Jan 11, 2010

Top Girl in Singapore from Malaysia

(Top Girl - Lai Kai Rou)

This is a fine example of Brain drain from Malaysia where our best find homes in the better countries and better environment.

St. Nicholas Girls' School (SNGS) of Singapore has produced "Top Girl" two years in a row and this year produced 14 of the 42 best scorers.

This year Top Girl who scored 10 A1s in the Cambridge General Certificate of Education (O Levels) Examination is 16 year old student Lai Kai Rou from Selangor, Malaysia. She is on a bond-free scholarship from SNGS and stays at the Hwa Chong Insitution (HCI) hostel. She has a younger brother, a secondary two student in HCI, who is also also on scholarship.

The Top Girl for last year Haw Sue Hern is also from Malaysia with 10 A1s.

The Cambridge GCE Examination is an internationally recognised certificate and permits direct entry to the world’s best universities and are the standard examination in Singapore for Sec 4 students normally at the age of 16.

Malaysia used to have the same examination but was replaced in the mid seventies by locally designed examination by the Malaysian Examination Council of SPM and STPM.

Well Done Kai Rou! You make us Malaysians Proud and we are happy for you!

 Read Kai Rou's story HERE
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