Jul 30, 2008

Viewpoint from Singapore

Pic from Straits Times Singapore

This posting is on the suggestions of zorro as he has commented on the earlier post for another perspective and this is keeping me up from sleep as over here in Singapore, its all serious work and up early in the morning, grrr.. ok here goes...

The Singaporeans thinks that our country has gone to the dogs and anyway most of the people that i have met here are mostly Malaysians with PR status who have taken root here and their children are local citizens. A banker that i met who is also a Malaysian says that half the people here in the financial district are from Malaysia.

Listen to this Malay Malaysian that i met here in Singapore who is now a Permanent Resident and has raised a family with Singaporean children, when the topic of bumiputra status was raised he gave me a frown and said you must be crazy to believe that NEP bullshit from the politicians. And he fumes and farts on the sodomy stuff.

(Pic of Esplanade next to my hotel)
Malaysian news are frequently making headlines in the local and international media here and are some kind of a comedy anecdote to lighten up the busy people here in Singapore and when i ask this Korean girl working here with a PR what she knows about Malaysia and her answer was "er..sodomy?"

This is such a bustling and vibrant city with a hive of activities and a global melting pot of people from all corners of the earth and more like a global city and it is just amazing like the hotel where i am staying has staffs from all over and i have met happy smiling people from you name it even from Finland and Sweden and these are just the hospitality staff and there will be a host of welcoming multi national staffs stationed at the entrances just to greet you and lead you to the lift and provide any assistance that is required.

And Singaporeans are a caring lot too as a recent report show that the locals donated some S$ 5.45 billion in the year 2006 to charity and the surprise in the report was the largesse shown by ordinary Singaporeans. And Singapore is fast gaining repute as an educational hub with the report that in 2007 there were 86000 students from 120 nationalities pursuing higher education.

(The Helipad Rooftop Bar overlooking the Singapore River)

This is really a socio economic success story here of the modern world and you can see that the government is so engrossed into providing continuous improvements into all aspect of social and economic life and it is almost crime free, well at the very least my Malaysian associates comments that he can walk anywhere in the night in this city without any fear of being mug of which he would not do in KL. There is much to talk about this little and cozy country and will expand further later on in separate posting.

Taxi drivers are the ones with all the news and stories and they will get highly enthusiastic on the Anwar stories and yeah Anwar is a hero over here and there are none and not a single person (that i met) who is negative about DSAI. The people here think that he is the one to save the country. Just read another centre spread coverage from AWSJ on this stupid sodomy allegation.

(The Singapore Flyer
The world largest observation wheel at 165 metre high)
The general consensus every where on this sodomy allegation is that it is pure garbage and 100% unbelievable to say that DSAI rape that farker(oops wrong spelling) faker. And most people here in Singapore believe that it is a political assassination.

PS. The internet speed here is fantastic! (yawn) Gotta go sleep now.
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