Sep 4, 2013

Impending Economic Crisis for Malaysia

Impending Economic Crisis

Household Debts is at 83% of GDP and Corporate Debts at a frightening level of 95% of GDP.

The root problem to the economic risk in our country is with Corruption, without any serious attempt to weed out corruption the country faces a very high risk of an impending crisis looming just ahead.

Withdrawal of subsidy and Imposition of further taxes on the people will not help the economy but instead cause greater desperation from the marginalised 40% households earning less than RM 3,000 a month which will result in a further increase in criminal activities which is already at a PRECARIOUS level as is evident with the many violent crimes reported on a daily basis. You can be killed, murdered or seriously injured for just the small change in your pocket or for your handphone.

People, please be warned and take precaution to protect yourself and your family, get involve with your immediate community or initiate get together in your neighborhood, this is important and we will reveal to you why later on.

And learn to protect the value of your money.

For now please Watch this latest Aljazeera video report on the state of our country:

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