Feb 24, 2010

The White Tiger Part II

Cycle is defined from a mathematical and scientific viewpoint as a basic permutation that is caused by a force and that all permutations are a product of cycles. There had been an earlier description of cycle in the earlier article of the Year of the Tiger. This is part of a series of articles which is intended to be published here during this period of the Chinese New Year celebrations, which is part of an ongoing research and study over many years.

The ancient sciences are today classified as a branch of physics that studies real occurrences incorporating philosophy, mathematics and astronomy and or astrology and is classified as “Metaphysics”.

We are all energy forms and as ancient astrological and other studies are the equivalent of modern study in physics and are synonymous with the physic principles of fundamental forces, the study of fundamental interaction of energy particles in the universe and are similar to the Chinese astrological energy interaction of the elements. The ancient do not use fanciful or scientific names and they use simple things like the animals and common materials or minerals as a relative symbolic representation of description.

The ancient Chinese sages leading back to more than 3000 years (Read King Fisher) are adept students of these sciences and the ancient sages will have a comprehensive knowledge of the sciences to be a qualified strategist so as to be able to design a wholesome strategy and employ masterly tactical permutations in the advancement of their State which include philosophical thoughts and all the sciences.

Due to the modernisation of China today much historical knowledge is once again available and there has been a boom in the study of Chinese metaphysics especially by the West. These ancient sciences are being studied and research by professors and scientist as well as research history students and a many others from a diversified field.

In essence the sages believe that one must understand the energies that are present which have an influences or governs our surrounding and its interaction with our thoughts and freedom of action of which we could control. The exercises of the cause of our free thoughts and movements or action causes an interaction with the energy which is present and are guided to the intended result or objective.

Patterns in the Tiger
Now back to the Tiger Cycle and as presented in the post of the White Tiger which generated a pattern featuring certain events and repeating events. The representation here in the White Tiger is that of Justice or Truth. Upheaval, Chaos and Change and is the third cycle or the interpolating cycle for the nation.

Let us look at the events of the past Tiger cycle, in 1974 when the Petroleum Act was drafted and which was forced upon the other States and that this event of 36 years ago has today gained prominence (In Tiger year) and even being advertised by the UMNO government trying to justify its action of withholding payment of Royalty to these impoverished States. This action being reflected in this cycle shows that the issue are of high impact to the people and that there were in fact unjustified flaws to the initial act of 1974. It will be of no surprise that this issue will be of great publicity and the grievances could result in collective repercussion. (Read Malaysia Today on the Petroleum Act).

In 1962 there was a conflict with Indonesia and in recently there were various divergences resulting in various protest by the Indonesian people and the government on the ill treatment of Indonesian workers in Malaysia. And remember the Mnohara issue with the Malaysian prince who had gained widespread reporting from the Indonesian media and the internet.

And in 1974, 1986 and 1998 prominently featuring Anwar Ibrahim and looks like the pattern will continue with the ongoing Sodomy 2 trial attracting worldwide attention, criticism and condemnation.

This Tiger cycle featuring Anwar Ibrahim is a representation of Justice and Change and is symbolical to his call of “Refomasi” (Reforms) with his Justice party. Either he is the change or he will be the catalyst of change.

And the past three cycles were all economic recession years for Malaysia and again looks like the pattern will continue.

1998 saw the completion of the mega project of the Petronas Twin Towers and the pattern of Mega Projects completion will continue with the completion of the Bakun Hydroelctric Dam which Transparency International has called it a “Monument of Corruption” which will be operational this year.

As you can see there is a continuation of the patterns in this cycles and are all being repeated in this year of the White Tiger of 2010. The events are happening again but the result need not be the same.

The Aftermath of the Tiger
There are three significant cycles for the country of Malaysia and one of them is the Rooster cycle of the Chinese astrological chart and is the Root cycle which saw the birth of the nation. The other cycle is the cycle of the Rabbit which is the “Palace” in opposition and is a part of the mathematical equation of duality, of the Yin and Yang or Male and Female principles. The positions occupied by the symbols (Animal Signs) are known as palaces or houses and the palace in opposition have to be viewed together with the Root cycle.

