Jul 12, 2011

Story of Abdul Haleem in Bersih 2.0 - Truly a Malaysian

I met Abdul Haleem for the first time when i was in Singapore some time early last year where we got together with "Professor Indiana Jones". the Professor who wants to remain anonymous due to his job but nevertheless he has been a constant contributor towards the change in Malaysia.

I was not aware that Abdul Haleem was back in KL just to participate in the Bersih 2.0, Haleem is a true blue Anak Bangsa Malaysia, He is a young professional who works in the prosperous little neighbor down south of Singapore where his young family stay with him. Haleem would be one of the example of a great loss of talents for this nation. Haleem is a an expert in a specialized profession and definitely a rare talent that the government don't know what they have lost but the truth is i don't think this umno led government gives a damn.

Abdul Haleem is all Malaysian at heart and cares deeply for his country and plans to one day return with his young family to his true home, Haleem just had his second child a month ago and chose to return to voice his protest and dissatisfaction as a Malaysian, sadly he would be shocked to find his government not only disengaging but downright cruel and evil to treat a talent who can and would be most willing to contribute towards his nation.

His government rejected him and treated him like a pariah, sprayed him with chemicals and tear gas while in the hospital compound of Tung Shin Hospital, arrested and hand cuffed him for exercising his basic right,and most cruel of all Ridiculed and laughs at him for his disability. Haleem has a slight disability and walks with a limp.

This is a rude awakening for Haleem and his young family, please read the account of his written story as published by the Malaysian Insider. GO HERE.
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