Nov 18, 2009

Shut Up Dr Mahathir

Anwar Ibrahim was appointed Selangor's Economic Adviser and former Prime Minister Dr Mahathir warned that Anwar's appointment will bankrupt the State.

Dr.Mahathir created huge budget deficit during his reign as the Prime Minister running up the National Debt from 25 Billion Ringgit in 1981 to about100 Billion Ringgit in 1991 and than on further in a steep ascend from 1998 to more than 200 Billion Ringgit when he resigned in 2003.

Dr. Mahathir's financial fiasco are plentiful that had cost the nation Billions and Billions of Ringgit and would require much time to compile and list but just to name a few are like Perwaja Steel, Proton  which later had to be bailed out by Petronas and the Bakun Dam project which is still in Limbo. And not forgetting that the Port Klang Free Zone Scandal of 12 Billion Ringgit was conceptualized during his time as the Prime Minister.

Anwar Ibrahim was appointed Finance Minister from 1991 to 1997 and that was during this period from 1993 to 1997, and for the first time Malaysia recorded a Budget Surplus during the time of Anwar Ibrahim as Finance Minister.


zorro said...

Spot on Hawk!

Anonymous said...

apanama sudah nyanyuk.

Starmandala said...

Here's wishing Apanama countless pies in his face and no more incarnations - except 6,000 lifetimes as an industrial chicken.

Unknown said...

Yeah zorro, M has into his talking cock season again. Sick of listening to him.

Yes Anon, sudah nyanyuk.

Antares, hahaha.. 6000 lifetime as an industrial chicken might be good medicine.

armouris said...

Rahsia awet muda Dr. Mahathir? - Rahsia Muda Dr. Mahathir