Feb 3, 2013

EGO or the SuperEGO

Had a conversation yesterday and quite a few on this subject in the past with fellow civil activist and friends about the ego and some had said that there is a necessity of some kind as we need to take pride in our efforts and in our work.

And that the SuperEGO is easily found with our local politicians and especially those from the Barisan.

Ego or the superego is not your true self but an exaggerated projection giving you the false feeling of being superior. 

From a religious standpoint  this just sums it up, EGO = Edge God Out. The ancients philosophers has warned about the evil manifestation of oneself through unbridled growth of the Ego. 

At a today's viewpoint the EGO is pride and arrogance and the need to be different, it is a a superiority complex and to stand their ground the EGO defends itself by being obstinate. 

We need a consciousness of this EGO and to constantly keep it in check and this video from Deepak Chopra best describe this.

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