Jul 15, 2008

Shahrir Says…BN have no solution to people’s problem??

“Datuk Shahrir says that leaders from Pakatan are only interested in Politicising issues and have not offered any concrete proposals to solve nation’s problem following global oil price hike.”

Is he asking Pakatan to help? Or is he saying that BN have no solutions to the people’s problem?

Come on Datuk Shahrir, You guys are running the Federal Government and you control all the executive machinery with all the think tanks from Khanazah, EPU, Bank Negara and etc etc. And let’s not forget it is the BN’s primary duty as the ruling Government to solve the nation’s problem and not only to solve problem but to lead the nation towards a greater economic growth and a greater civil society and democracy.

And since when have BN ever considered any proposal brought about by the opposition, please enlightened the rakyat as we can’t seems to recall any oppositions’ proposal adopted by the BN government.

And what issues are being politicized by the opposition? Is it the oppositions’ call to set up a basic and responsible government with clear division of powers away from the ruling elites of the executives or is it the call to reform and have an independent judiciary or for the independence of the Anti-Corruption Agency or the call for basic transparency and accountainbility of government projects or the call to abolish repressive acts like the ISA, OSA, Sedition Act and etc. that are being used on its people that have caused great misery and fear to families and to society. Are all this called Politicizing??
Please enlighten the rakyat on how BN is to solve the Rakyat’s concern and problems.
For Datuk Shahrir’s statement here: http://www.bernama.com.my/bernama/v3/news.php?id=346154

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Anonymous said...

He is no longer the shahrir that we know. This is a new shahrir.