Jan 11, 2010

Top Girl in Singapore from Malaysia

(Top Girl - Lai Kai Rou)

This is a fine example of Brain drain from Malaysia where our best find homes in the better countries and better environment.

St. Nicholas Girls' School (SNGS) of Singapore has produced "Top Girl" two years in a row and this year produced 14 of the 42 best scorers.

This year Top Girl who scored 10 A1s in the Cambridge General Certificate of Education (O Levels) Examination is 16 year old student Lai Kai Rou from Selangor, Malaysia. She is on a bond-free scholarship from SNGS and stays at the Hwa Chong Insitution (HCI) hostel. She has a younger brother, a secondary two student in HCI, who is also also on scholarship.

The Top Girl for last year Haw Sue Hern is also from Malaysia with 10 A1s.

The Cambridge GCE Examination is an internationally recognised certificate and permits direct entry to the world’s best universities and are the standard examination in Singapore for Sec 4 students normally at the age of 16.

Malaysia used to have the same examination but was replaced in the mid seventies by locally designed examination by the Malaysian Examination Council of SPM and STPM.

Well Done Kai Rou! You make us Malaysians Proud and we are happy for you!

 Read Kai Rou's story HERE


Anonymous said...

The Malaysia standard of education has gone down the drain and the local exam of SPM and the STPM is not recognized by the International Universities.

Anonymous said...


Congratulation Kai Ruo. Malaysian Boleh

Anonymous said...

there are many more of this 'brain drain' in s'pore ... my son (we all s'pore PR here & are Msians for now) scores 7As in this same 2009 o'level exam ... my girl scored 9 As in her 2007 o'level ... we came to s'pore in the 1980's bcos BN gomen's racist policy. well, s'pore benefits from msia's losses.


Anonymous said...

wow ! LKY also LOST to her laaaa !

Anonymous said...
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ahoo said...

We who profess to love Malaysia and called it home must do the right thing. Not doing things right after many flp-flop. Malaysians are certainly with brains and not rewarding them locally is to export them. Who ends up as the victor ? The answer is obvious and let us stand up and be counted to do what we can before this nation continue to spiral downwards to oblivion.

Vince said...

Get real people. It is really a joke to see that other country keep having best student in world class education from Malaysia.

The Malaysian Gov thinks it is a proud feeling that student from Malaysia able to best student in Singapore beating all others in the world. But they failed to realize why there is none from Malaysia based schools. This is actually a good slap to the face but not sure it is good enough to wake they up?

It is a shame to our Gov education system that Malaysian student in Malaysia not able to perform as good as Malaysian student in Singapore.
Go and study why. Look at the effort that Singapore Gov pours into the education system in their country and how the enforce that the money actually put to good use. Majority of these genius will stay in Singapore and will eventually become a Singaporean with strong force for improvement.
(This has nothing to do with RACE!)
(So far RACE is the only thing really emphasized in Malaysia! Is this good sign for our country?)

Sammy said...

'The Malaysia standard of education has gone down the drain and the local exam of SPM and the STPM is not recognized by the International Universities.'

How true! In the eighties when we had to switch from learning science in English to BM, our standards of exams dropped in quality and standards..this was to accomodate you -know-what people so that more of them could pass and find jobs instead of becoming buger sellers and mat rempits.

When I had to go to UM to further my studies, only 10% of applicants from Penang were accepted in '85 and out of frustration, I went to the UK and realised that the only subject recognised for entry to Law was English Literature. Credits in Kertas Am, Ekonomi, Matematik and Geografi were not recognised and I had to study an extra year to convert what I had learnt from BM.

Funny thind is I did better in England and english and scored enough points to qualify for Oxford and other top 3 unis. I should have left long time ago and I suggest those who have the means to send their children overseas, if not, get a qualification entry in English.

However, I did reurn and am working in my motherland but when my kids are old enough, I too shall send them overseas and tell them not to return to work here!

Anonymous said...

and in a few more yrs kai rou will sing majulah sinkapor ...

Unknown said...

One of the point here is that they are even extending full scholarship to primary and lower secondary students with living allowances given and are "Bond Free" which means that they are not contractually bound to work for the government.
Of course it is wonderful for those students who are being selected as it is a high quality and efficient environment in this advance global multiracial peaceful and secured society.

Anonymous said...

Top girl -please think about your future

In malaysia , the top so called brains will not appreciate top talents but they have the power to decide.
You can work like hell

but they hold the rights to approve

There is a saying :

You can sweat and toil but with my signature is worth 100 times your hard work.
You know who is holding the pen.

Meritius said...

Good for you samson! Well done to you too!

Anonymous said...

Dear Hawkeye

You are too liberal in the use of the word "malaysian". This brainy girl may still be a "Malaysian" for now but I will bet my bottom dollar her nationality will change when she is old enough. She is not so stupid as to come "home" to work under a fool with the fool getting all the credit or under a system which doesn't recognize her ability or offer her and her potential family any meaningful future.

May Allah bless S'pore for giving her an opportunity which she will almost never get in malaysia, a country that measures everyone only in terms of race and religion and not brains.

Majulah S'pore.

Anonymous said...

Race, race, race, not race to be the best but race to be Malay. That's all UMNO is interested in.

While the rest of humankind are racing to outdo each other in every field of human endeavor to promote excellence, UMNO has remained stuck to promote nothing else except Ketuanan Melayu.

Personally I have nothing against Malays. Absolutely nothing. It is just sad that the Malays don't see that UMNO is killing them and continue to see UMNO as their savior.

It is just so sad.