May 3, 2009

Declining Education Standard of Malaysia

In one of the sit down beer chat with the guru "zorro" we were discussing about the deteriorating quality of education in our beloved Malaysia as we used to be one of the top producers of talent in this part of the world which is evident from our many overseas travel where we meet top executives in international organisations and corporations. Somehow we love to reminisces of the good old days where the nation is the leader of the region.

It is actually out of concern for the future, if we do not have quality education of international standard than we will no longer be able to produce the talent like we used to and as our chat went further it also brought about the proficiency on the use of english as an international medium of communication in the world of commerce where we now find it quite lacking in the young graduates from our local universities.

Now where do we stand today in terms of education standards, we used to be in the top 100 a long long time ago and sad to say today our best university is ranked no. 230 out of 500 universities being graded and that is University Malaya.

Today we have countries like Thailand, Mexico, Brazil, argentina and South Africa ranked way up above us.

The top unis in asia in 2008 are University of Tokyo ranked no.19 and 2nd is University of Kyoto ranked no.25 and 3rd is University of Hong Kong no.26 (in 2007 they were no.18).

National University of Singapore is 4th in Asia and no.30 in world ranking. Autralian National University is no.16 in world ranking.

Australia has 7 universities in the top 100, japan has 4 universities and both the small island of Hong Kong and Singapore has 2 universities in the top100. Even China has 2 unis in the top100.

The top 100 to 500 rankings of world universities go HERE.

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