May 3, 2013

An account of a Soaring Eagle

We have made an impact.
I’m not talking about stickers and graffiti. I’m not talking about crowds of people wearing our t-shirts (although there were a few). I’m not talking about ABU flags, caps or badges (we have produced nil).
I’m talking about substance – about the ABU message; about awareness and hope being spread among the common folk and fear among the UMNO elite.
My Distribution journey brought me back to several constituencies that we have visited before for Walkabouts.
Even two weeks feel like an eternity when you are on an election campaign, so I was impressed that people still remember our material well. Let’s just say I didn’t expect kampung folk to recite facts, dates, numbers from our material back to me.
When you get out of your car in Beruas, two hours off the PLUS Highway, after driving alone in a thunderstorm, and the local 60-year-old pak cik you ask for directions tells you, “Ohhh you dari ABUUU … saya dah baca risalah ABU. Ada lagi dalam van?” … One word: MAGIC.  ~ from: KaVee Yong ~

When we first met KaVee he had accounted that he is suffering from gout and that it was a genetic inheritance and as such he had thought that he could not be much in participating to the Eagle's walkabout.

Let us share with you here that KaVee had walked and covered as much and more, he is every bit a Soaring Eagle as he had taken the mental stance of wanting in participation in bringing about change and believed that he could contribute, this deep felt belief had enabled him to overcome all obstacles in many aspect including that he worked down south in the little rich Singapore.

He made the journey home every Friday right after work and participated in all the ABU weekend events and activities, he had all the inherent strength of goodness and had developed a  strong passion to seek positive change for his Nation.

KaVee typifies that when you had a clear and conscious awareness of your desire you will be able to draw all positive energy in overcoming any negativity or obstacles in your life.

There are many in within the Eagles who are able to Soar beyond their expectation and we had secretly admired and felt great pride in their contribution with many a times we had felt the pull of the heartstring.

Thank you Eagles, you had made all this fight worthwhile and we look forward to the 5 of May when we can all gather as one and hold hands in camaraderie.

Meanwhile we have 3 more days of work and let's give this days our all in this final battle for our homeland.


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