Jul 18, 2008

Why Sodomy?

Read a report from the Star newspaper today with the title “Driver charged with sodomy” and states that a lorry driver aged 44 years old was charged at the session court in Kuala Lumpur for sodomising his 11 year old niece.

The Lorry driver pleaded guilty to the charge of sodomy and molesting and the Judge Mohd Nasir Nordin set bail at RM 20,000 (compare that to Anwar’s police bail was RM. 150,000. and he is not even been charged) in one surety and fixed Aug 20 for sentencing.

We are suddenly seeing a lot of hype on this topic of sodomy and this report from the star is a clear case of a heinous crime being committed and it is Rape and Sexual Assault on a Minor and not just Sodomy.

Why do I get a sense that suddenly they are trying to relate serious crimes of Child Rape and Sexual Assault to the questionable topic of Sodomy? Why charge the lorry driver for sodomy when plain and simple he has committed a very serious crime of Sexual Assault on a Minor?

Child sexual abuse is outlawed in every developed country, generally with severe criminal penalties, including in some jurisdictions, life imprisonment or capital punishment.

And look at this report from the Sun on page 8 of (Thursday) 17th July 2008 with the title; Homosexual problems worrying: Yen Yen where the Minister Datuk Ng Yen Yen express her concern and said; “Most of those who engage in homosexual behavior do not want to share their feelings with others, prefer to be alone and therefore the society tend to bully and make fun of them and harass them” and she further added “The government also will not neglect them, who are part of society”

Does she know that homosexual and sodomy is related and with the penile code that we have it becomes a crime! So the government is going to take care of them by putting them all in jail?

And from my enquiries with a few lawyers that as far as they know Anwar is the only person that have been charged with sodomy (up till before yesterday the lorry driver) and that was in 1998 and was jailed for 6 years and was set free when the country highest court (Federal Court) overturned his sodomy conviction in Sept 2004.

Sodomy is defined as; anal or oral copulation with a member of the opposite sex or member of the same sex.

So people please don’t break the law as you can go to jail here in Malaysia!
Don't know any other civil and democratic country that have this law and i can't find it from the net either.


Anonymous said...

All is a trap to DSAI. Very clearly the people can see their trap on DSAI.

Anonymous said...

Honestly, if two parties that are of the legal age consent to buggering each other or permits one to bugger the other, it is the choice of that person.
I am not sure which one time of the eight that this Saiful guy came to know that he was on the receiving end and decided that it was against his consent! I did not read the purported Police report but I am assuming it was on that one occasion that he was reportedly buggered by Anwar, 8 times!
Did he mean 8 'strokes'? Or did he really mean 8 'times'?
Your guess is as good as mine...

But here is another take at it, maybe he was the reciver first and when came his turn to give......Anwar refused and terminated the 'encounter'....

Maybe...just maybe....
and if all believe that, you will believe my mother is still a virgin!

Unknown said...

My mother is now an angel but before she karked it she assured me she was there for my birth so I must assume she was not a Virgin.

Unknown said...


thank you for the humour anon and john. sure made me laugh. thanks again.