Jan 16, 2010

RPK Seen in Singapore

(As Seen in Singapore)
RPK's Book "The Silent Roar" is seen in bookshops all throughout Singapore and Hong Kong and displayed prominently right in the front display of the main entrance amongst other popular titles as in the photos above of a bookshop in the heart of the commercial district in Singapore.

I was also informed by friends that his book is also very popular in Australia's bookshops and of course you can get it from E-Bay.

The Silent Roar which is not sold and probably been ban in  Malaysia is a "hot book" as from my enquiries of the shop assistants in Singapore and Hong Kong.

The Silent Roar which describe the transformation of the Malaysian political landscape leading to the General Election of 8 March 2008 and thereafter with the rising of the "Rakyat" that rejected long entrenched norm of corruption and injustice from the tyranny of the ruling power.

It's a Must Read for all Malaysians.

Get your copy HERE if you don't have it yet.


Anonymous said...

Hey Hawkeye,
Raja Petra is doing a book signing event in orchard road and come get your copy autograph in person by the Raja himself here in Singapore.

Anonymous said...

I bought the Silent roar when i was in Singapore from the MPH store as it was very prominently displayed.