Jan 1, 2010

New Year Wish of a Patriot

Happy New Year my fellow Malaysians and to all my readers from all over the world.

We have to endure yet another year under the evil  and deceptive rule of corrupt politicians and hopefully this may be the last and than  we can have a truly Happy New Year in 2011.

My wish for the New Year would be that in this New Year of 2010 we find our New Nation a Nation that is a real Democracy a new nation that respect and honour the rights of its people, where there is true Justice, Freedom and a Clean and Efficient government that is sincerely out to serve its people.

May we be rid of the decepticons of politicians that is out to deceive the people and country, that they are there through their devious and cunning mind and are actually thieves and robbers out to serve their own greed for power and money.

May these evil politicians die a thousand deaths in hell for oppressing, cheating and robbing the people and the nation and thus causing much sufferings to the general populace.

May the truth be found and may those who have sacrificed for this nation of ours, who have given their precious life so that others can be alerted and realize the truth and that the real spirits of the patriots be awaken and rise up with bravery and courage to stand their ground against the evil tyrants.

May these evil doers who manipulate and controls the stolen power of the judiciary and all other institution of the people and have created and used their evil and unjust laws against the good people be discovered and defeated.

May the people find their courage and rise up against the evil that is upon their land for the witnesses of evil doing that than stands down out of fear, is guilty of a sin greater than the evil doers and would than be susceptible to the evil and becomes a part, as Evil Feeds on Fear.
Stand your ground and starve the evil of their power.

"Socrates spoke of courage as a knowledge of what is truly to be feared and  that is to be viewed as an integral part of Virtue, which is to have the wisdom to know the good from the evil. 
If moral evil is the only real evil than the evils that fortune and men inflict upon us, such as poverty, sickness, sufferings and even death, are not to be feared if they are faced with true spirit as they cannot make us morally worse creatures.  

The evil actions of other men cannot harm us morally and there is only one thing that Socrates truly fears and that is the fear of doing injustice to his fellow man."

-The Patriot-


Fi-sha said...

Dear Sir

Amen to all these wishes.

Happy New Year to you too and may we make it a better year... Amen!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Hawkeye. May your wish come true!

Ah Chan said...

Dear Hawkeye,
A Happy New Year to you and Allah Bless you for keeping the fight on against the corrupted gomen. You are right and the people need to stand up to form a new and clean gomen.