Sep 18, 2011

Never Believe a Corrupt Government

There is an old Chinese saying that says that you should never trust a corrupt government, if there is corruption in that nation than it is the failure of the government, a government that allows for corruption is the most heinous of crime in heaven, a crime that is worse than murder.

This corrupt government will go all out to deceive and will be most pretentious with the objective to stay in power, is incapable of serving the people and will inevitably cause great poverty of the mind and deprive the people of economic wealth.

Old Chinese Proverb: " Never Trust a Politician that is all out to stay in Power and if you were to believe the words of such a Politician than you should believe that the Sow (Female Pig) can climb  Trees."

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Anonymous said...

Now is the time or almost approaching to have those pigs culled and barbecue them "char siew" that what they are good for the celebration of change of government!

When they are pigs, we just have to treat what they are good for!

Anonymous said...

BN is all out to con the people for their vote. After Bersih they now realise that people are fed up and not fear them anymore. Najis is now trying to fool the people for their vote.
The Rakyat will Vote BN out.