Sep 20, 2011

Sell Down of GLCs in Bursa

There is a Persistent Sell down of Government Link Companies in the local exchange of Bursa.

Foreign funds vote with their shares. Recent corporate governance issues have been very unpalatable. Some even say that certain parties are trying to push through certain deals prior to the elections, at all costs. Besides the Sime Darby-E&O deal, the AirAsia-MAS deal was a sour note ... not many mainstream media or analysts dared to mention that CIMB was advising both parties??!! What kind of crap is that? Its like a court case where the prosecutor and defending lawyer are from the same firm. Please show me ONE other case in global corporate M&A transactions whereby one investment bank advises both sides.

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Unknown said...

It will spike just before the next GE for obvious reasons. Yup - plenty of crap around and we have to boot them out.

Take care and have a restful evening.