Nov 19, 2009

Was Dato Patrick Wong Murdered? (Updated)

 My Deepest Sympathy to the Family of Dato Patrick Wong.

Was inform that Intruders broke into his house in Bangsar last night, they were armed with Parangs and knifes and that the good Dato Patrick Wong was killed due to this incident.

Receives a sms message from Haris Ibrahim easrlier that reads; "Dato Patrick Wong, a strong supporter of the many efforts to bring change to Malaysia was attacked by intruders this morning, and has passed away."

Hope to be back with the full story later.

The wake will be at:
9, Lorong Kemaris 1
Bukit Bandaraya
59100 Kuala Lumpur

You can visit Dato Patrick Wong's  facebook HERE.

Update (1:26am): Just returned from the wake and went out to supper with some of the guys. We did not think it appropriate to disturb Datin Cindy for an account of the incident at this time but in conclusion Dato Patrick Wong is a victim of a brutal crime. This is the state of the nation today...You are not safe even at Home. Our country is in such tragic state that there is record breaking numbers dying unnecessarily and the government must take responsibility for their failure to provide basic security and safety for its people.

I am truly very ANGRY! There are so many victims of crime everyday and yet our government seems at a loss, they don't understand the scenario, they can't protect the people and they don't know what to do.Malaysians today live in FEAR for the safety of their family.

And i just read another story of a victim that just happen today, this lady was another victim of snatch thief and this time the snatch thief whack her on the head with a hammer. What is this country coming to?
The story from the Star HERE

PS. Dato Patrick Wong's funeral will be this Sunday. And as i have said in facebook today that Dato's death will not be in vain! Watch out for an announcement in this blog, this coming Sunday as a tribute to Dato Patrick Wong.
(Updated 11am 20th Nov) Read the Star Report "Dato Killed" HERE

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