Jul 19, 2008

Cheers to Gwo Burne

Gwo Burne says he holds no grudges and is not angry with Mior Azam Shah for punching him. Report from Malaysiakini Here.

Gwo had made a police report of the incident and says that he hopes there will not be serious consequences against Azam and added that he does not wish to see him going to jail for the incident.

That’s the spirit Gwo Burne, sources told me that it was just a misunderstanding and a spur of moment thing.

There are bigger issues in this country and by being magnanimous of this incident will bring on greater understanding and spirit towards your duty and service as a Parliamentarian of this beloved country.


zorro said...

Well and good and magnanimous to forgive and forget BUT THE TRUTH of the whole incident must unfold. Nothing mjust be swe[pt under the carpet just because you guys are from the same party. That is exactly what has been happening for the last thirty years in the BN. Cover each others ass at the expense of the rakyat. PKR must never take the same route. If disciplinary action must be taken than it has to run its course. Do the RIGHT thing RIGHT the first time and all the time.

TheWhisperer said...

Zorro is right here.

This incident cannot be repeated for sure. for years many of us have to tolerate their abuses like flexing their muscles or just merely be being arrogant holding up their nose indirectly challenge you to point out their wrongdoings.

That was ketuanan melayu umno style.

However, credit have to be given to Gwo Burne for not playing up this issue and allow those umno's predators to have a field day out of this incident.

PKR must do the right thing to ensure there wont be a repeat of such incident.

Rakyat 1 PKR 0 UMNO Disqualified