Feb 4, 2013


There is only one way to win the oncoming 13th General Election and that is if enough of us really care enough to really want to win.

We will not win this GE 13 if we continue to shout from the keyboard or sit whole night at the kopitiam complaining and throwing insults in to the air.

Everyday we get questions and opinions from friends and colleagues about the election and you will most definitely hear much about predictions from some smart people or quotes from some expert about the outcome.

We hear about almost everything you can think of from Rosmah to Najib to Anwar to Mamakutty and comparisons on ideologies to manifestos and from party to parties and more endless parties and candidates from state to state.

At times you just can't help but wonder, are we talking about our nation as it sound like we are talking about another country. Sometimes it just sounds like chattering birds chattering whole day and night.

Do we really want to WIN? Do YOU want to win this election? Do YOU want to see CHANGE?

We can only win if we care enough to win and if we really care to bring about change then this desire should be translated to further action and effort.


Don't ask what you can do, first ask that you want to do and if so then contribute or participate in winning this GE 13.

It is time for action, sitting in that big fat lazy chair and on the keyboard is not enough, it is time to be on ground zero where the real action is. There is only one sure way of winning this GE 13 and that is if enough of us are contributing or putting in our effort to make sure we win.

We call on all of you to come on board and be active participants in making this an earth shattering win for all the people, for all the greens of plants and trees and to all living things from our cats and dogs to the deers and elephants of this land.

If you want to win and you wish to contribute please do contribute or join us at ABU for some real action and partake in the making of a new history for this nation we call home. For the sake of our children and their children.

Please read further HERE from the People's Parliament.

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