May 4, 2013

The Day of Reckoning - GE 13

As we approach the day of reckoning for these bunch of crooks in our government, be prepared to see some desperate attempts to scare you from going out to the polls and in trying to get you to stay indoors.

These crooks are incapable of change as they will do what they do best which is to get your vote by hook or by crook, we have seen and should be very clear by now as to their approach, they either try to bribe you or scare you and that's their inherent characteristics as this is the only way they know how.

They are completely void of any principles and integrity being mired in a system of their own creation over these many years of complacency as one of the longest ruling power in the world.

In their system of wealth sharing where the wealth of the Nation are distributed in a partnership of a coalition of bands of bandits where each takes on a territorial or departmental allocation in accordance to the long established power sharing formula.

We should be prepared as we approach the day where we exercise our real power to vote, but our duty as citizen do not stop at the voting box, we have done much over recent years, we are now wiser to their vile trickery and have stood up in unity overcoming the veil of anxiety and fear from their unjust laws and enforcement.

They will step up on the fear creation in an attempt to cheat you of your vote and that is their objective, before that they were all out in baiting you with carrots and in bribery trying to buy your votes in exchange for sweet nothing.

Be prepared and once again to show our strength in unity as brothers and sisters, we will need to stand up and fear them not as we need to be there watching over and defending the sanctity of our electoral system.

Crooks being crooks will cheat you and swipe you off the minute you turn and that is why we will need to take watch and be on guard.

This is the final countdown and it is as much a day of reckoning for the Rakyat as it is for these crooks, this is the test that will show whether we are truly united and seek to see the change that we so desire.

We have come far and many had put in much time and effort for this day to happen and it is now within our grasp and for us to realise our dream of a better Nation free of corruption and injustice, for the sake of our children and theirs to come We Must Face This Final Battle on the 5 of May 2013.

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