Jul 13, 2008

What the Heck is Quality Opportunity??

All races to get quality opportunities, says PM!

"If the old strategy was focused on the equal distribution of wealth, the new strategy is to distribute quality opportunities to all races in this country."

PM said this is his new strategy for the New Economic Policy (NEP).
So the old new economic policy is to distribute wealth and this time it is better to just distribute the "quality opportunity" in the new old new economic policy.

They can't seem to get out of this old new new economic policy thing, new strategy for the old new economic policy. And they will just make a statement and called it a "strategy", can someone tell them that a strategy is a combination of detail plans and methods and time schedule towards the accomplishment of an objective. Whoa.. My God!
PS. check out the photo above.


zorro said...

Talk like this has a cheap quality about it. Let's wait with bated breath if this will ever swee implementation and fruition.

Anonymous said...

The nice thing with this blog is, its very awsome when it comes to there topic.

Unknown said...

Yes zorro the guru, you got it right on again! Cheap Quality Talk..from the leaders all the time but no action.

Hi gambling,
Yup, and more awesome topic to come. thank you for checking in.