Nov 23, 2009

Launch of Crime Watch - Malaysia

Due to the frightening crime in this country of ours, we have had this idea of a Crime Watch website for some time now and the recent tragic death of Dato Patrick Wong had triggered the immediate design and action to Launch this site with greater urgency and so now we hope the introduction of a Rakyat's Crime Watch website will contribute as an early warning system and provide warnings and alerts to all Anak Bangsa Malaysia to the Crime in their neighborhood.

Your contribution is the prerequisite towards the success of this new site called "Crime Watch - Malaysia". Please visit and check it out today. Any suggestion and ideas will be most welcomed. Go HERE.


Anonymous said...

Congrats Hawkeye.
We need more people like you in Malaysia who has a heart for others.
Good Work!

Starmandala said...

CrimeWatch goes on my blogroll right away. Thanks for implementing this excellent community service, Hawkeye!

Unknown said...

Thanks Anon and Thank You Antares.