Dec 18, 2010

MCLM a Radical Revolution

MCLM a Radical Revolution

MCLM is generating a lot of hype from both sides of the political divide, the movement was launched by RPK recently and funded by overseas Malaysians from London, draws similarity to the time of Sun Yat Sen the Chinese Revolutionary Leader and the founding father of the Republic of China and also known as the Father of Modern China who succeeded in overthrowing the all-powerful evil Imperial rule of the Ching dynasty in 1911.

Sun Yat Sen like RPK was in self-exile for fear of being incarcerated by the Imperial army, Sun made the Island of Penang in Malaya one of his base and raised millions from Overseas Chinese all over the world, Sun travelled as far as to the Hawaii and to San Francisco and even up north to Canada rallying support and funds. Sun Yat Sen survived an assassination attempt and was rescued through the British Foreign Office, becoming a Hero whilst in London.

Sun's foresight in tapping the help and resources of the overseas Chinese population was to bear fruit on his subsequent revolutionary efforts. In one particular instance, his personal plea for financial aid at the Penang Conference held on 13 November 1910 in Malaya, helped launch a major drive for donations across the Malay Peninsula, an effort which helped finance the Second Guangzhou Uprising in 1911.

The role that overseas Chinese in Southeast Asia played during the 1911 Revolution was so significant that Sun recognized "Overseas Chinese as the Mother of the Revolution".

In Penang, Malaysia, the Penang Philomatic Union which was founded by Sun, their premise at 65 Macalister Road has been preserved as the Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Museum.

Sun Yat Sen was all over the world and travelled even to India,the old Chinatown in Calcutta, India has a prominent street by the name of Sun Yat Sen Street.

Mind you that Sun Yat Sen travelled the world in the early 19th Century where the mode of transport was by Sea and any trip overseas was slow, lengthy taking much time and effort. Sun was driven by sheer determination to see reform and greater freedom for the distressed and oppressed people of China under the evil Ching rule.

Sun Yat Sen was driven by the political philosophy known as the Three Principles of the People which is Nationalism, Democracy and People’s Economic Livelihood. Sun was a true Reformist who sought to transform China and fought against autocracy and oppression of the powerful Ching empire.

Sun Yat Sen formed his initial reform movement in Honolulu and later joined forces with "Huang Xing" (like Haris Ibrahim) a rebel leader based in Guangzhou to formed the "Revolutionary Alliance" in Tokyo in the year of 1905 which brought together several smaller groups under this umbrella that staged the Guangzhou uprising against the Imperial Army.

Sun is credited for the funding of the revolutions and for keeping the spirit of revolution alive, even after a series of failed uprisings. He successfully merged minor revolutionary groups to a single larger movement, providing a better base for all those who shared the same ideals.

So RPK, “Carpe Deim”, Seize the Day! There is no better place to be than in London, one of the greater capitals of the free world and from where you can reach out rallying support to your cause of Reform and a greater Democracy. Through the Malaysian Civil Liberties Movement, the radical platform is established to champion the struggle against the shackles of dirty politics and corrupt practices impoverishing your people and country.

So Rise O’ Prince of the Central Plains, be resolute and ponder no more as your destiny awaits while your people calls out in the silence of bitter darkness that has shrouded your land causing much hardship and sufferings. For as you make your determined stand the tide shall rise to cleanse your land and the people shall rejoice in a new found freedom and prosperity will once again be upon the fertile soil.



Anonymous said...

To compare RPK to the eminent Sun Yat Sen, to my mind, is too flattering.

While Dr. Sun was a revolutionary and political leader, RPK is aligned to no one. He is just a "stand-alone" cowboy trying to shoot at everything and anything in his way.

Dr Sun was much respected for his role in inspiring the overthrow of the Qing Dynasty (a self-proclaimed master race just like Umno/BN), RPK is trying to bring down Pakatan; the very party that opposes BN and the most likely party to replace BN.

There is a difference between RPK and Dr. Sun. While Dr. Sun was trying to bring down the Qing Dynasty, RPK wasn't truly trying to bring down BN. He only wants to "reform" the government and if BN can be reformed, he's happy for BN to remain in power.

A more suitable comparison, I feel, is Anwar Ibrahim. His actions and philosphy matches Dr Sun's as his ultimate aim is to overthrow BN. Not RPK.


The Phoenix Foundation said...


You are right , in that , RPK must be commended for starting this "revolution".
Your right, RPK is attempting to reform the Government, whoever comes into power!

That is the essence of what MCLM is all about - A proper & decent Kerajaan Rakyaat!

That is what RPK has been "ranting & raving" or "shooting at everything......." as you put it!

RPK is not trying to bring Pakatan down - He is simply insisting that PR or BN must continiously without one minute of slacking, answer to the Rakyaat, which both sides are not doing at all, to date!


