Nov 1, 2008

More Controversy Ahead

Extract of a news report from the Straits Time Singapore:

Far from closing the chapter, the acquittal of his former close associate over the murder of a Mongolian beauty is set to reignite controversy surrounding Malaysian Deputy Prime Minister Najib Razak.

Mr Abdul Razak Baginda, a former close associate of the Deputy Premier, walked free yesterday after the High Court found no evidence that he had asked two policemen to kill his former lover after their affair went sour.

The decision has thrust Datuk Seri Najib back into an unwelcome spotlight even as he is set to take over the premiership from Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi next March.

Within minutes of the verdict, it became fresh fodder for renewed attacks on Mr Najib, who is already battling a non-stop flow of allegations of corruption.

Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim fired the first salvo.

'There is growing perception that the investigation was not done professionally. There is a clear motive to cover up, a lot of evidence was not adduced.

'The prosecution has failed to conduct the case professionally. From the beginning, changes were made to the court and the judge.

'Now that there are more allegations involving DPM Najib - the SMSes and evidence the public has raised a number of times - this case clearly is bigger,' Datuk Seri Anwar said.

Prominent blogger Rocky Bru wrote: 'Many will cry foul. This is going to give a lot of people a heart attack.'

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