Jul 31, 2008

Sodomy Specialist

The medical director Kamaruddin Ahmad of Hospital Pusrawi said that the doctor who examined Slyfool is not a specialist and he is not qualified to make any conclusion on sodomy….???

Damn! Did not know we have sodomy specialist?! These sodomy specialists must be making a lot of money as they are a very rare field of medical studies and someone told me that they are also called Dr.Ass-hole (Anal Sodomy Specialist – Hospital Of Lear Entry).

From the Malaysiakini interview with the Pusrawi Hospitals’general manager and the medical director (read here) we can safely conclude that the medical report by Dr. Mohamed Osman as revealed by RPK and DSAI is genuine.

Just read a report from the star where Slyfool echoed SlyHumid call for the police to speed up the sodomy probe.


Donplaypuks® said...

Just as there are forensic specialist MD’s who can diagnose rare diseases or if a rape is faked or not, so too I’m sure there are those who can pick up the truth about sodomy from detailed investigation and minute evidence which a GP may miss.

But, the point is Dr.Osman is a GP with over 15 years experience, and like many private practitioners, would have seen and treated just about every type of common and some uncommon afflictions as well, including piles, prostate enlargement etc which can cause swelling and bleeding and constipation. So, when in comes a patient who tells him point blank that he has been sodomised, is it likely that Dr. Osman would have given a perfunctory once over and then asked the patient to, pardon the pun, ‘bugger off’ to HKL?

The notes of his published MR clearly indicates that he had done quite a detailed examination b4 giving a verdict of TRO to sodomy. No plastic or other object was found in Saiful’s posterior end.

So, why the spin? Surely, there cannot be a suggestion of Dr.Osman being part of any conspiracy since Saiful DID NOT get the support he otherwise would have from him (I mean Saiful picked him at random).

Looks like those with ambitions of being the next Minister of Health or in securing a billion ringgit direct-negotiation non-tendered govt or privatisation contract are making their play.

But, the plot curdles!! As posted earlier, this is sensational:

"SAC II Rodwan Met Saiful 3 Days Earlier in Room 619 Concorde Hotel, KL."

RPK at M2Day at http://w3.malaysia-today.net/content/view/10560/1/

also check out ‘anwar ibrahim - jaccuse’ at http://donplaypuks.blogspot.com

Donplaypuks® said...
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Donplaypuks® said...

The head quacks at Piss Raw Wee are SPINDOCTORING and would have us believe that the good doctor went beyond the scope of his duties and expertise in TRO Sodomy i.e. the patient went there complaining of stomach ache but the doctor reached for the skies or, in this case, the nether world.

This begs the questions:-

1. If Saiful had not told the doctor he was sodomised, why did the female doctor excuse herself and pass Saiful to Dr. Osman, a male? No doctor will proceed with checking a patient's arse if he complains that he has been MERELY/ONLY constipating.

The ususal procedure is the doctor will ask his patient when was the last time he passed hard motion, if there was bleeding or pain. He will then press the intestinal region around the stomach to check for hardness and 'wincing' by patient for pain. If all is negative, he will prescribe a laxative and/or suppository and ask the patient to come back if the symptons get worse and he is unable to pass motion. He will not check your arse unless you tell him you have a history of piles etc or that you had some foreign object shoved up where the sun don't shine.

2. The very first report that came out clearly in all the MSM mention Saiful telling the doctor he had been sodomised by someone

Whichever way you look at it, they are trying to discredit one of their own experiend colleagues and in the process bring shame and dishonour on themselves and the Medical Profession. Hippocrates will be turning in his grave were to observe the goings on in KL.

My recommendation to Saiful? Sue the hospital for millions for the laekage of the MR. It was the hospital's responsibility to safe-guard the privileged information and they should take the rap, not least for their failure to defend an honest employees integrity!!

Anonymous said...

The corrupt politicians are totally and morally bankrupt and think the Rakyat and the whole world is stupid like them.
They are corrupting the soul of even the doctors and all the professionals.

Unknown said...

hi bzbody,

Agreed. but don't forget we used to have a doctor leading the country.

hi dontplaypuks,
you are doing a thesis on this subject haha. well done!

zorro said...

Hawkeye, futile to get those idiots to retract or just dont act foolish. Next move is civil disobedience. Sheih of Kickdefella and I have started flying our flags upside down.....a signal of distress.Join us.