Jul 11, 2011

A Noob Demonstrator Bersih 2.0 Experience

By David Eu Cheng Teik


"I hear curses of 'Sial UMNO, Sial ni punya orang' and all manner of expletives. A defiant protester started gesticulating and shouting 'Ni Hospital la! Tembak buat apa?!' There seemed to be literally nowhere to run at this stage."

"I have met too many Malaysians over in Australia; and I am sure there are many similar types in the UK, US, NZ and around the globe who simply cannot be bothered about the country they were born in, but know how to complain. Well, people, talk is cheap. When you have not even registered, you automatically give up your rights to complain. You may think that it does not involve you, but you have friends, you have family back home in Malaysia. Not everyone is as lucky as you and me who have OZ, UK, US, NZ, SG etc. permanent residencies. It is easy to run off to another country and earn your big bucks there, but ultimately, you are still a foreigner in a foreign land. Is it that difficult to have some love for the country of your birth? Just give up your damned Malaysian citizenship if you cannot be stuffed to even bother about your homeland. In a nutshell, how difficult is it to go to a post office and register? Are you an amputee? Did you lose a leg clearing landmines in Cambodia? Can you not drive your fat ass there?"

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