Feb 6, 2009


“You check out Guitar George, he knows all the chords
But it’s strictly rhythm he doesn’t want to make it cry or sing
Yes then an old guitar is all he can afford
When he gets up under the lights to play his thing”

~Dire Straits~

Ah.. the Sultan is after all a mere mortal, he is human and like all human beings they are driven by emotions of self first and foremost and is susceptible to erroneous decisions motivated by inconsistent values in conflict with emotional need.

The problem is that when does one feel that one has erred? Is it upon moments of conscious reflections and review of our decisions that has caused general injustice and public outcry or gross inconveniences and disruptions to others or on the reflection of the basis of our decisions which were based on the desire and emotions of self rather than the sense of integrity of honesty and truthfulness to those that we serve or rule.

A simple fact remains that the Sultan has demanded for the resignation of the Mentri Besar. Is that command consistent with the wishes of the people who elected in the present government in the polls? The decision on who is to be the government lies fundamentally with the people of the state and not anyone else and certainly not through the actions of Conspiracy of plotting and scheming through entrapment and threats and inducement that brought about the defections and betrayal of these assemblymen. 3 or 4 assemblyman cannot decide the fate of who is to govern who is already governing through just and proper process and procedure.

The conduct of UMNO who initiated this power grab, in this debacle has once again shown their arrogance and oppressions through the use of the police in shutting down the present state administration and its facilities preventing civil servants and officials from performing their duties is shameful. Looks like umno will never learn and had consistently kept to their old ways of deceit and conspiracy towards the people and nation. Sigh... the fall of the dynasty has been hasten and at these times of global economic crisis... looks like more hardship for the people during the upheavel of oncoming change that is sweeping the world and nation.
A word of advise to umno.. focus on bringing basic democratic rights to the people by bringing change to the whole structural foundation which has been so badly damaged through these many years of tyranny rule, the basic foundation of a democratic and civil society must be restrutured and put in place. And by so doing you can than only focus on economic growth that creates wealth and opportunity for all Malaysian. And a word of caution... there are only Malaysians in Malaysia... and it is paramount that you have the foresight towars this view.

And as this is being written, news had came in that the swearing in process is completed for the UMNO government. And so now we have two Mentri Besar? One voted in by the people and one brought brought about by umno?
Did the Sultan’s decision caused a Swing of power to umno who had lost in the electoral votes?
And as the songs by Dire Straits goes...
"You get a shiver in the dark
Its raining in the park but meantime..."


Anonymous said...

Welcome back Hawkeye its been a while and we miss you.

flyer168 said...

Hi Hawkeyejack,

I had the honour of meeting & sharing a discussion with the late Tun Tan Siew Sin & Tun Hussein Onn prior to their passing & their words & statements still ring clear in my ears...."There is no more Honour left amongst our new leaders unlike during our time with Tunku!"

To be a Public figure, one must be established, sincere, honest, credible, transparent & above board - should be opened to scrutinization like in the US.

Many of our Leaders today have "skeletons" of their past in their closets (some have their family's baggages as well!), so how can they be "Honourable" to carry out their duties diligently without "Fear or favour", even after taking an "oath" to the King/Sultan/the nation & rayaat. Ultimately they "Buckle" under pressure.

The Desperate PM wannabe & his Goons must have used pressure on DYMM with the issue of "rightful" Royal "Succession", business deals, etc to get his wish this time!

How "Desperate" & "Pathetic" can our PM wannabe get to be, to pursue this "FUTILE" Perak "Hung Exco" when the logical would be to "dissolve" the assembly.

We are witnessing the Desperate PM wannabe "Gutter Politics & Law of the Jungle" vs the Perak Mentri Besar Mohd Nizar Jamaluddin's courage, integrity and mental clarity in the face of grave adversity.

This Desperate PM wannabe has "lost the Plot" completely & "blown" his last "Trump card" to be the incoming UMNO President.

The son of our 2nd PM has now "Destroyed" his own party UMNO beyond "Redemption"

So he might as well forget about being the 6th PM of Malaysia...maybe we should send him out as our Ambassador to Mongolia !!!