Jul 5, 2009

Manek Urai Here We Come

Here at last after an 8 hours trip from Kuala Lumpur, we left about 12 this afternoon and finally made it here to Kota Bahru, Kelantan at 8 pm. The journey in the Blue Blitz is as usual an exciting event for the Barisan Rakyat Bloggers in any election in the country as we take them all as a sacred act of democracy for all Malaysians, be it a state or parliamentary seat and this is where the people becomes the boss.

Our flight team in the Blue Blitz are; Captain zorro, the pilot is the whisperer and our navigator is myself (hawkeye). Our take off as scheduled for 10.3o am was delayed due to a few slight pre take off check, there were some technicalities with the toilet and it have to be check before take off and the captain had some key incident and had to report back to home control and that took some delay nevertheless we arrived on schedule for dinner as hosted by the honourable Datuk Zaid Ibrahim to the best meal Kelantan has to offer and it was most wonderful and our tummy most happy.

The trip was something new for me as this is my first time through the East - West highway, well i wouldn't call it a highway it was more like the old trunk road with single carriageway like the "long and winding road" and up and down across the main range however it was pretty and scenic except for when we pass through quite a few timberlogging concession site which made us frown quite a bit and especially quite near the dams and lakes too, it will be a recommended route if you had not been there.

Our trip took us along Kuala Kangsar and we stop for a delicious fish lunch at Lenggong and we had a 1 kg of steam Jelawat fish which is also called the Sultan fish by the locals, maybe it was that one of the earlier Sultan had enjoyed the fish.

After a long trip and as we are expected to be present at the nomination hall in Manek Urai tomorrow morning and are to be ready by 5am, it is best to let the photos do the talking.

Watch out for our on the spot reporting on nomination day tomorrow from Manek Urai which is about a 45 minutes trip from Kota Bharu.

Check out other reports from zorro and the lone whispere HERE and HERE.

PS. Out of battery to my laptop check the links for more photos.

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SFGEMS said...

The Three Musketeers! Which one are you? Take care and see you again soon! :)