And the third cycle is the Tiger cycle and as mentioned it is the interpolating cycle which is of significance to the nation. And all major events and events of repeated occurrence can only be found in this three cycles not that there are no event occurring in other years but somehow major events of significant impact are only found in one of this three cycles of Malaysia.

The Rabbit Cycle
The Rabbit cycle has special significance for the nation and the Rabbit is in direct opposition to the astrological sign of Malaysia who is a Rooster and is known as a direct Clash and somehow we find incompatible signs of the Rabbit personality ruling the country and the historical events of the past are presented as follows:

1951 of the Metal Rabbit when Onn Jaafar resigns as President of UMNO and was succeeded by Tunku Abdul Rahman who was born in the year 1903 a Water Rabbit.

1963 of the Water Rabbit saw the assassination of John F. Kennedy the President of the USA and Malaysia was also economically affected.

1963- The formation of Malaysia where the state of Sabah, Sarawak and Singapore join the Federation of Malaya and became Malaysia and the Rabbit in opposition with the Rooster shows great difficulty in uniting the states and is quite visible that the East Malaysians had never considered themselves a part of the nation and Singapore parted ways and became a nation state.

1963 – The beginning of the Konfrontasi years when on 27 July, President Suharto declared an all out effort to Crush Malaysia (Ganyang Malaysia).

1963 – The completion and opening of the Parliament building in Lake Garden, Kuala Lumpur

1975 of the Wood Rabbit and Abdul Razak the 2nd Prime Minister died in office and was succeeded by Hussein Onn which also led the way for Najib Razak in a by election of the seat left by his Father in Pekan, Pahang when he got elected and became the youngest MP at the age of 23.

1975 – The Japanese Red Army stormed the AIA building in Jalan Ampang of Kuala Lumpur which housed the embassies of the USA, Sweden, Canadian and Japan and sealed off the buildings taking hostages of the people inside and a settlement was reached with the exchange of 52 hostages for the release of the Red Army members.

1987 the year of the Fire Rabbit and what a Fire it was with sparks flying everywhere and the year when Najib fell in love with another woman and guess who she is.

1987 - Tengku Razaleigh took on Mahathir and made a challenge for the post of President in the UMNO election that resulted in the UMNO crisis and led to the Constitutional Crisis and the sacking of the Lord President.

1987 – The year of the UMNO crisis which saw the death of the original UMNO and UMNO BARU was formed.

1987 – Mahathir initiated “Operation Lalang” to crack down on his dissenters and arrested 106 people under the draconian Internal Security Act (ISA) and revokes the publishing permit of various media.

1987- Najib Razak was appointed acting head of UMNO youth and retained the seat in the UMNO election.

1987Najib saw sparks flying from his heart and fell madly in love with Rosmah than divorced his wife Tengku Puteri Zainah and married Rosmah. Mansor.

1999 - the year of the Earth Rabbit saw another Rabbit in Abdullah Badawi appointed as Deputy Prime Minister and made heir successor.

1999 – The month of March saw an outbreak of the Japanese Encephalitis also known as Pig Flu and some 111 people had died.

1999 – April 13, Anwar Ibrahim was convicted of Sotomee and corruption and sentenced to 6 years in Jail.

1999 – April 4, Wan Azizah announced the formation of the National Justice Party (Party Keadilan Rakyat)

1999 – Mahathir called for General Election on November 11.

1999 – Saw the approval for the Port Klang Free Zone project that became one of the biggest financial fiasco of 12 billion Ringgit.

1999Mahathir unveiled another 6 billion ringgit project of the futuristic Cyberjaya (another fiasco?).

1999 – Saw the completion of another multi billion project of PutraJaya.

1999 – The launching of Malaysiakini the first independent internet news site of Malaysia.

2011 – Another General Election?

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