Anonymous said...

A far off comparison RPK is no where near Dr Sun Yat-Sen. RPK is not Dr Sun.

Unknown said...

Hi Anon 4:56PM and Anon 5:51PM,

This is not a Person to Person comparison. There are similiarity to RPK in that the way things are developing and especially the founding of MCLM.

RPK raising funds from Overseas Malaysian like Sun raising funds from overseas chinese and both of them were in self-exile for fear of the cruelty of the ruling govt.

For your info Sun Yat Sen in his early days was seen as insignificant and has no support from the local political organization.

Dr Sun is history but RPK is history in the making, a developing story and you can never tell as to how things can develop.

Anon 4:56 PM, i don't know how you came to the conclusion that RPK is trying to bring down Pakatan, just because he expresses his opinions or disagreement on certain issues?

MCLM is the new platform to unite all other societies or movements who share the same ideals just like what Dr Sun did.

Anonymous said...

Dear Hawkeye,
You are right. I do admit that I have used the wrong words to describe RPK's motive. He is not trying to bring down Pakatan. What RPK is doing is, while trying to reform the government, he is causing to splinter the forces that are trying to achieve exactly what he hopes to achieve. Instead of joining forces with the most powerful challenger to the government, he is trying to break away from that "unity of strength" and is trying to force change from both the ruling as well as the opposition. This is very unhealthy, and from the battle point of view, a bad strategy. RPK can't get rid of TWO evils at once. The focus should be to get rid of ONE first, that being the bigger evil. Then if Pakatan indeed turns out to be yet another evil (which it is not, at least as far as its 2 year track record shows) then the people can tear down Pakatan, just as it can do to BN.

RPK's current actions does nothing but cause confusion and indecision among the voters. His actions has clearly weakened the strongest opposition and this directly impacts on his own efforts as well as the opposition's efforts because the people are now torn between voting for Pakatan or the elusive "third force".

To me, it seems his stand is this - He will not support nor agree to align his MCLM with anyone or any party if that person or party is NOT 100% matching with his ideals of what constitutes a "good" government. He will not accept a challenger that is 80% good but 20% bad, but rather allow the ruling government to continue to rule even if it is 80% bad btut 20% good.

It is a logic that only he can understand.


Unknown said...

Hi Commonman,

I can't see your logic here but i can understand your fear and obviously see your anger.

Why don't you try to view from a wider or different angle.

Don't you think that RPK wants to see changes more than you or most people.

He has fought this battle much more than you and me, was captured, detained, tortured and suffered for more than once when most people are too scared to even take a peep out from their window.

Please allow me to response in details to your comments here at a later posting.


zorro said...

Commonman, if only you had attended the Public Forum at Chinese Assembly hall last night, you might get a clearer picture. I went because I wanted to understand more. I came home satisfied and committed. It is a big leap but the first step was taken.

zorro said...

Commonman, if only you had attended the Public Forum at Chinese Assembly hall last night, you might get a clearer picture. I went because I wanted to understand more. I came home satisfied and committed. It is a big leap but the first step was taken.

Anonymous said...

Dear Zorro,
Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me. Personally, I have no doubt that RPK and his men are all good men and MCLM was borne out of their love for our country. And I agree, with humility, what Hawkeye said about what RPK and his men have done are far more than what any average Malaysian had done for his country and that, by itself, deserves much respect.

It is just my personal opinion that I feel that what they are doing may not bring the kind of results that they set out to achieve. I am sure many well-meaning Malaysians will see his point, just as many will see mine.

Let us all hope that whatever MCLM does in the coming months will not dilute Pakatan's votes but rather, strengthen it. As Abrahim Lincoln once said, "A house divided against itself cannot stand"


Starmandala said...

Despite all that has happened within the ranks of PKR in recent months, culminating in the bitter departure of Zaid Ibrahim, I continue to wholeheartedly support a Pakatan Rakyat led by Anwar Ibrahim as our best chance of finally booting BN out. At the same time I am not unhappy to see the formation of MCLM and the stepping forward of potential candidates like Malik Imtiaz and Sreekant Pillai. Both are extraordinary citizens with clear minds and noble hearts. We are all keen on removing criminals from high office and putting decent human beings in their place. We are also committed to democratic ideals and just have to learn to accept a bit of ambiguity and many different viewpoints - without losing our overall focus, which is on enlightened governance. To begin with I propose that we delete the word kerajaan from the Kamus. It links what ought to be a secular administrative machinery with the questionable idea of royalty. Many Malay-speaking citizens find it psychologically challenging to overthrow the BN because it has played the role of kerajaan for 53 years and become too closely associated with the emotional issue of Malay rulers and the unquestionability of their fitness to rule. In its place I suggest we call the government gomen - if only to remind people that the essential role of the gomen is to "go fetch" on behalf its master, we the people.