Jul 31, 2008

Sodomy Specialist

The medical director Kamaruddin Ahmad of Hospital Pusrawi said that the doctor who examined Slyfool is not a specialist and he is not qualified to make any conclusion on sodomy….???

Damn! Did not know we have sodomy specialist?! These sodomy specialists must be making a lot of money as they are a very rare field of medical studies and someone told me that they are also called Dr.Ass-hole (Anal Sodomy Specialist – Hospital Of Lear Entry).

From the Malaysiakini interview with the Pusrawi Hospitals’general manager and the medical director (read here) we can safely conclude that the medical report by Dr. Mohamed Osman as revealed by RPK and DSAI is genuine.

Just read a report from the star where Slyfool echoed SlyHumid call for the police to speed up the sodomy probe.
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