Nov 1, 2008

Pm Promises to Leave

Malaysia PM promises to leave after the UMNO general assembly to be held in March next year.

Are Promises any good...

He promises to bring reforms to the nation and greater democracy of which he has done naught,
He promises to bring reform to the judiciary and again he has done naught,
He promises to rid the country of corruption and yet again he has done naught,
His promises are aplenty and is it any good now.....

Promises! Promises! Promises!

I wonder what goes on in the mind and heart of this man... his going might be the worst of things to come as how can you just hand over power just like that and it looks like the post of PM is a bargaining tool amongst a few powerful umno lords and woe is to us the people as we are continuously being bullied and oppress by their unjust laws and evil ways. Even Chief Justice now comes from UMNO!!!

It is all only UMNO and nothing else and is there a Barisan National? who is MCA? and who is MIC? and Gerakan (?) (the most irrelevant) for all that i know these guys are all racist and it is after all a racist party dominated by just one and making the rest irrelevant.

The best part is that the incoming PM of UMNO does not even need to make any promises to the people and country and don't even need to appease the people and need not make any promises on how he is to lead the nation.

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Donplaypuks® said...

I hope he has a change of mind so the extremely suspect Rosemajibbed does not come to power.