Sep 15, 2008

Message to Raja Petra

Dear Pete,

I dont know whether you will get to read this message but we must at least try as you know that cyberspace works in mysterious ways as it permeates through walls and space into the hearts and souls and just maybe this message of appeal will get through to you.

You are yet again the victim of the evil that rules our land, your detention is a way of these evil people in power in trying to intimidate the nation into submission. But dont worry Pete as this evil doers are very stupid at the same time and as the saying goes "there are no medicine that can cure stupidity" and so they will do foolish acts such as this.

Please remember that you are our champion and in this short stay in the remand of evil, you must keep yourself healthy as we the people need you more than ever to help put this beloved nation of ours right again. It is a time for you to just relax and rest as much as you can, there is no need for you to fight the system while under detention, you have championed the cause of the people for long enough and this time please put your faith and trust in the people of this nation for as of NOW let us show you PEOPLE'S POWER and we will get you out from detention very soon, let the people show you that they are the master of the land and not these fakers who thinks that they own the country and the people must submit to their evils.

The people appreciates your sacrifices and this stupid action of these evil doers has elevated your cause up till the heavens, please be patience as the people congregate and demand for your immediate release and let me assure you that this shall be done and the servants of the people must obey as this is the rule of heaven and it is only this goodness that shall overcome these evils as they will flee the land.

Even their own kind have come through in demand of the abolishment of this evil act and for your release from detention, it is this time that the true hearts of the politicians are seen and of course there are those yet again who are flimsy in their call and the people know this and we will identify these pretenders and their flimsy stand on this evil act will be recorded and exposed forever into cyberspace.

One thing about the cyberspace is that it is a gift from God to be used against evil and they have continously underestimated the cyberworld, as in cyber only truth can prevail and many a turncoats have tried and failed and it is funny but true, and in cyber is where true history will come in future and cannot be manupulated and in this cyberspace is where God's "Condemnation to Eternal Punishment is achieved for their Evil Sins". Once in cyberworld it cannot be erased and is archived forever and for eternity and you can bet these stuppid idiots have not heard of the web bots or crawlers or spiders who shall condem them for eternity to come and my only pity is on their descendants as the shame and sins will be forever to be seen.

And there is no greater evil than the evil of politics where they cheat and lie to the nation and people and pit the people against each other so that they only might gain.

And so Pete please have faith in us for once as we had in you for so long and as for now we need you to be in good shape and in good health and it won't be for long and just a little bit of patience please. I promise you that if Anwar does not take over the government, we the people will get you out.


Anonymous said...

Yes!The people from all walk on life is behind RPK for his daring and bold action. And also to you (Hawkeye)for your kind words and moral support.Tbl

Anonymous said...

We are with you. Free RPK!

Donplaypuks® said...


Where is your Natasha, Black Widow? Did noy see her at KJ Stadium last night.

Good post.

But politics is neither good nor evil. Its the crooked politicians who create the problem.

But we will all pressure the thieves and crooks who have improned Teresa Kok & RPK without justifiable cause.

Unknown said...

thanks anon, bzbody.
thanks for your support to free RPK. we will wait and see for a little while b4 we act.

hi donplaypuks,
haha Black widow Natasha dont know where.
thanks again for your support to this blog.
Agree that we have to apply pressure to free RPK and Teresa and all still in ISA.
And we will need people like you to stand up.

Anonymous said...

Pressure from the bloggers, from own politicians but with principle, from NGO, from international humanatarian bodies, from other VIP countries etc should do the job to free RPK

Unknown said...

hi anon,
Thanks for your suggestion to free RPK. We will welcome any methods to free RPK. Your suggestions will be noted and we will write to all Human rights Organizations and NGOs for their help to FREE RPK.