May 12, 2010

Najib..Stop Embarassing the Nation!

Malaysia is now also known as "Sodomy Country". You just can't imagine the jokes that goes around here in Singapore. Yes, i am in Singapore for a week now and everyday this sodomy is all over the media both in print and on TV as well as a topic over lunch, happy hours and dinner.

There are pages and pages of reports everyday in the foreign press. This is such a bad joke that it is embarassing and to talk about Najib's New Economy Policy which is now the New Sodomy Poke-a-nomy which has Najib written all over it.

The common question is "Why does Najib had to meet Saiful in the middle of the night and were caught than denied about the meeting and than flip flop and Had to admit that he met Saiful."

For goodness sake.. stop all this embarassment and get on with the governance of the country, the world's economy is in turmoil and this asshole publicity will not help with attracting foreign investments.

A comment by a reader in the Singapore Straits Times:

"Najib looks innocent but he is a crafty old fox

Saiful doesn't look innocent and he also looks greedy.

When an innocent-looking PM has a special audience with a not-so-innocent looking commoner, you can be pretty sure nothing innocent will come out from such a meeting.

An unholy plot with a hole-ly agenda......using a backside to target poor Anwar!"

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Donplaypuks® said...


Do check out today’s electrifying testimony by Saiful in court that he met up with Ezam Md Nor (now senator) and Mumtaz after the alleged sodo mee on 26th June 2008 and before visiting Pusrawi Clinic and KLGH on 28th June!!

The conspiracy is about to be finally and fully exposed!!

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