May 20, 2009

No Money For Scholarship?

800 straight A students had their application for Public Services Department scholarship rejected. (theStar reports yesterday)

Every year we hear this kind of rubbish from the Barisan National government, they tell you that their priority is to develop human capital and they talk about uplifting the quality of education in this country.

These are our brightest and the future of the nation and should be given the best education opportunity available as they will be the foundation towards the future of our nation.

Why are we having such difficulty and creating a so much dissapointment and stress for these students and their families? Are we short of money? Don't have enough funds? If that is so than just downsize some of the mega projects like the multi billion underground cable project from Bakun.

And i don't understand this distribution formulas of scholarship, what criteria? what ethnic quota? Oh yeah and the best part is only 10% of scholarship goes to the undrprivilege! Can't afford to give all our straight A students a good scholarship?

Thought we have been sending people to outer space and now we can't afford to send our brightest students to universities?

News report HERE


Anonymous said...

lecturer Nor was sacked for NOT adding marks to her students !

Sammy said...

Brightest does not mean most number of A's. All round capabilities are more preffered and they then to excel after uni. How many rich and famous do you know who are high top scorers in school? Vincent Tan, Francis Yeoh, Lim Goh Tong, Loh Boon Siew, Bill Gates, Tom Cruise...Einstein etc? Give me a break...memorising past exams and notes do not maketh a successful person.

Ask any HR officer or recruiting manager...they have more than a tale to tell you. Top scorers should not expect a free ride on scholarships..

Again in our "great" country, more or less if you are well connected, you can get a scholarship not if you are poor or a Bumi. Used to study with the so called govt scholarship holders who bought cars and houses in the UK and were in casinoes every night. Without passing with 1st or 2nd uppers, they still managed to secure a high govt position or in daddy's co.

Goes to show how fair our country is...but back to high scorers, if you have the qualities, you will not just stop at just applying from 1 source but others and there lies your preseverance and quality.

Also heard that its easier to get As now...marks are lower for an A...65 - 75%?

Unknown said...

hi samson,
thank you for visiting, agree to your deduction but a public service scholarship allows the govt to retain the brains in public service rather than losing them out to private sector of worst losing them out to other countries.

The top scorers will be easier to acquire some professional or specialised training and contribute to the nation in terms of their skills and training.

Agree that making the mostof money is a different story. haha and in that comes a special breed and mostly not from uni training.

Anonymous said...

Singapore should be happy to 'reap' !

Sammy said...

Hi Hawkeye,

Been to your blogs many times, jz decided to comment on this topic.

PSD = Govt job after graduation right?

So should only be confined to certain segment of the population? Why do top scorers bothere to apply when they they are not interested to join the Public sector in the first place? Hypocrites, when they want something the forget about their earlier remarks. Then again those who get the funds, forgo to repay or return anyway. Should revoke their citizenship as its public funds that these people have stolen. (Yes, I have the right to say "revoke" as 27% of my hard earned salary is deducted as taxes which do not benefit me)

PS: How are the Avengers these days?

Unknown said...

hi samson,
yes this has been going on for years.. and i suppose the psd scholarship has the biggest of budget and most familiar approach and as my view on this is the total system and the attitude of the its totality.

Haha the avengers are buzy fighting injustice and evil all over this land and there have been many skirmishes with the evil forces.

PS. pls feel free to comment and thank you.