Jan 24, 2012

Enter the Black Dragon - Warning: Solar Storm! (Update)

On the First day of the Black Dragon into the year 2012 brings a warning to the World as the Sun erupts with a massive solar explosion on it's surface that unleashed  a storm of charged particles towards planet Earth.

The solar storm is expected to hit us at about 9PM (Hour of the Black Dog from 7PM to 9PM - Arch enemy of the Black Dragon) Malaysia time today. The solar eruption on the 23 Jan 2012 at about 0359 GMT the first day of the Lunar New Year of the Black Dragon.

NASA has issued a warning that the expected arrival of the highly charged geomagnetic particles expecting to hit earth and disruptions are expected to Satellites, Power Grids, Air Travel and Communication equipments could be expected.

NASA do not expect any immediate danger to human life as reported.

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Neha said...

the solar flare eruption ocurred at sun"s northeasternhemisphere may cause severe damage to powergrid systems and disruptions to satellites and communixcation systems. I astonished while observing the images in net.More cme alerts are necessary .