancy (PERC) based in Hong Kong latest report for year 2009 on the country risk analysis of 16 Asia Pacific countries rated Singapore as the most stable stating that Singapore has the most stable conditions and sound economic policies including measures to help the poor.

"Singapore's fiscal situation is strong enough for the fiscal incentives that are going to help the country get over the crisis and spread the pain of recession, in addition to good policies the government's ability to implement them is a plus point" said PERC's managing director Mr. Robert Broadfoot.

Social stability is also expected, he said, "the labour situation is stable and more harmonious than most countries, and you don't have religious fundamentalist movements".

The reports also concluded that despite external shocks, Singapore and Hong Kong will emerge stronger in their credibility as regional and international centres.

The most risky countries rated are India, Thailand and Malaysia. They are vulnerable not so much to the financial fallout but due to internal developments, the report added.


1. Singapore @ 2.76
2. Australia @2.90
3. Hong Kong @ 3.23
4. Japan @ 3.70 (approx)
5. Macau @ 3.90 (approx)
6. Taiwan @ 4.70 (approx)
7. USA @ 4.90 (approx)
8. South Korea @ 5.0 (approx)
9. Vietnam @ 5.1 (approx)
10. China @ 5.2 (approx)
11. Cambodia @ 5.5 (approx)
12. Phillipines @ 5.7 (approx)
13. Indonesia @ 6.0 (approx)
14. Malaysia @ 6.07
15. Thailand @ 6.28
16. India @ 6.87

*Ratings are at 0 for the least risky to 10 for the most risky.

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