May 23, 2009



If any party wishes to form the government than they must first be elected and it can never be through any other means and certainly not being erected by any court or any laws. Governments are elected and not erected.

And you don’t need three or five panels of blockheads to interpret this plain and simple fundamental of democracy unless you are not one. You want to rule? Than stand for election as you can’t be a government through erection.

No! Power grab or butt grab also will not do it and nobody can do it not the police or the judges or even superman or dire straits. Governments are elected through a democratic process of an electoral vote by the citizens. Plain and Simple.

Any other method means that you are a cheat and a thief!


Anonymous said...

bye-elections : the 7th soon in kelantan.
erections : once oso ilek, problems !!

Anonymous said...

They grab the speakers butt and threw him out

zorro said...

But cheating is the name of the game in this country. That is the only game they know and know well. BN must be downed to erect a new Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

erection cannot, then ileksion lah !